June 28, 2020

Milkweed at dawn.



traditionalguy said...

But are they lactose free.

Francisco D said...

Ayanna Pressley, the far Left MA Congresswoman is demanding reparations.

Her father was an ex-con and drug addict, but she was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Francis W. Parker School in Chicago.

She apparently has done well for herself, but I think she has already received her reparations.

ColoradoJim said...

Nice Photo! The lighting is very reminiscent of Maxfield Parrish’s paintings. Probably due to the color of the light at dawn. I have always liked taking photos during what is termed the golden hour either near dusk or dawn.

n.n said...

the far Left MA Congresswoman is demanding reparations.

we, the colored people, newly emancipated and rejoicing in our blood-bought freedom

With blood and treasure, and "our Posterity", when they could elect to kneel, still stand against the progressive residue of social justice, redistributive change, "protests", and diversity.

Sportivo said...


Sportivo said...

Very nice photos !

BUMBLE BEE said...

Francisco... A wise person once told me "Whether you bought the ticket or climbed under the tent to get there... You're at the Circus"! Applies in her case, no?

Guildofcannonballs said...

This is a link confirming old Guildy's take. Ask yourself before you click: Can I handle the truth?

Night Owl said...

Lately I keep flashing back to 1980, to a day when I allowed a friend to drag me to a Christian youth meeting on campus. It was a small liberal arts college in the Mid-west, attended by the offspring of the well-to-do, and some poorer scholarship kids, like me. At the meeting was a young white man, who with eyes and voice full of rage told the group how he hated racists more than anything. That's all I remember about what he said; and I can't recall what the topic of conversation was. But I remember clearly how I was repelled by the intensity of his emotion.

I grew up with racism, often directed at my "mixed-race" family, but I also had racists among both my Irish and my Puerto Rican relatives. I dearly loved people who were racists, even as I despaired of their racism. Hating someone because they're ignorant didn't resonate with me.

I never went back to that group, and didn't think about that day at all until a few years ago. But now I keep flashing back to that time when I was 18, sitting in the lobby of the student union building on a sunny fall day in Ohio. Hearing a young man professing his hate, professing his new found faith, at a Christian youth meeting. And sensing something was wrong. But I said nothing. Not even to my friend. Would it have made any difference if I had? Probably not; people who would exploit such strong emotions have more power and influence than I could ever have. But I wish I'd at least had the courage to say that his hate didn't seem very Christian.

Bruce Hayden said...

For those who haven’t done so, let me suggest Dr. K’s autobiographical “War Stories: 50 Years in Medicine”, available via Kindle Unlimited. He tells of his life as a surgeon. A lot of his stories aren’t that pretty, but one of the cute ones was the birth of one of his (3rd?) kid. He is apparently up to his elbows in a trauma victim’s chest when the call comes in that his wife is in labor. He was prepared for that, and a friend accompanies his wife to the hospital. She is asked where he is. At County in trauma surgery. Don’t remember if it was a shooting or a knifing. The nurse was a bit taken aback at that, until his wife explained that he was the surgeon, not the victim (patient). One of the nice things is that he explains, in simple terms much of the medicine and anatomy involved. I will catch myself using the Kindle feature that looks up words automatically, just to find that he explained it better. I think that even those of you who disagree with him politically here will find it an interesting and informative read.

Inga said...

On June 6, Bill Baker, a longtime GOP activist, attended the Kaufman County Republican Party convention, at a church in the town of Talty, thirty minutes outside Dallas. On June 11, Baker was admitted to the hospital. He had contracted COVID-19. On June 25, while being intubated, he had a heart attack and died. He was 75.
“The Texas Democratic party held a virtual convention last month to protect the lives of its own members and the public. But prominent Republican officials in the party like Governor Greg Abbott have so far given the GOP gathering the green light, even as Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has expressed mounting alarm about the situation in Houston.”

Night Owl said...

One of the ironies of my recollection from 1980 above is that the racists were NYC working-class Democrats, and the racist haters were bible-thumpers in fly-over county.

(BTW most of those racists in my family are now among the woke. A few of the very old ones still cling to racist ideas, but are not as vocal as they once were.)

I'm Not Sure said...

"Ayanna Pressley, the far Left MA Congresswoman is demanding reparations."

I could get behind this demand. I think every former slaveholder owes a debt to his ex-slaves. Of course, in all fairness, those who never owned slaves are not similarly indebted and those who were never slaves are owed nothing.


the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

another noose-ance claim, like the "X called me the N-word"

Noose Found In Black Firefighter’s Locker

n.n said...

Ah, wildflower, Asclepias. Watson, come here, I want you.

tim in vermont said...

Milkweed, Queen Anne’s Lace, and wild daises always get a pass when I am weeding the flower beds.

rehajm said...

"The first and only randomized trial to test whether people who work out at gyms with modest restrictions are at greater risk of infection from the coronavirus than those who do not. The tentative answer: no. So this week, Norway reopened all of its gyms."

NYT of all places.

stephen cooper said...

Butterflies do not feed at roses, but milkweeds are basically Viva Las Vegas for colorful butterflies and moths.

I have seen dozens at a time, up to 7 or 8 different species, at the same milkweed location.

Smerdyakov said...

Nice photo!

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

It dishonors the word "negotiate" when one of the two sides has no authority or power to make or hold to a commitment.

Been watching the Battle in Seattle. Sordid, vapid screeds emitted by Team Durkan: "We continue to negotiate with...[anybody we can find to talk to].

Gives new meaning to the term "Donkey Dance."

Drago said...

The latest dems russia hoax re: Russia paying Taliban to kill Americans has ALREADY collapsed.

The intel agencies cannot even find this fictional "report"...which explains why it was never part of any PDB.

I feel worst for Howard and Beijing Boy.

And did you happen to catch Trumps latest poll numbers with blacks after these weeks and weeks of coordinated dem/marxists activities?

28%...and holding steady.

On top of Dementia Boy and obambi being exposed as the "masterminds" of the russia collusion hoax and the Flynn frame up.

Tsk tsk tsk

PluralThumb said...

I once used a single barrel shotgun in PA with 2 friends. We shot cans in a field.
Was not at all like Jack Kerouvak's, On The Road Again. Returning to Brooklyn in New York, I held a Dunkin Donuts door open to be polite. A crowd of people passed and I quickly got pissed. I could of been first in line.
Not much time before I returned into my Brooklyn personality.

Ken B said...

If you live in a blue city, move. And try to be out of town next weekend, when the destruction will be fierce. A large part of blue America hates you and is attacking you. This will probably not get better anytime soon. Accept it.

rhhardin said...

Jesus is going to be done in blackface.

bagoh20 said...

A well-known phenomenon, but one that is easily and often forgotten. It's worth it to remind ourselves how overpowering it is. Probably the real root of most of our social and political disagreement.

"Why Facts Don’t Matter to People"


Christopher said...

While I fully expect Trump to lose this Fall I must say that it is incredibly funny seeing former Bush supporters going on about how Trump will destroy the GOP.

I kind of want to ask if they're morons, amnesiacs, or hacks because those are the options available to people who gave the Dems the WH, the House, and a veto proof majority in the Senate.

They are the last fucking people who you should listen to when it comes to maintaining political power.

madAsHell said...

Does anyone else here watch the price of guitars?? I've been thinking I might get a deal, and suddenly the prices rebounded!!!.....or at least that's my perception.

I'm jones-ing for a Rickenbacker.

Bunkypotatohead said...

Around here we pull milkweed out of the ground before it reaches flowering stage. It is a weed, after all.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I applaud Althouse saying "hey cope" via not allowing comments through for a long period of time.

The (us) right wingers have for far too long considered althouse.blogspot.com something it never claimed to be nor was.

Althouse has every right to be as biased against Clarence Thomas as any person who has ever lived.

She will suffer for it, against the pleading of her former readership.

It's all okay. In some ways yes it is all good, not necessarily* panglossian.

*Had to use auto correct. Much didfferent game if you know sometimes fully-fledged Buckley terms are frequently marked (with the red line underneath) as having some inherent fault that upon introspection of said spelling fails to develop.

Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

It is a nice pic. Composition, lighting, focus.

Narayanan said...

from aceofspadeshq -- increase your wordpower - Kafkatrap

To accuse someone of some form of "ism" (sexism, racism etc.) and to proclaim that their denial, or any attempt they make to defend themselves, is proof that they are guilty. A favorite tactic of the social justice warrior.
"Your refusal to admit that you are a misogynist proves you're a misogynist."

"Hey, that's kafkatrapping!"

bagoh20 said...

Our whole household went to downtown Vegas last night to the Mob Museum. As of Friday, our Governor requires masks in all public places. The museum gave us all some really nice ones. They also kept each party separate as they moved us through the admission protocol which included a few question about if we had symptoms or were currently Covid positive. They took everyone's temperature. I didn't see anyone get rejected, but I wondered what would happen if someone showed an elevated temperature, how high it would have to be, how they would handle that, and how embarrassed and uncomfortable it would be for everyone present.

The museum has a speakeasy bar in the basement, at that point the masks all disappear. It's a pretty cool place housed in the old courthouse. There is so much to read, and so many photos that you really can't take it all in in one visit. They have the actual wall there where the St Valentines Day massacre happened, complete with bullet holes and the bullets removed from the victims.

Afterward we walked the downtown to a couple bars and restaurants. On the street about half the crowd wears the masks, inside where they have drinks or food they tend to drop the masks on entry. The rule is you don't need them if you are drinking or eating.

In Nevada, the positive test results have skyrocketed since opening up, but deaths are essentially zero - zero, one, or two most days and of course those are people who died while positive, not necessarily from Covid, and that's out of 3 million people. Something is happening to this virus, it's just not as serious now for those who get it, even if a lot more people are getting it. That seems to me to be the best possible outcome. Expecting it to just going away while we hide was never a viable long term strategy. The way things are going everybody will be immune pretty soon, or at least enough of us.

Despite all that, the news starts every show with a disaster warning about all the new cases, without any mention of the widely expanded testing which does not explain all the new cases, but deserves at least a mention. The fact that deaths are as low as ever and still staying there apparently isn't important either.

The media is always dishonest about political news, but health news should at least try to be honest and complete. It is so obviously dishonest, that I don't know what it is you can believe from them. I think absolutely nothing.

bagoh20 said...

"Jesus is going to be done in blackface."

That IS funny, but now the Jews killed a Black man. Defund the Jews!

Francisco D said...

BUMBLE BEE said...Francisco... A wise person once told me "Whether you bought the ticket or climbed under the tent to get there... You're at the Circus"! Applies in her case, no?

I have a good grasp of the exceptional opportunity that Ms. Pressley had and I congratulate her for making a success for herself. However, she is a pretender who is wasting her talents on an angry leftist crusade.

I have been there and done that. It is foolish to think you have any moral authority in her position.

Bruce Hayden said...

“Despite all that, the news starts every show with a disaster warning about all the new cases, without any mention of the widely expanded testing which does not explain all the new cases, but deserves at least a mention. The fact that deaths are as low as ever and still staying there apparently isn't important either. “

This is what you get with a Dem governor.

I'm Not Sure said...

"The rule is you don't need them if you are drinking or eating."

Because the virus doesn't get transmitted if you're drinking or eating? Maybe everybody needs to carry a bottle of water with them everywhere they go to ward off the covid? Think that'll work?

Michael K said...

Governor Greg Abbott have so far given the GOP gathering the green light, even as Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has expressed mounting alarm about the situation in Houston.”

Inga has not seen the chart of Covid testing two weeks after the demonstrations/riots.

The "spike" is right at the incubation period and the deaths have NOT increased.

She, of course, is hoping all GOP "activists" die.

steve uhr said...

Buy some live monarch caterpillars on Amazon and you’re all set.

JML said...

I second what Bruce H said regarding Michael K's book. Thanks, Doc, for a good read!

Inga said...

“Inga has not seen the chart of Covid testing two weeks after the demonstrations/riots.”

No spikes seen in New York, DC or Chicago, or other states on the east coast. They had plenty of protests. Spikes seen in Texas, Arizona, Alabama, CA, Florida, South Carolina. There are more to the spikes than the protests. Spikes are being seen in states that opened up too early.

Yancey Ward said...

Bagoh wrote:

"Despite all that, the news starts every show with a disaster warning about all the new cases, without any mention of the widely expanded testing which does not explain all the new cases, but deserves at least a mention. The fact that deaths are as low as ever and still staying there apparently isn't important either."

I added Nevada to my spreadsheet- it is the last tab at the right, but you have to hit the arrow to see it.

I have been thinking about the links between testing and cases a lot the last few days, especially forced by the long, low plateau in deaths in all the states the media is panicking about. I am beginning to suspect the response of new cases is innocently non-linear with respect to the number of tests run. One of the things all the states are trying to do is to contact trace, and that always starts with families of confirmed cases, then friends/colleagues, and then stranger contacts at restaurants/grocery stores/etc. If your testing resources are somewhat limited, then your tests get focused onto a population that is more likely to be infected than the general population- those with actual contacts to a confirmed case. The process is iterative, and you end up testing a non-random selection of the population that is just concentrated in infected individuals. In short, if you double the number of tests run, you initially double the number of new cases, that doubled new case count also has doubled the number of contacts you have to trace and test. This eats into your new testing capacity, and all the additional capacity is now testing a population that is more likely to have been infected. So, a doubling of testing capacity ends up producing 3 and 4 times the number of new cases in a very short time.

You see this behavior in the New York data. When New York's outbreak "skyrocketed", they didn't have even the testing capacity of a small state like Alabama has today, and so they were forced very early to devote all their testing resources to only those most likely to be infected- their daily positive rate skyrocketed in less than a week, but I don't think it was the case that the numbers of infected were skyrocketing at much. A similar thing, though, might now be happening in the Sunbelt states- you have finally reached the point were the testing capacity is suddenly being devoted solely to tracing, whereas a couple of weeks ago those states still had lots of slack capacity to test anyone who wanted a test.

This explanation for a non-linear relationship has a big advantage- it explains why deaths rates/day haven't changed- in short, the testing really is just uncovering the larger body of infected people- that mass isn't changing all that rapidly, and so neither are the numbers of people dying of the disease.

narciso said...

Companera hidalgo shes a scary lot

Guildofcannonballs said...

2020 is panglossian to learned individuals, mostly.

sunsong said...

Does the milkweed attract butterflies? I'm growing some butterfly weed to see if it will. It's not as huge as milkweed.