June 22, 2018

At the Late Night Cafe...

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rehajm said...

Red Sox win with two touchdowns to the Mariners touchdown and field goal.

JML said...

Just watch the Krauthammer tribute on FOX. A great man indeed. RIP.

JML said...


Guildofcannonballs said...

Krauthammer was decent enough, not even close to a Buckley though. Dude wrote Mondale's 1984 speeches didn't he?

Or what did he do after sucking Mondale 's fascist tit?

Blame Trump for the world not evermore at his cock?

Support Bush? Fuck 'em (as I fucked myself for my support of the Bush I was old enough to vote for).

Space between the e and 's is Bezos $29.99 Fire fucking me.

I still look upon Mikey Barone as a shithead enabler, but Vic Hansen has really shown some true American colors, lime what cucks might have thought the Kraut conveyed through all those pretty witticims 100% wrong.

Again, I've told you, if the Left thought the Right was evil they would be offering their children as sacrifice for potential power, not slapping them around and laughing at the impotent old wankers carrying on.

Guildofcannonballs said...

shit I forgot tbis was altbouse:

what is the troll or are the trolls saying?



with confeve.

Michael K said...

I wonder where the fool was last night?

I guess Alexandria VA is too far from Madison.

Some body is going to get killed by these idiots,.

Guildofcannonballs said...

True Nazi discussion might involve the fears disordered life necessarily thrusts upon the order that one qctor fucked around with Cuba Gooding Jr.s mind in...

removi g illusions was the scene, but in what ir u.stance can I demember the movie'stitled name?

walter said...

Don't worry..we still have George Will..telling folks to vote Dem.

And Ann must be too embarrassed about her Senator to post about her spotlight dance that's gone national.

Guildofcannonballs said...

naeciso s loi al comnetnts best for oogleeyes a wandering e ordercordi g, staring s sry creps.

StephenFearby said...

There seems to have been 700,000 emails on the Weiner Laptop. The “entire file” of all Hillary Clinton emails from 2006 until 2016 according to the FBI's NY Office.

Sidney Powell, DC 7:52 PM 06/22/2018:

'According to the recently released inspector general report, on September 28 and 29, 2016 the New York office of the FBI immediately reported to the Washington headquarters its discovery of, first, 141,000 and then 350,000 emails on the laptop of Anthony Weiner — also known as “Carlos Danger,” a now-convicted sex offender. Mr. Weiner is the husband of Hillary Clinton’s inseparable aide Huma Abedin.

Now we know by October 4, the New York office had found 700,000 emails. The New York agents had seen and reported to FBI leadership they had seen email headers, all domain names, Mrs. Clinton’s initials on one sensitive but not classified document, and the missing BlackBerry backups.

The New York agents described it as the “entire file” of all Hillary Clinton emails from 2006 until 2016, including the BlackBerry messages that Comey himself had referred to as “the golden emails.”'

'...So what did the FBI do with this “explosive” “bomb” including the “golden emails” on the BlackBerry that everyone knew was missing from the production?

Nothing — at least nothing to obtain evidence.

There was a flurry of activity at Headquarters. Strzok-Page texts show that Strzok, McCabe and Priestap discussed the Weiner laptop among themselves shortly after the “bomb” dropped in the video conference that day. In fact, Priestap and Strzok were waiting outside McCabe’s office to discuss it while McCabe was with Comey. There were also two calls between Comey and McCabe that evening.

Does anyone really think they were not having their own “oh shit” moment?

The FBI case agent in New York sure had one.'

"...There are important conclusions from these facts in the inspector general’s report.

The Weiner laptop almost certainly contains the answers to the public’s questions about all things Clinton — her scandals, the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play, obstruction of justice and also possible espionage act violations.

The FBI’s claim to have reviewed all the relevant Clinton emails is obviously false.

The inspector general’s report belies the FBI’s claim to have left no stone unturned.

The Weiner laptop and content of all iCloud accounts must be immediately obtained and preserved by an independent counsel in whom the public can have confidence."


walter said...

"The FBI’s claim to have reviewed all the relevant Clinton emails is obviously false."
As I have posted repeatedly, that was CLEARLY a case of Super Sleuth Comey coordinating the most impressive and efficient data analyzing process we have never witnessed.

Guildofcannonballs said...


"LA replies:
Thank you very much for this. I don’t agree that the letter sounds stereotypically left-liberal in every way; after all, its strongest criticism of Reagan is that he is so naive as to think that “moderate” Arabs represent a hope for the Middle East.
The two main things we learn from the letter are that Krauthammer as of 1984 was a Democratic political journalist who opposed Reagan and planned to support either Mondale or Hart for the presidency, and that Krauthammer believed in “social justice.”

The first revelation, by itself, is no big deal; lots of people started out as liberals and became conservatives, and Krauthammer might have undergone such an evolution, though, as we know from his record, he has not.

The second revelation is more damning. “Social justice” is the cry, not of liberals, and certainly not of moderate liberals of the TNR persuasion, but of leftists. It is a communist-style phrase conveying some vague notion of total equality that no society on earth has ever realized.

It would be most interesting for someone to send the letter to Krauthammer and ask him: "

narciso said...

The problem was neocons forgot that military action is the final resort, before any others


Now,in the case of Iraq or even Afghanistan it's unlikely soft power would have yielded the necessary results,

narciso said...

In other news:


Guildofcannonballs said...

As Hemminvway told you, us writers, well, we bleed.

The o ly straight-up slam (injection i to vein with needle) I ever done is Althouse.

Too embarrassed to read what I've wrote, k owi g someantiJew or Gay orBlack or Tupac thrown in just for kicks, I always have to prepare mysslf I have literally gone psycho and am officially banned.

Ifigure out ways the banning who s I am an artist and very unique.

Then Igo bwck and I ai n't banned.

walter said...

Guildofcannonballs said...naeciso s loi al comnetnts best for oogleeyes a wandering e ordercordi g, staring s sry creps.
I couldn't agree more..or less.

narciso said...

There are parts of this story that don't ring true:


In the case of nassiri and storm, two other agents in al queda, they were older and had disreputable backgrounds, dean was a teenager who visits Bosnia and in due course meets ksm one of the most wanted men in the world

narciso said...

He traipses around Afghanistan and back to the uk, navigating between the two poles

narciso said...

Yet CBS won't apologize to atkinson:


Ralph L said...

So was it Huma's insurance policy or Carlos Danger's?

Yancey Ward said...

Did anyone see the Tom Arnold interview on CNN? I invite Chuck to give us his analysis of the clown show.

Achilles said...

Trump proposes sweeping overhaul of federal government

“If it’s cheese pizza, it’s FDA, but you put pepperoni on it and it becomes a USDA product. I mean, come on?” he said. “An open-faced roast beef sandwich is USDA, a closed-faced roast beef sandwich is FDA. Not making this up. You can’t make this kind of stuff up. This would only happen in the government.”


These guys are awesome.

I expect to see that in a speech in October.

Achilles said...

North Korean propaganda takes a turn

This deal has already been made.

Now we will hear how everyone in the world except Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

How long before China caves on trade?

Add in some ads with Angel Moms and featuring immigration as a central issue.

November is going to be glorious.

Gahrie said...

You know there is one thing that has always troubled me? The Mexican veneration of all things Aztec.

The Aztecs were the NAZIs of Meso-America. Imagine Germany with a swastika in the middle of their flag.

Josephbleau said...

When it is all they have Mexico must go with the Aztecs, human sacrifice and all,

Oso Negro said...

@Josephbleau - they also pretty much have California.

Andrew said...

I didn't like Obama, but one thing I miss about his administration: no children cried for a full eight years. Children were always silent or happy. But then Trump got elected, and all of a sudden, children started crying again. Sad.

Danno said...

Anal Marie Cocks has written a stupid story on her visit to Duluth, Mn to see the Trump rally. It is obvious she know nothing about Duluth being a Democrat stronghold, but having facilities large enough to accommodate a Trump rally for the larger Minnesota area, so she is disparaging Duluth. Idiot.

Danno said...

It is in the Rolling Stone.

rhhardin said...

It's a cloudy day and I need solar power for a contest coming up. At the moment I can generate 2 watts from 200 watts of solar panels. It varies up to 10 watts when thinner cloudage goes by. I need about 5 watts average to run the receiver and make up for the drain from short transmissions.