July 2, 2020

"These iconoclasts appeared on the Capitol Square to cover over the hate graffiti inspired by the fire bombers, looters, and window smashers."

"Their target was the WI Veterans Museum on W. Mifflin Street, which had been vandalized by the Free Yeshua Musa/Mayor Satya anarchists. The message of this motley group ran counter to the anarchists who toppled the statues of Freedom Fighter Hans Christian Heg, who gave his life fighting slavery and secession, and of Miss Forward, exemplar of strong womanhood 20 years before female suffragism. Or the beatdown of State Sen. Tim Carpenter, D-Milwaukee. Or the fire bombing of the City County Building.... Let’s just say the small gaggle of contrarians who posted signs declaring 'We Support Our Madison Police' were confronted with F-bombers worthy... As soon as the signs supporting police went up, many were torn down...."

Writes David Blaska, about his counter-protest activities in downtown Madison. Photos at the link.


Dave Begley said...

Does Madison become like Seattle or Portland this summer?

I suppose so if the Mayor doesn't let the police do their job.

Achilles said...

Iconoclasts usually don't cover/remove graffiti.

It is kinda the other way around.


n.n said...

20 years before female suffragism

The Constitution did not indulge diversity until the 14th. Then avoided affirmative confirmation with the 15th. It never denied equal suffrage to women.

n.n said...

The hate graffiti? Some, select, Black Lives Matter. Don't deny black lives, or brown lives, and don't take pride in the shredded remains of white lives. Discover your principles. Lose your Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, politically congruent religion. #BabyLivesMatter

buwaya said...

Why am I awake at this hour?

Anyway, given that its the veterans museum, they might as well take note of whats in it, re for instance the Iron Brigade and the 32nd Infantry at Buna.

The Vault Dweller said...

only loosely related because it might pertain to a political response to the riots, but:

Given that Black folks in America are charged with crimes like murder at a disproportionate rate. that this is usually the result of an allegation that the victim is also black, if a policy was advocated in which black folks could no longer be charged with the murder of another black person , is it more likely this was offered by today's democratic party, or the Klan?

Guildofcannonballs said...

Here is some counter-protest activity worth mentioning:

---In a company press release, Pini Althaus, CEO of USARE said, “Our Colorado pilot plant will be the first processing facility outside of China with the ability to separate the full range of rare earths – Lights, Mids and Heavies. Our Wheat Ridge pilot plant is the second piece of a 100% U.S.-based rare earth oxide supply chain, drawing on feedstock from our Round Top heavy rare earth and critical minerals deposit in southwest Texas. Taken together, Round Top and our pilot plant constitute essential links in restoring a domestic U.S. rare earth supply chain, extracting rare earths and processing them into individual REE oxides – without the material ever leaving the United States, thereby alleviating the current dependence on China for the both raw materials and mineral processing.”---


Guildofcannonballs said...

---“It is self-destructive for any society to create a situation where a baby born not the world today automatically has pre-existing grievances against another baby born at the same time because of what their ancestors did centuries ago.” — Thomas Sowell 06-29-2020.---

Is Blaska sure about this "not" as it looks like it should be an "in" to me? Somebody has to get their crap together, and I wouldn't/won't say that if I think it is the great octogenarian Sowell (aka King of American Conservative Soul).

rcocean said...

Good to see someone getting organized and "Fighting" back. A radio talk show guy made the point today that people need to get off their duff and do what they can. At the very least you can cut the cord and stop giving the NBA/NFL your $$. And that goes for a lot of Hollywood and Sports Stars. Why reward them for hating you and hating America?

Birkel said...

Tearing down signs is anti-free-speech.
They are not your property so tearing them down is a violation of property rights.

That is the Left.
There is no cafeteria-style Leftism.

Tina Trent said...

I'm done.

I've been fighting this fight for 25 years and nobody listened.

They'll kill as many cops and random whites as satisfies them.

And you'll work hard to ignore it, archly.

Good luck with that.

Sebastian said...

It's better than nothing.

Tommy Duncan said...

Polite and rationally supported push-back is called for. Calm and purposeful reaction is appropriate. Adult behavior is befitting.

Josephbleau said...

"Polite and rationally supported push-back is called for. Calm and purposeful reaction is appropriate. Adult behavior is befitting."

is that a quote from a GW Bush speech?

Skeptical Voter said...

Sometimes an iconoclast comes with a pressure washer.

todd galle said...

Lock and load suburbia. They will be coming for us soon in our communities.

Gordon Scott said...

Scott Adams is saying that if the Dems win in November, Republicans will be hunted in 2021. He has a pretty good argument. In American cities, can you walk down the street with a MAGA hat and expect to be free from molestation? He points out that Jack Posobiec, a conservative YouTube personality, walked through a protest. He said nothing, did nothing, wore no identifiers. Yet he was recognized and attacked.

And here is the thing: There was enormous violence amongst the "peaceful" protestors. They hurled rocks, frozen water bottles and attacked with clubs when they could. Yet in Minneapolis, the Hennepin County attorney has yet to charge any rioter. Ample video exists of the looters. No charges.

The animals have been able to attack with impunity. You don't think that has emboldened them? A mob broke down a gate to enter private property in St. Louis. They were held off by an armed man and his wife. The couple has donated early and often to ActBlue, the leftist fundraising group which also funnels BLM. Yet they are under attack for failing to kneel and bless the mob threatening them.

I think Adams is right. Oh, it's not going to happen in Menomonie, or New Ulm, or Council Bluffs. But in Minneapolis? The leftists running the city differ from the violent mob only on who they think should be in charge. Minneapolis police have demonstrated they will not cross the street--literally--to stop daylight looting and arson.

And people wonder why voters would lie to a stranger, a pollster, who has their identifying information, about wanting to vote for Trump.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Who is a greater American, Buckley or Justice Thomas or Prof. Sowell?

Who cares, let's just us all try and be more like them!

It is the rarest of rare we are as blessed as we are.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Donald Trump should keep doing what Donald Trump does.

D. said...

Where are the water cannons?

Equipment Maintenance said...

Gordon Scott said: "A mob broke down a gate to enter private property in St. Louis. They were held off by an armed man and his wife."

All of this rioting is the left trying to gauge how far they can push us before we get violent in response. The St. Louis couple absolutely shocked them; these pudgy, rich, soft woke white people were expected to meekly submit, and they did the opposite.

michaele said...

I wonder if the young woman calmly ripping up the We Support the Police posters that she must have taken off the wall will gather up the fallen pieces at her feet so she doesn't litter. Somehow I doubt it. The heck with "policing" her own trash creation.

mikee said...

I keep thinking about this guy in Boston, IIRC, who had a problem with noisy youths congregating on the street corner on summer nights, making noise under the open windows of the apartments where people were trying to sleep. He got a paintball gun and froze a bunch of paintballs, and whenever noise started late at night, he's snipe at the rowdies. Since he was on the third floor and shooting from inside his bedroom in the dark, nobody could tell where the paintballs were coming from. Since the paintballs were frozen, they hurt like hell when they hit. And since it was summer, the frozen paintballs melted into just paint within a minute or so of being shot, so there was no evidence of his cruelty when the kids eventually called the police to investigate, just paint smears on the ground. The cops told the teens to stop making noise outside apartments where people were sleeping.

I keep thinking about this old story, because there must be a way incentivize the vandals to stop their youthgul follies, without using live ammunition. Barring such nonlethal incentives, eventually someone will go with the obvious method of shooting at the rioters. NTTAWWT, but I'd prefer a life lesson rather than a mass murder.

David Blaska said...

And here is how the pro-Riot Madison365 publication covered the counter-protest:

"Witnesses said those hanging the signs physically impeded, pushed and shouted at those who were attempting to take the signs down.”

Think on that a minute. The counter protestors who put up the Support Police signs impeded those who were attempting to take the signs down. Imagine if someone had impeded the window smashers and the graffitists. 5 minutes after the pro-Madison police contingent departed, the pro-rioters had removed every last sign. Some impediment!


Nichevo said...

A mob broke down a gate to enter private property in St. Louis. They were held off by an armed man and his wife. The couple has donated early and often to ActBlue, the leftist fundraising group which also funnels BLM. Yet they are under attack for failing to kneel and bless the mob threatening them.

I thought it had been ascertained that this was a different McCloskey from the ActBlue donor. Even so, the mob didn't know or care. They only understand one argument, and this middle-aged couple made it.