May 26, 2020

Sunrise, 5:28.


Actual sunrise time today was 5:24. Compare this sunrise picture to the very different one I put up earlier this morning, which was done at 5:46, after the sun went behind a cloud, which is generally the best place for it if you want a good photograph.


traditionalguy said...

The Red Dagger Sun!

Yancey Ward said...

State Level COVID-19 Data as of 5/25/2020.

I created the above spreadsheet from the COVID-19 Tracking Project data. I added some columns and deleted others that didn't interest me. The columns I added are Daily new sums for total tests, new tests, new cases, new deaths, and new recoveries. Additionally, I have sorted the state data into their own separate rows rather than sorted by date as in the original site so that I could create 7-Day moving averages for new tests, cases, recoveries, and deaths.

There are anomalies calculations in the first week (back in Feb/Mar) of data for every state but the last one, Wyoming. These are simply artifacts of the summing functions mixing with the 7 Day averages in those rows just above the beginning of a new state's data, but you can ignore those since the important parts of the data are the trends in the last month, which are unaffected by these unavoidabl artifacts.

This is simply a snapshot- I won't be updating this the way I am updating the other spreadsheet which is treating the US as a whole entity- it is just too labor intensive. I will probably update the state level data every 3-4 weeks and repost a new link.

mandrewa said...

coronavirus pandemic update 75
, Roger Seheult talks about new evidence that Covid-19 kills people via blood clots. In every instance they looked at the researchers found large numbers of tiny blood clots in the lungs of people dying from the disease. That was why their oxygen levels were so low. This is why the ventilators don't help that much. Because the problem isn't getting oxygen into the lungs, instead the problem is that the blood is having a difficult time picking up the oxygen.

Seheult advocates taking N-acetylcysteine supplement (or NAC) because there are two different mechanisms by which this chemical (legal because it can be found in some foods) can make these blood clots less likely.

He also discusses studies where researchers looked at blood samples taken from 2018 and before and found that about 34% of the population back then already had T cells primed against the Covid-19 virus. The reason, they speculate, is not that Covid-19 was present, but that it is similar enough to four coronavirus strains that we describe as the "common cold" to give people immunity against the Wuhan Lab Bat Coronavirus even in the absence of antibodies to it (T cells are a different part of the immune system from the antibody
system, B cells).

hstad said...

Sorry Yancy Ward it's already been reported that Dr. Birx and the CDC used fake numbers and reported things like people dying of other things but if they tested positive to tag them as dying from Coronavirus. In fact John Hopkins tally is so riddled with fraud (they have not adjusted numbers downward even though states have).

Ann - another topic - why have you not reported about the goings on of Judge Sullivan and General Flynn. You being a former law scholar and a lot of your commentators are Lawyers. I'd like the hear your and their take on this circus? Hell you can't find it in the Liberal Media.

narciso said...

narciso said...

about that, markie mark,