October 4, 2019

In the White River National Forest...


... aspen/evergreen contrast was stark.


Photos from Tuesday, when we were in Colorado. All topics allowed in the comments. Enjoy.


Phil 314 said...

Looks like you got there a little in the season

Phidippus said...

Plenty of good subject matter there for a dedicated photography trip, where you could just stay where you are, get acquainted with the place, and choose your light.

It looks like a place not over-used by visitors. I will tell no one of it.

wildswan said...

Heard that Trump isn't going to release anything nor will the White House nor the Departments until the House holds a vote to have an impeachment inquiry. Pelosi hasn't called a vote because she's trying to shield the Dems who promised not to get involved in impeachment. That's over. They're involved and now they'll have to stop hiding under the table and come out and vote. Or there won't be an inquiry.

Ken B said...

Listening to very fine symphonies by Kiwi composer Douglas Lilburn. The Sibelius lives strongly in this one, as does the Shostakovich.
Hardin will understand me.

The Godfather said...

@Althouse, you should be pleased that another world leader has joined you in opposing the use of children for political propaganda: "when somebody uses children and teenagers in their own interests it deserves to be condemned." V. Putin. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/10/04/putin-dismisses-climate-messiah-greta-thunberg-poorly-informed-teenager/

Dave Begley said...

Next week canoe the Niobrara but don’t go past Rocky Ford!

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

A heartwarming photo of a young man** praying with a sheriff’s deputy in Florida is garnering attention across the nation.


**of color ("please make the mental note" ;-) )

narciso said...

Very observant

BUMBLE BEE said...

Just had dinner with friends who returned from vacation in Utah. Similar breath taking pictures. Envious here!

StephenFearby said...

Washington Examiner

New York Times Kavanaugh book bombs, just 3,120 sold, Amazon rank #6,795

'...A publishing source provided the latest BookScan numbers, which can account for about 80% of sales. That number is 3,120. “If you add in ebooks — they may have sold a total of 4,000. That's one of the most epic bombs in political publishing over the past decade,” said the source.

By comparison, another Kavanaugh book, Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court, which details the Democratic war on the Trump nominee, has sold 60,000 books and a total of 100,000 copies since its July 9 debut.'


The "most helpful" reader review (by AmazonCustomer135) (257 likes) of the Pogrebin / Kelly hatchet job:

1.0 out of 5 stars
opinion book with glaring factual errors and mischaracterizations through out
September 28, 2019
Verified Purchase

'I did not vote for Trump in 2016, and as an independent I am far more interested in factual truth than which party “wins.” I also read Justice on Trial.

This book is very disappointing. The author’s bias is evident. Their characterization of people not backing Ramirez’s story as being “disloyal” is baffling (the very People Ramirez told the authors to contact). Those contacted told the author’s of this book that the event Ramirez claimed didn’t happen, knowing instead of being praised for being honest, writers like these would bash them for not “towing the line” of whatever the NYT thinks it should be that day.

This book poorly, yet relentlessly, argues “I believe” a valid justification to destroy others personally EVEN when the evidence and facts indicate the accusations are false. As a woman, I find the reasoning in this book immature and careless...'


Ollywoodfm said...

Ollywood cine news

Mr. Forward said...

“It’s not about, ‘Let me talk about myself,” a Harris adviser involved in the planning told POLITICO. “It’s, ‘I understand your problems on a human level in a way that you experience them.’ Their concern is not, ‘I need broad systemic overhauls,’ it’s, ‘I can’t get a job, or I can’t pay the bills this month, or I can’t pay my student loans, or my yard is flooded.’”

“You have a fundamentally different conversation when you’re sitting around someone’s kitchen table in their home,” the adviser added.

Additionally, Harris plans to “help prepare Sunday suppers in peoples’ homes."

We'll never forget that Sunday when Kamala Harris rowed into our yard with that basket of avocados.

Crazy World said...


Clyde said...

It's interesting how the evergreens cluster in their own neighborhoods in the bottom picture. Who was there first, the aspens or the evergreens? They are definitely jostling against each other for sunlight and resources. Nature is all about competition and survival of the fittest. Absent the influence of humans, which species of tree would dominate that landscape in a century or two?

tim in vermont said...

Black household income rising across the United States.


This is the wrong that Trump is doing, running our country into the ground! You know that when income at the bottom rises, that affects the income at the top in a negative way! Do you guys have any idea how many illegals it takes to keep a string of polo ponies? Even a couple of racehorses takes several. Can you imagine paying overtime and health benefits to these stablehands, like uppity American citizens would demand?

Don’t even get me started on the labor that goes into keeping the grounds maintained around my house! Cooks! Maids! Gardeners! All of these costs going up! Who is to blame? That fucking Donald Trump! #Impeach!

tim in vermont said...

It also is a bad thing that the jobs number was so low! It’s not because there just aren’t any workers left who genuinely want to work with a 50 year low in unemployment! No. Evil is afoot. The economy is crashing! Growth has slowed for lack of workers! OMG! How are the rich supposed to get even richer when labor has this kind of bargaining power?

It’s almost as if Donald John Trump is the only president in my memory to take income inequality seriously and do something about it. Where are the Chamber of Commerce Republicans when we need them, working to keep wages low? Democrats are doing their best! #ImpeachNow so we can get back to keeping the filthy lucre flowing to connected insiders like Nancy Pelosi’s son, John Kerry’s stepson, Joe Biden’s son! Whitey Bulger’s nephew! Romney has it right! We need to get rid of this menace to seriousness!

exhelodrvr1 said...

That's a beautiful area, especially the farther in you go. A cousin of mine worked at a hunting-fishing lodge there for several years in the early-80s where I had the opportunity to spend a number of days one winter. Great cross-country skiing.

stevew said...

Lovely photos. 31 degrees this morning upon waking (northeast MA), predicted to be about 28 degrees warmer by early afternoon with sunshine. Trees are changing color but we're a week or so away from peak, I think.
Going away dinner for my niece this evening with family and some friends. She's following her parents who moved to MI last winter; she's lived nearly all her life here but the pull of family (older brother and most of her mom's family live in OH) is too great. Will be bittersweet, I expect some tears at the end of the evening. Still a better way to disconnect from all the impeachment nonsense than scarfing cookie-dough. Btw, our food theme for the evening is Italian. We might be culturally appropriating because none of us are of Italian heritage. I've got a couple of bottles of some really nice Brunello that will be a good complement to the food.


tim in vermont said...

What I don’t get is that Trump is still under investigation by Schiff over the baseless Russia accusations from Hillary, and has to take that seriously, but any defense he might raise by investigating foreign interference on behalf of Hillary Clinton, for which there is plenty of smoke is termed interference in the 2020 election and so Trump may not clear his name, as that would be interference too!

That’s a pretty sweet construct if you are a Democrat! Too good to check. Which is why they won’t hold a vote and give Republicans the power to question it. It’s like Michael Mann complaining when people wanted to see his actual data: “Why should I give it to you when you are just going to try to find something wrong with it!”

A lot of the “case” involved a Ukrainian company, CrowdStrike, which declared that it was Russia who hacked the DNC while nobody has ever seen the server, not CrowdStrike, not the FBI. And we have an unsolved murder of a person with both motive (Read Donna Brazille’s book) and access to the leaked emails.

gilbar said...

Dave Begley?
Have you been to Fort Robinson? That's where I think they should go

tim in vermont said...


This went down the memory hole! When you want protection from regulators and law enforcement, remember, “It pays to pay a Pelosi!"

Quaestor said...

We must eat Greta Thunberg. For the Planet!

Andrew said...

@Ken B,
Never heard of Lilburn. Will give him a listen this week. Thanks for the mention.

I've been listening to Vaughan Williams's symphonic cycle. Beautiful and powerful music, full of personality. The 5th still stands out as my favorite. VW is highly underrated in my opinion. Shame on the intellectuals and critics who mocked composers like VW and Sibelius for not being modernistic enough.

Fernandinande said...

It looks like a place not over-used by visitors.

The White River sees more visitation than Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Yosemite national parks combined.

"9 million visitors per year [and 12 ski resorts], making the White River the No. 1 forest for recreation in the country."

Rusty said...

Nice trout water.

Phil 314 said...

...got there a little LATE in the season.

(MUST ALWAYS proofread before publishing)

Ken B said...

Yes, RVW is great. I agree about 5, but 4 is also superb. My favorite RVW is Flos Campi. The chamber music is of a very high standard too. I assume you know Walton but a couple of little known composers from the same era to try are Martinu, and Rawsthorne (the piano concertos especially).

Andrew said...

@ Ken B. I've listened to Martinu but never Rawsthorne. Thanks for another name to add to my listening repertoire. Yes, I've heard Walton. I have a job in front of a computer, and one benefit is I can listen to great music almost all the time. Except when colleagues interrupt me with work questions, the sob's.

Yes, VW # 4 is superb. So is the 6th, especially the last movement. I heard the 7th for the first time last week ("Antarctica"), and it blew me away, but it sounds more like a long tone poem than a symphony.

Let me recommend a blog for you, if you've never read it. It's by a British conductor, Kenneth Woods, and he often leads me to new music. Here's his latest post on the greatest 2nd symphonies.


He has several lists like this which are fun reading, filled with new discoveries.


Phidippus said...

Ken B: I'm a big Shostakovitch fan, especially his chamber music. I have two recordings of the 24 Preludes and Fugues. I like Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk as well. That one almost got him whacked.

Thesis: Shostakovitch was the greatest composer of the 20th Century. Change my mind.

Nichevo said...

Quaestor said...
We must eat Greta Thunberg

That selfish brat? It might do her good, but I say she goes first.