July 2, 2020

At the Sunrise Café...


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stevew said...

Fall colors there, to my eyes.

Our rental on the shore in southern ME has a wonderful roof deck from which we are blessed with a view of nearly daily amazing sunsets. The world is magnificent.

Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...


The EU is doing a much better job controlling the virus than the US. Apparently not all white people are idiots.

Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...

I feel worst for Drago.

Inga said...

That looks like Simon Peter and Andrew fishing on the Sea of Galilee early one morning a couple thousand years ago.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I like writing about Althouse.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I've thought about changing, but Boogie Nights really was a great work, artwise.

Mark said...

Say his name.

Michael Hickson, a disabled Black man with COVID19, now dead because doctors refused to give him medical care or food or water because they said he didn't have much quality of life.

The media still refuse to cover the story. BLM is on it, but the woke white social justice warriors don't care. Because, you know, it's a pro-life thing.

Here is the video testimony of Melissa Hickson, wife of Michael Hickson. This affront to human dignity is not an isolated case.

Doctor: “So as of right now, his quality of life - he doesn’t have much of one.”

Melissa: “What do you mean? Because he’s paralyzed with a brain injury he doesn’t have quality of life?”

Doctor: “Correct”

This is the "throwaway culture," which sees some human beings as disposable as well. Too many times people with brain injuries, other disabilities, and the elderly are denied basic medical care because of the utilitarian quality-of-life ethic, which says that some lives are not worth living. Too many times African Americans have had access to only substandard health care because of marginalization and a culture of indifference.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I think I surpass all commentators to this here blog concerning unique links/sources, save the great narciso.

I take no pride, kinda maybe hope I'm wrong?, but over the decade plus I've laid many unique sources here.

Like a wuspfaux-diary, lacking the faux/meta/shit before the faux.

I rather prefer to quote Mr. Buckley wrong than make-up shit for profit.

Inga said...

I never would’ve thought Texas would be more pro Covid mitigation than Wisconsin. Thanks for nothing WI Supreme Court.

“Gov. Greg Abbott orders Texans in most counties to wear masks in public

Abbott previously resisted calls for such an order and at one point banned local governments from requiring masks. First-time violators will be issued a warning, though repeat offenders could be fined up to $250.“


Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...

The great thing here is that Trump's allies are doing all the work necessary to make it impossible for Trump to get reelected. Everyone opposed to Trump should just sit in their basement for the next few months, it's an unbeatable strategy when dealing with these idiots.

Guildofcannonballs said...

For years, shit was everywhere. Horseshit and ratshit and bug shit.

We cleaned it up, by God we did.

And now we gotta go back to it. We didn't clean it perfectly, so we all need to suffer perfect for our sin of not cleaning perfectly.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Guck it I'm gonna buy Dr. K.'s book.

I define irony my own way.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I've referred $29.95+ books to others but I can't recall buying any since Doyle Brunson's Super System.



How Innovation Works or something, by the guy who did Rational Optimist or something I thing, is the most recent referral I've heard raves about (my referral and the book).

narciso said...

Darren bailey is vindicated by the courts

Drago said...

The UK continues their assault on ChiCom technology in Britain (its about time they wised up to ARM's Beloved and Heroic ChiCom's activities).

"Britain pushing US to form 5G club of nations to cut out China's Huawei"


I'm pretty sure this will make ARM cry. I feel worst for him.....and Xi......LOL.

Josephbleau said...

"Say his name.
Michael Hickson, a disabled Black man with COVID19, now dead because doctors refused to give him medical care or food or water because they said he didn't have much quality of life."

YES!! Sara Palin was right!! the death panels have come!! No one needs to live beyond 60. Obama's health man said that, Die Boomers, hopefully before you vote in November.

Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...

Doesn't get much more humiliating than this:

Mask order issued for entire state of Texas

Drago said...

"Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients, Henry Ford Health System Study Shows"



It's like the Henry Ford Clinic set out to embarrass ARM!

Josephbleau said...

Guild, you put your period inside the parentheses according to my highly intelligent fifth grade teacher.

The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...

“The EU is doing a much better job controlling the virus than the US. Apparently not all white people are idiots.”

Apparently not all white people have been on a rioting, covid-spreading spree the past month.

Drago said...

Beijing Boy ARM is not handling the record breaking job numbers, rapidly expanding manufacturing employment numbers and rapidly increasing Consumer Confidence very well, is he?

Not to worry ARM!

Trump continues putting the squeeze on your Beloved and Heroic ChiCom's simultaneously: "Trump targets China over Hong Kong security law"

It's like an ARM/Xi nightmare.....


Francisco D said...

ARM said...The EU is doing a much better job controlling the virus than the US. Apparently not all white people are idiots.

And China is doing even better according to reports.

The biggest idiot here is ...?

Drago said...

BTW, states continue to increase the ways in which a person can be classified with ChiCom Bat Flu....without actually, you know, actually having ChiCom bat flu.

This is part of the dems strategy to re-shutdown the country completely while they continue to execute a Biden Dementia-Basement Strategy and attempt to foist vote by mail for the entire nation.

It's all so transparent the only explanation is that they know everyone knows Biden is a walking vegetable and they have nothing to lose by going for broke with this strategy.

narciso said...

She just popularized the discovery that betsy mccaughey had done the emmanuel protocol

Drago said...

Speaking of embarrassing: Today the USMCA deal went into effect which did, amongst many other important things, officially cuts off the ChiCom's and the EU from using Canada as a backdoor into the US via the purposely designed loophole in NAFTA.

Recall that ARM spent months claiming this deal had never even happened at all.

That's gonna leave a mark.

JohnAnnArbor said...

Very deep color. Very nice.

Drago said...

It just keeps getting worse for ARM.

"87% Indians ready to boycott Chinese products for next one year"

And here's a Not Oldy But Goody at the Height of ARM's ChiCom suck-uppery at Althouse blog:

China’s Investment in Africa Cannot Buy the Silence of a Continent
“Among the general public in Africa, scenes of discrimination from Guangzhou prompted fury on a scale I have not witnessed before.”

BTW, its gotten even worse for ARM's Beloved and Heroic ChiCom's since May with the African nations the ChiCom's were attempting to buy off.

Again, this was at the height of ARM's ChiCom narrative pushing at Althouseblog.

Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...

Bolton casts light on Trump’s deference to China on coronavirus

walter said...

Helluva pic!

Michael K said...

Isn't it funny how Berman left and the Epstein pimp got arrested? Almost like there was a connection.

Michael K said...

ARM, are you on Lithium yet?

walter said...

Yes Inga!
Wisconsin is off the rails! Wild West!
WHA dashboard
You must have extra homemade masks taking up space.

Drago said...

More good news for America, bad news for Inga (isn't that always the case?):

Ian Miller@ianmSC · 46m

The CDC antibody study in Florida showed actual cases were 11x higher than reported.

Assuming that’s accurate, based on Florida’s current numbers, that’s 1,860,166 actual infections.

With 3,718 deaths, that makes the iFR 0.19%.

Flu is 0.1-0.18%,

Drago said...

"Today’s jobs report was good and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is predicting a V-shaped recovery, with GDP growth topping 12 percent for rest of 2020."

Can we spare enough guards from the Ghislaine Maxwell Suicide Watch Team to transfer them to the ARM Suicide Watch Team?

Chest Rockwell said...

"I've thought about changing, but Boogie Nights really was a great work, artwise."

Goddamn right.

It's also a just a great movie.

Chest Rockwell said...

A great interview with Sydney Powell about the Michael Flynn case.

The magnitude of abuse in this case is hard to believe. She strikes me as a principled person. Certainly contrasted next to the absolute fucking cowards running most of our institutions now a days.

Drago said...

"Breaking News: A mysterious explosion ripped through a building at a nuclear site in Iran where the country has boasted of producing advanced centrifuges"


John Kerry, Inga, ARM and Soleimani's family hardest hit.

madAsHell said...

You know.....I think the shit has hit the fan.

We traveled, and headed for the beach. Once you get out of Seattle, nobody is voting for that fucking idiot Inslee. There are yard signs everywhere, but they ain't for Inslee. Some guy named Culp is the Republican opponent. There are no yard signs for Inslee in Seattle. I didn't even know he was up for re-election.

Once you cross the river into Oregon, there are yard signs to recall the Oregon governor Kate Brown. Another democrat.

I'm talking to friends. Friends that would NEVER buy firearms, and they have.........!!

walter said...

Daniel Horowitz Retweeted
Kyle Lamb
Not only are we below epidemic threshold now, we're below predictive averages based on previous seasons for this time of year.
Quote Tweet
Ethical Skeptic

· 4h
Well if you bore any illusions as to this thing being over, the CDC has shattered that dissonance tonight with their early release of the MMWR weekly update of excess all-cause deaths.
Heavy negative territory - despite the most liberal lag adjustment of the entire model.

narciso said...



Char Char Binks, Esq. said...

“Apparently not all wypipo are idiots.”

I wish I could say the same of you “people “.

StephenFearby said...

NY Post

Grisly remains of guillotine victims may have been found in Paris chapel’s walls

"The remains of hundreds of people guillotined during the French Revolution may be buried in the walls of a Paris chapel.

The Guardian reports that bones have been discovered in the wall cavities of the Chapelle Expiatoire by archaeologist Philippe Charlier, who inserted a camera to find the remains. Charlier was called in after anomalies were noticed in the walls of the neoclassical monument..."

"...Other remains initially buried at the Madeleine Cemetery include Madame du Barry, the mistress of Louis XIV, who was guillotined in 1793."

[Actually, she was the most famous mistress of Louis XV.]


Wikipedia relates a topical reason (the 18th-century slave trade) for the cause of Madame du Barry's demise:

"...Louis XV had also given her a young Bengali slave, Zamor, whom she dressed in elegant clothing to show him off."

"...Du Barry's Bengali slave Zamor, along with another member of du Barry's domestic staff, had joined the Jacobin club. He became a follower of the revolutionary George Grieve and then an office-bearer in the Committee of Public Safety. Du Barry found out about this and questioned Zamor about his connections with Grieve. Upon realizing the depth of his involvement, she gave him three days’ notice to quit her service. This Zamor did without hesitation and promptly proceeded to denounce his mistress to the Committee.

Based largely on Zamor's testimony, Madame du Barry was suspected of financially assisting émigrés who had fled the French Revolution. The denunciation by Zamor happened in 1792, and Madame du Barry was finally arrested in 1793. In 1792, when the Revolutionary Tribunal of Paris accused her of treason and condemned her to death, she vainly attempted to save herself by revealing the location of gems she had hidden."


The founder of Amazon should take note:

Protesters set up guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos’ DC home


madAsHell said...

ummmm.....moderation on a cafe post in the evening?? That sux.

stephen cooper said...

"Details of a sunset" is the name of a short story that, I think, was published in the New Yorker back in the day.

My friends, maybe you have never written a short story.

But trust me ----- nobody reading these words needs to doubt for a second that you have access to every single insight every great writer has ever had.

All good art is can be summed up like this ---

what you were thinking when you cared about someone else the way God cares about you.

Love is nothing more than understanding the reason God created the creature we love.

I have been mocked for my encomia to the creatures in my life - the tens of thousands of cockroaches in my cheap apartments, the aggressive dogs who became, after being adopted by me, happy creatures who remembered EVERY MOMENT they were with me with the same fondness they remember the best moments of their puppyhood - I an old and have lived a lot and I could go on with more examples but I won't.

I may have written too many words here, but I have written, for every word here, a hundred or a thousand or ten thousand words elsewhere ----

EVERY WORD was meant (or at least I wanted it to be so) to ask you to judge in the only way God wants us to judge (and remember, "judge not" is a big deal in the Bible, and I know that .... but "love one another" also involves judgment, judging others the way God judges us --- understanding everything hating the sin and loving the sinner. Think about it.)

That being said, follow the Ten Commandments, always (you won't regret it) and remember all the words Jesus said about how to understand which are the greatest of those commandments.

Seriously, I know that tonight an adulterer is reading this, and thinking, but I had a reason for being an adulterer.

Trust me, your reasons were mistaken.

Like I said, "details of a sunset" is a GREAT TITLE for a short story.

if you come across a short story or a poem that lives up to a title like that, you will understand why people devote their lives to being artists.

but here is something more important.

the greatest of artists have NO IDEA of the full meaning of love. they are great artists because they are humble and know that, to avoid being bad artists, they cannot claim to know more than they know.

sorry if I sound arrogant, I know how angry Catholics and Protestants get when somebody explains that their arguments were -even when they were right ----- just a pile of straw compared to what we know when we know how much God loves the creature we care about.

everyone wants to love and be loved back, but it is better to love knowing that IT DOES NOT MATTER if love is returned.

I have gazed at tens of thousands of sunsets and quite a few sunrises.

They look almost the same, with a few obvious meteorological differences stemming from the obvious difference between clouds that have spent the last few hours over the nighttime world and clouds that have spent the last few hours over a daytime world, and from a few other differences that are obvious to you and me, both human beings who have lived in this sad beautiful world for longer than any of us can really comprehend.

Tomorrow, my friends, you will either be a better person or a worse person.

The sun rises and the sun sets.

Tomorrow, the sun will shine on a better world or a worse world ---- and you have a great deal of control over which.

madAsHell said...

Hey, it's expensive to launder Unemployment Insurance through Nigeria to pay for my presidential campaign. --Jay Inslee

Hey, I posted this at the Seattle Times after 9PM, and I already have 4 upvotes.

Howard said...

depth perspective convergence

iowan2 said...

All people on all side agree wearing a cover over you face is symbolic only. Studies saying different are in medical settings with trained medical personnel, using N-95 masks. Not 10 year olds wearing a piece of cloth, that has no training.
Basic virtue signaling. Democrat SOP. Style over substance.

Char Char Binks, Esq. said...

My paper mask has no training.

walter said...

Democracy struttin' its stuff in Portland. Busy night.

Nichevo said...

Beloved Commenter AReasonableMan said...
I feel worst for Drago.

Why? He's saving money, living rent-free in your head.

Nichevo said...

Can we spare enough guards from the Ghislaine Maxwell Suicide Watch Team to transfer them to the ARM Suicide Watch Team?

If they're not free, I'd like to watch.

Jim at said...

Some guy named Culp is the Republican opponent.

Loren Culp is the former police chief of Republic, WA. He's not Inslee's opponent, yet, as that will be decided in the August 4 primary. But, he's got a good ground game and will give voters a clear choice.