May 24, 2019

Facebook has a heart... a blackish-green, mystifyingly obscure heart.

Here's the graphic at the top of my Facebook feed this morning:

"Groups"... what are they? If I'm not in "groups," is my Facebook presence heartless?

Should I be doing something with birds?

Should I identify with the adult woman in the graphic, the bulky, mittened figure in blue whose upper body and head seem to be merged with a crow?

Should I be throwing the symbol for radioactivity  at an aggressive goose or swan?

What is wanted of me?

Is a large overalled man with a parrot and a cockatoo coming for me?

I cannot understand.


Achilles said...

Facebook is a disease. An affliction.

You will be happier when you delete your account and never use it or think about it again .

Vet66 said...

Symbolism. Not being is a 'group' places you in the non-group Group. Can't win...we are either for them or against them which apparently makes us an outlier group.

Michael K said...

I'm in a basset hound group. Very subversive.

Nonapod said...

THat's a pretty bizarre graphic. It doesn't seem to really convey it's intentions and is themetically confusing. But whatever. Facebook is a dumpster fire. It's interface has alwasy been poor quality. The company seems to be run in a very deliberately obscure way. And, like Twitter, they seem to be overly heavy handed when dealing with conservatives, blocking controversial posts by just defining them as hate speech.

They apparently don't want conservatives on Facebook and they've pissed off liberals too with the whole Cambridge Analytica debacle. They seem to be determined to drive people away. I'm not sure why? Do they not like money?

Fen said...

It doesn't seem to really convey it's intentions

It's intentions are to harvest your data and everyone one your contact list.

Original Mike said...

I'm not really a group kinda guy.

Ann Althouse said...

You'd think they'd be cheerful and inviting. That graphic is creepy.

rehajm said...

There are other groups that are willing to pay to have a better understanding of your intimate interactions with people you feel safe around. Not like you in the big public Facebook space. More like you in your own home. More like what Alexa knows about you.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Original Mike said...

I'm not really a group kinda guy.

Me neither. Hey, maybe we can find a bunch of us not group kinda guys and share our experiences...

tcrosse said...

That graphic is creepy.

That graphic reminds me strongly of a childrens' book from my long-lost childhood, back before I could read.

Narr said...

League Of Non-joiners! Follow me!

Ya hadda good home but ya left . . .

Original Mike said...

"Hey, maybe we can find a bunch of us not group kinda guys and share our experiences..."

I'll get back to ya...

SDaly said...

I could easily see that as a Soviet-era Bulgarian advertisement to come visit a provincial petting zoo.

Big Mike said...

@Althouse, you want to know which character you are? Why you silly goose.

roadgeek said...

CrossFit left Facebook for good earlier today. Apparently, if you advocate a low-carb high-fat diet on FB, you get banned, with no explanation. And then reinstated a week later, again with no explanation. CrossFit has had enough; their eight-point manifesto makes excellent reading. I won't post a link here (probably can't), but the statement is on the CrossFit homepage. They left Instagram as well. I look for other companies to do this as well. I suspect the bloom is off the social media rose.

Static Ping said...

That graphic is creepy.

Facebook is creepy.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

it's Life of Julia creepy

AmPowerBlog said...

I don't use Facebook anymore. Or, well, I rarely use it. I can't stand algorithms, much less the hate dump of all the comments. Who care about Facebook groups anyway? *Emoji shrug.*

madAsHell said...

You'd think they'd be cheerful and inviting.

I'll guess that these announcements are customized to the reader. They data mine your photos, and comments.

The creepy graphic is what happens when all your FB photos look like a cafe post at

gilbar said...

It really seems like Facebook's groups are for the birds

wildswan said...

Remember the logo has to be gender-free, which it is. Greenperson has man's upper body but a women's hips while LittleGreenPerson is wearing a dress but walking like a boy.
Not support ableism. Greenperson has no hands.
Non racist. Everyone is green as seen by their hands and LittleBlueHijab has an enormous protruding white nose.
Non-Nationalistic. Everyone has had their feet bound so they are triangles. Nobody does this so this refers to no nation.

There's story out that IQ is dropping all over Europe even within families from one generation to the next. The drop started about 2000. One theory is social media is the cause and if you think of a generation growing up trying to understand visuals like this, that theory seems plausible.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...


gerry said...

The humans in the picture are microcephalic. That's logical.

Unknown said...

Groups are the only reason I still use facebook.
And my favorite groups are private ones
Just us like-minded folks.

Bill Peschel said...

The goose in the center is the key element.

Think how pate is made. Facebook wants to stuff you with your "friends'" content, then take out your liver, a la "Monty Python's Meaning of Life."

Scott Patton said...

You have to click it to see what's in it.

buwaya said...

Its an HP Lovecraft thing.
A heart implanted in a gelatinous green immensity opening into tenebrous depths.
And pulsing a rhythm only its acolytes and victims can hear, calling them to perform unspeakable rituals, and in the end to expunge their reason in gibbering madness.

Michael K said...

It really seems like Facebook's groups are for the birds

Yes, I am also in owl groups and B 52 groups.

Martin said...

You don't have to understand. You just have to obey your new overlords.

Quayle said...

Potemkin Peasants.

buwaya said...

Those are not birds.
They are properly visible to those, unlucky few, who have correctly interpreted the arcane images in that remarkable piece of Eskimo ivory-sculpture, discovered in a supernaturally frigid Greenland plain, which has defied scientific dating. Or rather, that has manifested such an absurdly ancient age to the puny instruments available to modern man that the unimaginative plodders have refused to credit the result.
But we know better, to our misfortune.

n.n said...

Weird world is for the birds and faceless bots.

D. B. Light said...

That's all right -- look at it long enough and you will see it..., and then you won't be able to unsee it.

John henry said...

You should be leaving Facebook.

You never should have signed up in the first place but too late for that.

Leave now. Not tonight, now.

John Henry

John henry said...

Crossfit Inc just announced that Facebook no longer aligns with their corporate values.

They will no longer have anything to do with it.

I am not clear but the reason seems to be that they banned a competitor without notice for no reason that Facebook was willing to give.

They later unbanned the competitor with no notice or reason given.

Facebookers this is the ki d of company you are encouraging to exploit you.

John Henry

John henry said...

Facebook has humans viewing every picture and video, reading every message. I've heard 15000 in a Texas center alone, though that seems high.

These people are seeing rapes, child molesting, torture, maiming, murder and the most vile stuff you can possibly imagine. Many people are getting seriously fucked up doing this for 40 hours every week.

Someone needs to sue Facebook for creating a hostile environment. Someone needs to sue customers for enabling it.

You users should feel shame for supporting such a travesty of decency.

John henry said...

I see road geek beat me to it.

Still, it bears reinforcing

John Henry

Heartless Aztec said...

My nom de plume

J2 said...

Burn the witch.

buwaya said...

Lovecraft has shown the way indeed, in his documentary work "At the Mountains of Madness", which is only slightly amended from the original testimony, to obscure identities.

When one knows what to look for, all is clear. Again, the birds, or specifically the penguins.

"The shock of recognizing that monstrous slime and headlessness had frozen us into mute, motionless statues, and it is only through later conversations that we have learned of the complete identity of our thoughts at that moment. It seemed aeons that we stood there, but actually it could not have been more than ten or fifteen seconds. That hateful, pallid mist curled forward as if veritably driven by some remoter advancing bulk—and then came a sound which upset much of what we had just decided, and in so doing broke the spell and enabled us to run like mad past squawking, confused penguins over our former trail back to the city, along ice-sunken megalithic corridors to the great open circle, and up that archaic spiral ramp in a frenzied, automatic plunge for the sane outer air and light of day."

Precisely. Penguins.

rcocean said...

The man in overalls is the average Facebook user caught between his urge to parrot the party line and go crazy sceech some extremist rhetoric like a cockatoos.

rcocean said...

Nobody in my family belongs to facebook. We roam the internet, and don't let ourselves be caged and farmed by the man in overalls.

Birches said...

Althouse gets posted a lot in my political talk fb group...

buwaya said...

The man in overalls, you will note, is distinctly microcephalic, his face obscured, and that small figure, which is not a child, thanks for small mercies, is turned away. That too is a mercy, not so small.

The cult, trivial as it is in the great scheme of things, as mankind itself is trivial, yet is worth some inquiry. It is through them we may discover the greater and more terrible truth. These wretches are all variously twisted, in body and mind.

"Then the men, having reached a spot where the trees were thinner, came suddenly in sight of the spectacle itself. Four of them reeled, one fainted, and two were shaken into a frantic cry which the mad cacophony of the orgy fortunately deadened. Legrasse dashed swamp water on the face of the fainting man, and all stood trembling and nearly hypnotised with horror.

In a natural glade of the swamp stood a grassy island of perhaps an acre's extent, clear of trees and tolerably dry. On this now leaped and twisted a more indescribable horde of human abnormality than any but a Sime or an Angarola could paint. Void of clothing, this hybrid spawn were braying, bellowing, and writhing about a monstrous ring-shaped bonfire"


narciso said...

Edwin black, this was before he wrote the expose about IBM and germany, had a novel where a bill gates type mogul, had some demonic scheme, the valley of Gehenna was referenced,

narciso said...

ah this was the one:

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

why is that a "man"?
why are the others "females"?
why is "he" above the "women/females"?
why is "he" hovering, God-like, bringing creation to the lower beings?
why are theydoing the servant work?

Wow. Just wow-- I'm like, literally shaking right now.

JLScott said...

If the man with the cockatoo is coming for you, you shouldn't have done the crime if you couldn't do the time.

If he isn't coming for you, I'd still keep an eye on those other birds, particularly the sparrow.

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Alex said...

Bullshit like this is why Apple & Microsoft(the old guard) will be around in 30 years while Facebook will be dead by then.

narciso said...

Charles stress's the laundry series, ties it and high order magic, as part of a security service countermeasure,

buwaya said...

" Los Angeles Based Journalist Reveals How he Permanently Cured Weak Erection & Quick Ejaculation 2 months after His wife Left Him "

"Secret, monstrous if one only knew"

You will note the obvious reference to "The Fungi from Yuggoth"

"I entered, charmed, and from a cobwebbed heap
Took up the nearest tome and thumbed it through,
Trembling at curious words that seemed to keep
Some secret, monstrous if one only knew.
Then, looking for some seller old in craft,
I could find nothing but a voice that laughed."

And etc. Quite obvious. Never reply to such things, as you never know whats on the other end. Some of us know, and suffer knowing.

Fernandinande said...

Birds walk around with their peckers sticking out.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

Is a large overalled man with a parrot and a cockatoo coming for me?

Anthony Vincenzo "Tony" Baretta (Robert Blake)
is an unorthodox plainclothes police detective (Badge #609) with the 53rd Precinct in an unnamed, fictional city. He resides in Apartment 2C of the run-down King Edward Hotel with Fred, his Triton sulphur-crested cockatoo

"Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow," the show's theme music

Marc said...

Private groups are good. Apart from them, family members. I don't have any problem with nonsense or propaganda since I went that route. Can look at 'nonsense' on Twitter when I have to.

Nichevo said...

I know who overalls guy is!. And so does Bruce Willis.

Mangalores won't fight without a leader.

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