June 2, 2019

I'm hearing that Nancy Pelosi will "cuddle with her caucus."

The topic is impeachment, on "Meet the Press" today, and NBC's Carol Lee must have meant to say, Nancy Pelosi will "huddle with her caucus" (which is what they've got in the transcript). But listen for yourself. It's cute and funny:

"And you're going to see in the coming week Speaker Pelosi try to figure out where the next step goes. Because, you know, she'll have a Monday night leadership meeting. She'll then cuddle with her caucus. This is the point at which she's under the most pressure than she's been about impeachment."

Don't trust that transcript. Look, the closed captions back up what you hear with your own ears:


Just a delightful "speako" (a typo of speech).

Don't freak out, Chuck...


I love the gender politics of it all. The female talking head, talking about the female Speaker of the House, wanted to get to that word from the quintessentially masculine activity — football — and she couldn't quite get there. She got 5 sixths of the way there. Got the "-uddle" but not the "huddle." And she ended up with the quintessentially feminine activity — cuddling.

But I don't know if we can do that anymore, cuddle. Ask Joe Biden. We're supposed to have woken up to the importance of personal space and no physical intrusions.

And yet, maybe that's what we need at long last. A big group hug.

Make America cuddlesome again. 


traditionalguy said...

Love,love, love. Doesn’t anyone punish opponents anymore? Politics ain’t cuddly bear.

tcrosse said...

She'll muddle through.

Michael K said...

Her caucus, at least the one third of that is crazy, is running away with her.

traditionalguy said...

I thought The Godmother Pelosi would cut your head off if you trusted her good little girl act.

BADuBois said...

Will there be milk and cookies and a nap time on snuggly blankets?

Ken B said...

If Trump said that there would be a #metoo meltdown.

Ken B said...

Impeachment is fake news. It is to distract from what Barr will find and what Mueller didn’t find.

rcocean said...

After she hands out the pacifiers, than maybe Pelosi can give her Democrat Congressmen a cuddle.

buwaya said...

None of the love people loves you.
Indeed, they would rather you die, in some convenient, trouble-free way.
And they aren't much kinder to each other, whatever they say.

Tyrone Slothrop said...

Sounds like a Tweedle Deedle puddle battle.

Narayanan said...

Funnier and accurater

Cuddle with her cactus.

rcocean said...

If Pelosi cuddles someone like Jerry Nadler - lets give her Grandma of the year award.

rcocean said...

Cuddle -muddle - huddle -subtle - Befuddle - puddle - tuddle

Mr Tuddle is always a comic name.

rcocean said...

Cuddle with her cactus.

I love malapropisms - if i understand it correctly. I still laugh at Radner's Emily Litella sketches.

narciso said...

Is anyone speaking the truth:


chickelit said...

"Impeach" comes from the same word as "impede" and that is the current Dem strategy: to maximize impedance or resistance: Ω

Dems are omega to Trump's alpha. Sensible people are between the extremes.

Also, high impedance is bad for the flow of things and a potentially high voltage situation is developing.

Ken B said...

Imagine the fun if Pelosi had wanted to hunt with them.

Amadeus 48 said...

Sorry. I'm not there.

I have a lot of Democratic friends, and they all need some tough love. They have been cuddled enough. They have not benefited from those Chuck Todd/Rachel Maddow/Lawrence O'Donnell/Don Lemon/Jimmy Kimmel/Joy Behar/Joe and Mika lapdances (try to get THAT image out of your heads) that have been given nonstop for 2-1/2 years.

No group hugs with them. They need to clean their rooms first.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have our own work to do: Making America Great Again.

Narayanan said...

Not malappropism exactly.

Cactus for "Thorn in her side."

rcocean said...

What's all this I hear about Puerto Rico becoming a steak?

rcocean said...

"she's as headstrong as an allegory on the banks of the Nile"

exhelodrvr1 said...


Henry said...

So many of the caucus would say, "I’m looking for rituals"'... The junior members say 'It sounds like it’s about taking orders, but the Speaker helped me see it’s about preparing the heart for dialogue and a deep internal listening for truth...

Achilles said...

Nobody has made a Ron Burgandy joke yet?

Who put the question mark on the teleprompter?"

rhhardin said...

The middle school menu today includes chicken panties.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

maybe she meant 'cudgel' but she was drunk. Again.

narciso said...

Its notable who they dont focus on:


Achilles said...

On the bright side the democrats really are going to go through with impeachment.

They have to.

The indictments for Obama's henchmen are being formed as we speak.

Darrell said...

Mostly she spoons.
But there have been times when she forks.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

No more hugs from Pluggs
but you can be cuddled by a Speaker Befuddled

Hagar said...

Cuddling is not what Pelosi does.
The routine has been that "the leadership" meets somewhere in the bowels of the Capitol and decide what the day's program shall be, and then Pelosi meets with her flock and lays it out for them, making it clear hat any lambs that stray will be severely punished.
These days, will that continue to work?

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Impeachment can be soft and fuzzy. Won't you join us?

All of the deplorables obstructed justice when they voted for Trump instead of Hillary. To the ovens!

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Did you obstruct justice today?

I know I did.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

after a good cuddle, she unhinges her jaw, and swallows you whole

narciso said...

Where some of the deep state players ended up:


Narr said...

Back at the ESU bookbarn, around 2001-2002 we got ourselves the first lady president and the first lady dean of libraries--actually the first dean at all, she needed a better title and quite a bit more money than the OWF* she replaced and ticked off several desiderata that any ambitious institution had to have.

Neither did anything much for the places they were supposed to run, but when they met they coo'd at one another. At least in public.


Meade said...

F. Chuck Todd faces the nation. Donald Trump cuddles the nation.

(I read the Nation. Stephen F Cohen.)

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

after a good cuddle, she unhinges her jaw, and swallows you whole


Achilles said...

Was this a back door attack on Biden?

Sleepy Joe should have been nicknamed "Cuddles."

Lem said...

Attempting to cuddle with Trump has been a failure.


Warning: the linked image above has been doctored.

Certain viewers may find it offensive. See CNN.

tcrosse said...

From Wikipedia:
"The fuddle duddle incident in Canadian political history occurred on February 16, 1971, when Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau was alleged to have spoken or at least mouthed unparliamentary language in the House of Commons, causing a minor scandal. Trudeau mentioned the words "fuddle duddle" in an ambiguous answer to questions about what he may or may not have said in Parliament."

tcrosse said...

Was this a back door attack on Biden?

A back door attack more likely from Buttigieg.

buwaya said...

I obstructed justice in my heart, as Jimmy Carter probably did.

Quaestor said...

Cuddle was certainly what Coral Lee said and meant. The Democrat caucus is the most infantile gaggle of Congress critters to ever waddle in the Swamp. They've been throwing a tempestuous tantrum since the famous criminal got her comeuppance and, acording to all the best incompetent child psychologists, they're in need of a motherly cuddle.

UNLESS Lee meant cuddle in its euphemistic sense — SEX! or RAPE! or half one thing and half the other. (Of course, any sex with a Democrat is always at least half rape because they won't keep still and they never shut the fuck up.)

Quaestor said...

I have a question about obstruction of justice.

Could the activities of Robert Mueller even be laughingly referred to as justice?

Skeptical Voter said...

In her pre-cuddle days, Nancy was more like the scorpion who rode across the river on the frog's back. When little froggies like AOC got out of line, San Fran Nan would zap them with her stinger.

The fractious in the caucus should beware---Pelosi probably has a few shots left in the old stinger.

Yancey Ward said...

Quaestor frames it pretty well- obstruction of injustice is what Trump is actually guilty of. And pretty much everyone to the right of Nancy Pelosi understands that. So, by all mean- impeach away!

narciso said...

what happened to the post, I was writing:


Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Mueller Upends Rule of Law, In Final Appearance—Sidney Powell

it's the left who are corrupt. They need to be impeached. Lets start with Adam Schit.

narciso said...

it ties together miss prietap, mr Robert hannigan of ghcq, the fmr chairman of the joint chiefs, and at least one Israeli deep state supergrade, like the head of black cube, another dove, in the establishment,

John henry said...

We have some pretty rare politician in Puerto Rico

John Henry

narciso said...

does it seem like half of rosello's cabinet is under indictment at one point or another, and when the hammer drop on mayor yulin, before the primaries,

TWW said...

I thought she said she was going to cuddle with her carcass?

Phil 314 said...

It will be a Kumbayah moment with trust falls and all...

and kittens, lots of kittens

You could call it a safe space.

narciso said...

don't try this at home:


pacwest said...

Sounds like someone needs a hug.

Kevin said...

Time for the Dems to put up or shut up.

Either Trump is a clear and obvious danger to the country who must be impeached.

Or it's time to move on.

No .org required.

Kevin said...

It's funny listening to the media discuss impeachment.

They mention Nixon.

And Andrew Johnson.

And that's all they can recall...

chickelit said...

BB&H wrote: it's the left who are corrupt. They need to be impeached. Lets start with Adam Schit.

His bug-eyes make him squashable. Insect politics.

The Gipper Lives said...

Mueller seemed rushed when he was reading Shabby Nadler’s script because CBS only gave Democrats a couple of days warning that the CBS Barr Interview was coming on, so they had to hurry out their pre-emptive Narrative.

That’s why I call them #Professional Liars. They’ve thought of a half-dozen ways to manipulate the news and lie to you before you’ve even finished your first cup of coffee. Pros, baby!

Quaestor said...

Cuddle was certainly what Coral Lee said and meant. The Democrat caucus is the most infantile gaggle of Congress critters to ever waddle in the Swamp. They've been throwing a tempestuous tantrum since the famous criminal got her comeuppance and, according to all the best incompetent child psychologists, they're in need of a motherly cuddle.

A couple of inadvertently comical typos there. Coral for Carol — reversed the vowels there. Coral can be a nice feminine name taken from the orangish pink decorative color and the semi-precious gem — an improvement on the over-used Carol if you ask me. And waddle instead of the intended wallow. I'll blame the evil spellcheck fairy for that one, damn her hide. And I dropped a c.

n.n said...

cuddle with her cactus

JAORE said...

"O Oysters, come and walk with us!"
The Walrus did beseech.
"A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk,
Along the briny beach:
We cannot do with more than four,
To give a hand to each."

The eldest Oyster looked at him,
But never a word he said:
The eldest Oyster winked his eye,
And shook his heavy head--
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But four young Oysters hurried up,
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"O Oysters," said the Carpenter,
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Shall we be trotting home again?'
But answer came there none--
And this was scarcely odd, because
They'd eaten every one.

rcocean said...

"an improvement on the over-used Carol"

True, but several "Coral's" report people CONSTANTLY spelling their name Carol.

Darkisland said...

Blogger narciso said...

does it seem like half of rosello's cabinet is under indictment at one point or another, and when the hammer drop on mayor yulin, before the primaries,

We're #1 in the entire USA!!!

In corrupt politicians, that is.

John Henry

Darkisland said...

Something that would be cool would be for PDJT to be impeached by the House and STILL be re-elected by overwhelming margins.

Even better, impeached, convicted and removed from office than win in 2020.

Impeachment is no bare to running for President. We even have a precedent in impeached and removed judge Alcee Hastings, now Senator Alcee Hastings.

I was wondering what the 23rd Amendment said today and looked it up. I was wondering if the language permitted a president who had not served a full term to serve two more terms.

Unfortunately, the language says that a person cannot be elected twice to the presidency. Ivanka 2024!!! Let's keep this train a'rolling!

There was a governor, perhaps in Louisiana, one of the Longs? was up against term limits. He resigned just before the election and won again. All legal since he had not served a full term.

John Henry

J said...

Alcee Hastings has never been a Senator.

Martin said...

Having hard that, I can't un-hear it. AAARRGGGHH!

Art in LA said...

Yes, speakos! Another variant is the "thinko", a typo of thought. Half of the country is in the middle of a thinko as I type!

DEEBEE said...

MACA or MACACA what difference does it make