April 4, 2018

In Iran, "they kill you by ax," but in the U.S., "they kill you with cotton."

Said the YouTube suicide shooter, Nasim Aghdam. To "kill you with cotton" is supposedly an expression in Iran, meaning to kill with something that doesn't seem to be dangerous. I'm reading this in the NYT, in "Vegan Bodybuilder’: How YouTube Attacker, Nasim Aghdam, Went Viral in Iran."
In another video, she responded to viewers who had begun to wonder if she was mentally ill: “I don’t have any special mental or physical disease, but I live on a planet filled with disease, disorders, perversions and injustices.”...

“If you are superficial, you will think it is heaven here, that you can go naked outside and have sex left and right like other animals without any morality,” she said in one video in Persian. “But if you enter the system, you will see that it is worse than Iran,” she said. “Those who want to inform people against the system and big companies get censored.”


Char Char Binks said...

She was lead to her death.

john said...

That's the way I look when I dance. (And I don't mean the clothes.)

Breezy said...

Please let her victims will prevail.

gilbar said...

i know, a LOT of people here are now going to be talking about Cotton control,
and about how the National Cotton Council is responsible for these shootings,
well, I Just Want to SAY
You'll get my 100% Cotton T-shirt when you pry it off of my cold dead body!

Bay Area Guy said...

If Huma ever goes postal, it'd be like this crazy chick..,,,

PoNyman said...

If that embedded video is bizarre then each one of my kids is bananas.

gilbar said...

First they came for the Leisure suits, but i didn't speak out
because i don't wear polyester...
Then they came for the natural fibers, and there was no one left to speak for me

RichardJohnson said...

“But if you enter the system, you will see that it is worse than Iran,” she said“But if you enter the system, you will see that it is worse than Iran,” she said.

I am reminded of the father of a childhood friend, in conversing with my father, saying that the US was just as bad as the Soviet Union. That shocked me at the time, which is why I still remember it.

I don't know if he knew it at the time time, but during WW2 a future apparatchik who had married into one cousin's family back in the old country executed cousins on the other side of the family.

That makes me wonder if Nasim Aghdam had any family members in Iran whom the regime had imprisoned, tortured or killed.

cubanbob said...

Toxic feminine SJWism.

David Begley said...

As modern dance goes, not bizarre at all.

I can’t bear to read or listen about these shooting cases, but where was YouTube security? How did she get into the building?

walter said...

Cotton Violence!

MadisonMan said...

I think I understand why Iranian authorities didn't censor her channel.

Big Mike said...

That background for her photo -- I've always associated a six-pointed star with Judaism (the Mogen David).

Crimso said...

Reminded me of an interview back in the 80s of Walid Jumblatt. He said something to the effect of life in the US was harsh. Considering he lived in Lebanon at the time (which was one of the shittiest of shitholes then), the natural response was "WTF?" He went on to say that in Lebanon, when they killed you, you died quickly. But in the US, when they killed you, you died very slowly. That set me to thinking.

Francisco D said...

Let's stop talking about gun control and start talking about terrible gaps our mental health system.

This woman was seriously mentally ill, but her parents and the local officials had no recourse but to let her act out her psychotic fantasies.

There is something wrong with this (and MANY other) similar pictures.

Francisco D said...

I am really getting tired of Blogger.

Bad Lieutenant said...

How old was she? I wonder if she was a virgin. As Duterte might say, Such a waste.

Michael K said...

I guess she was Muslim after all.

I agree with Francisco D about mental illness but nothing will happen because this is an issue for the left.

Bad Lieutenant said...

But she has this uncanny valley thing going. It's like she's almost but not quite human. Remarkable body though.

gspencer said...

A coiled & alert rattlesnake; an inflated blow/puffer/fish; a cat with an arched spine and extended claws; a man with a boot on his head, a beach float around his waist, holding a long rifle.

Gary Larson’s famous How Nature Says “Do Not Touch”


Add Nasim’s photo,


YoungHegelian said...

If we could read Farsi, we could check out all the sites in Iran that I'm sure are now claiming that Nasim Aghdam was killed by the CIA for exposing the truth.

Gahrie said...

Once again, government failed to protect the people.

Kevin said...

“Let's stop talking about gun control and start talking about terrible gaps our mental health system.”

Joe and Mika would be the first rounded up.

Jon Ericson said...

David Begley:
Snuck in via the parking structure.

Michael K said...

"How old was she? I wonder if she was a virgin."

I think Sayyid Qutb was when he founded the Muslim Brotherhood after being outraged by 1950s Centennial Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the potential future shooters out there will be entranced by how much publicity this is getting for her.

Francisco D said...

Kevin said...
“Let's stop talking about gun control and start talking about terrible gaps our mental health system.”

"Joe and Mika would be the first rounded up."

I have never seen their show, but I don't think they present an imminent danger, unless we are talking about a danger to overly impressionable minds.

They seem to be idiots, but we learn to tolerate morons, like the usual suspects here.

Francisco D said...

openidname said ... :Once again, the potential future shooters out there will be entranced by how much publicity this is getting for her."


People who want to commit suicide out of anger love the idea of making a big splash.

traditionalguy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
traditionalguy said...

She became obsessed with broadcasting her own truth. She was off base in seeing meat eating as an evil act, but she was being paid for hits from the vegan niche watching her Youtubes, but suddenly the censorship roof fell on her a month ago, just as the same happened to hundreds of much bigger Youtube posters for the political crimes of truth telling. Chinese demanded the Social Media companies develop Internet Censorship tools China, and in a panic the Google guys brought them home to crush the Q expositor sites before they could be destroyed by them.

She was collateral damage who lost her precious business of telling truth and had her life's work hidden and destroyed.

Heck if the Iranian chick pull off her own Lexington and Concord.

JaimeRoberto said...

That video reminds me of Dieter on Sprockets. Und now ve dance.

Bad Lieutenant said...

Another not very logical reason why this makes me a little sad is because we have an intern, or rather what the French call a VIE, in our office, who is of Persian descent. She is a stone cold fox. I do assure you she smiles though. Hopefully she will not kill us.

bob sacamano said...

It's doubtful that the Germans have a word for this.

rcocean said...

Thanks to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi - crazy murderous foreigners or just those with TB or criminals can come to the USA illegally and never have to leave.

We're so blessed to be a "nation of immigrants".

glenn said...

If she really thought things in Iran are better she should have hopped in her Ox cart and gone there.

buwaya said...

YouTube hosts a vast number of creators, many of whom are more than a bit eccentric.
They have been heavy handed lately and should have expected blowback.
The most likely to start trouble are the edge cases.

Some quite respectable channels are even testing migrating to pornhub to avoid censorship problems, never mind being demonetized.

HoodlumDoodlum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HoodlumDoodlum said...

We need common sense social media reform. Now!
If crushing Big Media saves just one life...

Nonapod said...

Some quite respectable channels are even testing migrating to pornhub to avoid censorship problems, never mind being demonetized

On Reddit the other day a spokeswoman for pornhub said that they've been seriously thinking about creating a full on non-porn version of their service to compete directly with youtube for awhile now.

Robert Cook said...

I posted this on the other thread, but for those who didn't see it...here it is again.

Ingachuck'stoothlessARM said...

after watching her videos, are we really going to blame the gun again?
She had her military-grade crazy on full auto with a high-capacity mag.
Maybe we should ban THAT.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, its not hard for me to understand how YOUTUBE came to to "demonetize" this woman's crappy videos.

Bad Lieutenant said...

What do we say about a person who never smiles? Was this gone into in the resting bitch face thread? I mean it really seems to say something about her mental state.

Doctor Francisco, I hereby release you from your obligations not to comment on a patient's you haven't seen, because she's dead and so it doesn't matter. It's just hypothetical for our delectation. Inga, likewise, if you have anything to say about what you see, I'd be glad to hear it. Or anyone with relevant professional expertise.

I don't feel the same way about Hogg at Parkland, because his schtick is to be angry, The Angry Young Man, and that's how they're shooting him. He probably gets off that stage after being cheered and he's got a grin and a hard-on.

Or he should, otherwise he will end up like one of those schmendricks at the FBI. He's at best a moderately attractive, frankly scrawny 17 and he's a big deal. Take that, Mom and Dad! Take that, girl who jilted me! Take that, colleges that couldn't guess how special I would be one day! Take that, world! He would have a reason to hide it if he were of a naturally sunny disposition and a foolish grinning face.

By the way, I don't even think he had anything is sensible as trying to leverage his celebrity into admission to the colleges that rejected him before. I bet it was an ego trip and he was saying haha the schools didn't want me, I bet they want me now!

But the girl, she's doing what she loves, nobody is bothering her, she emphasizes that she does all the work alone with no help, she's got everything her own way. Then she's petting the pet or the animal is petting her, or she's exercising, she's showing off her magnificent body, everything she does is showing off, she's an exhibitor, an exhibitionist, I won't call her an attention whore, but she certainly puts herself out there in a controlled fashion of course.

The thing is, she has every reason to be happy, or even sad when for instance she's burying her pet bunny, but at all times, her face is a mask. I don't think it's RBF, it's an expression. A conscious one.

Is it a cultural thing? I don't think that Persian or Iranian or Azeri, whatever she is, women don't smile. But perhaps she comes from a high-class family where people don't smile for photos and emphasize their dignity . I believe in Europe they don't smile for photos either. (Aren't we being good not being racist?)

Did Mommy and Daddy not love her enough? Who were mommy and daddy? What was her home life and her family life like? She was 39 when she died. What did she do before that?

Is there a pop culture hook ? Sexual abuse or harassment, or incest, or political oppression?

And she seemed to do a poor job of the shooting. Ann Althouse could do better than wound three and then off herself. Were the tactical circumstances different? Gun jammed? Never trust a rimfire when it's life or death, that's why they still sell .25 ACP.

Did she not know to find a barrel full of fish, but just waded in and shot the first person she saw? Did she do any research or planning at all? Is it true she was using a .22 and that's why everybody survived, with the blessing? Where'd you get the weapon or weapons? What she have with her? How much did it cost and where did she get the money? When and where and with who did she learn how to use it?

How was the police and emergency response here? How much time elapsed? What was the timeline? Any cowards or near retirees? Building security?

Any video? You got to think that YouTube campus is larded with cameras.

the 4chan guy who reads Althouse said...

I've read a bit about Nasim Aghdam today, because it's never too early to see where the conspiracy theories are going. And there's all the shit about Muslims you would expect, which means there's shit about the Jews, too, which you'd also suspect. But it doesn't seem like people have their hearts in those; maybe they're too generic and shit now, like if you made a conspiracy out of connecting conspiracy words on little refrigerator magnets.

So I'm on 4chan, and of course there are Muslim and Jew conspiracies there, but there's another conspiracy theory that's trending real hard, and that is that Nasim Aghdam was a dude who became a chick.

There's a lot of analyzing of photos, comparing hip-to-shoulders proportions, finger lengths, and chick dance moves versus dude dance moves, and she does kinda dance like a dude, but maybe all Iranian chicks dance like dudes, which wouldn't prove that all Iranian women are transsexual, right?

Some of the evidence gets me thinking maybe she might really be a dude, but then in some of the evidence I think she's hot, so it's conflicting. And no nude photos have shown up yet that seem legit, just her face superimposed on naked chicks spreading their ass cheeks and showing their assholes, like normal.

But what if she WAS a dude who became a chick? Would that prove that women are capable of mass-murder shootings too, or would her shooting spree indicate that she was still a dude inside after all, because it's dudes who do the mass-shooting shit?

Which would then mean the whole transsexual-identity thing is bullshit, because even though she called herself a chick she still tried to shoot people like a dude, so she really didn't become a woman just by saying she was a woman, because women don't shoot shit up. But maybe it's just American women who don't shoot shit up, and Iranian chicks do; I don't know, I'm asking.

And if she was a chick who was originally a dude, would the media report that, or would they try to hide it so people don't hate on the dude-chicks? It seems like it would be hard to keep this hidden, but then the media does do shit like that, and if you think she's a chick who was a dude they'll just act like you're some crazy conspiracy asshole, rather than that they are lying piles of loose shit in a McDonald's toilet.

But I keep looking at her pictures, and sometimes I think she's a dude and sometimes I think she's hot. And she does kinda dance like a dude. But then maybe she is part of a conspiracy to make men question their sexual orientation, like MSNBC using Rachel Maddow. I bet Rachel Maddow dances like a dude, too.

Bay Area Guy said...

A good rule of life for young men: don't date liberal, crazy, Muslim, gun-toting, You-tubing women.

Danger portends........

William Chadwick said...

Just read a quote on the Classical Values blog that I feel moved to pass on to others. The quote is from William S. Burroughs. "After a shooting spree they always want to disarm the ones who didn't do it."

the 4chan guy who reads Althouse said...

I've been thinking about all of this a little more, and I think most straight guys don't hate on the chicks who are really dudes. I think the problem comes when she's sucked your cock and THEN you find out she's a dude who's a chick.

Because men think they should be able to tell when a chick is a chick and a dude is a dude. And if you couldn't tell the chick was a dude was it really that you couldn't tell, or was it that on some subconscious level you wanted to try a bit of the gay?

And what if the chick who is a dude gave you the best blow-job you ever had? What then? Like, you find some gorgeous chick and now she's your girlfriend, but in the back of your mind you can't help think that it's great when she's giving you a blow-job, but the blow-job from the chick who's a dude was better? Like you could ever tell her THAT, so now your relationship is built on a lie, which sucks.

But where I was going with this is, if Nasim Aghdam once sucked your cock, and now you see her on TV and go 'Hey! That's the chick who sucked my cock!', what would be worse: finding out that the chick who gave you the best blow-job you ever had was a psycho mass-murderer crazy bitch, or that she was really a dude? Because either way, you've got bad radar when it comes to chicks.

Sebastian said...

When do we start talking about psycho control?

R.J. Chatt said...

I haven't been following this "case" but reading over 4chan's comment reminded me of the fact that in Iran the government does collect gay males and subjects them to gender reassignment as a way to eliminate the problem of homosexuals. That might account for the rage and the control of emotions when talking to the police by Nasim and her parents. The police were warned about Nasim but when they investigated they were convinced that Nasim was not a threat.

Guildofcannonballs said...

NotquiteunBuckley said...
Crack just wants to line his pockets, profit, from American injustice.

See, this is what I mean by you're sick - in the head:

You'll consider any scenario - including I'm a raving racist instead of the artist some of you have known for years - any scenario, except the only one that matters:


Rand Paul has told you. The Republican leadership has told you. Everyone who isn't a white male - and even many of them - have told you.

I'm telling you - but I'm also working your last nerve (and spending my own time) to rush you there a little faster because, frankly, I think you can do it.

There, I said it.

2/19/14, 10:57 PM

Just rapin' Niggers is easier though.

That is why us Whites do it. So so often.


aditya kin said...

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walter said...

If only she had embraced Clog Life...

Etienne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hammond X. Gritzkofe said...

Watched some of her videos. Rabbit looked sad. Did the rabbit give informed consent to be held and fondled?

lgv said...

Is 4chan guy a new identity for Lazlo? If so, welcome back. I'm already enjoying the comments more again.

gilbar said...

but don't you miss the girl on the treadmill with the swishing ponytail hair?

rhhardin said...

Big Cotton the Great Satin.

Big Mike said...

@gilbar, just so she doesn’t have a Glock in her gym bag.

Kevin said...

I don't feel the same way about Hogg at Parkland, because his schtick is to be angry,

Hogg's fifteen minutes are up. I think he's going to be very surprised and even more angry when he figures it out.

Achilles said...

The polling will be out. Hogg’s little red guard act is +5% for Trump.

Almost as much of a boost as the “caravan” was. It is disbanded now.

All the leftists had to do was not be tyrannical but jobs who want to erase our country.

MadisonMan said...

My name is Yawn Yawnson, I come from Wisconsin
I work in the lumberyards dere

A much more interesting person that the delusional John Johnson upthread who is the worst troll ever. What a bunch of nonsense.

EDH said...

She reminds me of multiple comedic characters done by Andrea Martin.

tim in vermont said...

My name is John Johnson,
I come from Wisconsin
I make-a two dollars a day

My girlfriend’s name Ida,
I lay down beside her
She take my two dollars away.

Rhyme told my by an old guy from the U.P.

I like that John Johnson a lot better than the racist troll up thread.

Rick67 said...

I'm not sure what to think or feel about this. I worked with international students and scholars for 18 years (up until last year) and have many Iranian friends. Have learned a little Farsi. They are generally very warm, friendly, tender-hearted people. Which is hard to recognize sometimes because of tension between our governments. They sometimes have mixed opinions of their government and society.

tim in vermont said...

You can make of it that she had mental health issues.

Hagar said...

My name is Yon Yonsen,
I come from Wisconsin
to play in McNamara's baaand!

MadisonMan said...

I thought in America they killed you softly. With his song.

Hagar said...

A 40 year old unstable single woman, and "they" took away her only source of income.
No -ism here, just one of those things that happen with people.

William said...

She doesn't hide the crazy, but I wouldn't peg her for a mass murderer. Sinead O'Connor looks much crazier, but I don't think Sinead will shoot up the mall. I don't know if there are any useful lessons to be drawn from her case. She was one stinking pile of sui generis.

MikeR said...

Typical Trump supporter

tim in vermont said...

For your consideration:

My name is Yon Yonson
The Bard of Wisconsin
I make up short rhymes all day

When folks at the diner
groan at a two-liner
I say I’m Yon Yonson, who are they?

MadisonMan said...

The John Johnson Song for the people who haven't heard it.

zipity said...

Wow. I guess it was inevitable that a post on this lunatic would bring out the looneys in the comment thread.

I hope none of it sticks to me.

Carry on tinfoil hat brigade.

Curious George said...

she was in the danger zone.


tim in vermont said...

I think that “I say” was one “ay” rhyme to many, so here is my revised version.

My name is Yon Yonson
The Bard of Wisconsin
I make up short rhymes all day

When folks at the diner
groan at a two-liner
I grouse I’m Yon Yonson, who are they?

tim in vermont said...

I come here for the deep and insightful comments, heavily laden with facts, and trenchant analysis, like the one zipity left.

After you look up “trenchant” zipity, remember that I used it ironically.

tim in vermont said...

My comments are just heavily laden with commas.

Fernandistien said...

William said...
She doesn't hide the crazy, but I wouldn't peg her for a mass murderer.

The "mental illness" angle is trite. Psychology has approximately 0% predictive ability for these types of crimes, and California already has methods for family members and others to get restraining orders on people who they think *might* be dangerous.

Although kinda nutty, like at least 10% of California, she was obviously not psychotic because she was far too organized.
- Neighbors said the whole family was great.
- She went to a gun range that morning to practice with the gun.
- She spoke to cops who said was calm and rational.
- She had rational complaints against against youtube, involving money and censorship (had a slide with "300,000 views paid 10 cents!?"); she wasn't complaining that youtube was controlling her mind, or taking money from her bank account, etc.
- Although the content is bizarre, her videos are almost professionally produced, great lighting and sound.

tim in vermont said...

I would lay odds that zipity is a sock puppet of pitiful troll, and likely Moby, John Johnson.

And Frenandistien, there is a reason cliches get to be cliches.

Assrat said...

>A 40 year old unstable single woman, and "they" took away her only source of income.
No -ism here, just one of those things that happen with people.

Yeah, I do agree that sums it up.

A lot of YouTube content creators have been grumbling about changes. Where there's a thousand people grumbling, there's one nutcase.

This really is workplace violence.

tim in vermont said...

I am thinking of writing the Epic of John Johnson (Yon Yonson).

My name is John Johnson
I hail from Wisconsin
I even knew Bunyon’s ox Blue

I asked Paul if ‘all’
was as he was tall,
His nod and a wink said “t’is true.”

He needs some kind of quest, of course, and a nemesis.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

US worse that Iran. In some ways she's not wrong.

madAsHell said...

I watched the video.

It's got a good beat, and it's easy to dance to. I'll give a 45!

Unknown said...

> US worse that Iran. In some ways she's not wrong.

yes, the Iranian alternative to youtube is much more open to SJW.

tim in vermont said...

My name is John Johnson
Late of Wisconsin
I worked in a lumberyard there

I lost my love Ida
Though Mom couldn’t abider her
I still miss her lovely brown hair

My name is John Johnson
I was from Wisconsin
And often my thoughts run back home.

The poets still find me
as if to remind me
I’m “Yonson” wherever I roam.

My name is John Johnson
Adrift from Wisconsin
I’m now found out west picking grapes

I’ve been all around
and when I gain a few pounds
To Old Mexico I will traipse.

My name is John Johnson
I’m so far from Wisconsin
I crossed the border to seek a new life.

In a dive in Tijuana
I saw pretty Anna
And now Ida’s sister’s my wife”

OK, it’s more the ballad of John Johnson. Amazing that my OCD wouldn’t it rest until it found closure.

Daniel Jackson said...

Charlie Hebdo comes to California.

When it is okay to kill anyone, even white folk, shit happens.

wildswan said...

In ten years we'll know all the social media pathologies. Now we're learning them one by one. This woman seems to me to have behaved as if getting an image on social media or TV were an end in itself, not communication or persuasion or art of one kind or another. The image isn't her in any sense but a substitution, a designated persona taking her place. Then when the attention is switched off, it's hard to get persona back into simple person, her own self. Or maybe not possible. So, the persona goes over to the Youtube buildings and shoots real people. Because it isn't possible for her to say -- what a dope I've been.

Jon Ericson said...

Yet another in the Gay, Gay, Gay Way this formerly "NOT GAY" country has gone Gay, Gay, Gay.
And if you don't like it, drop your drawers, grab your ankles, bend over and BE GAY!

With a smile.