February 2, 2018

At the Photofree Cafe....

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WK said...

When I see some of the pictures of Adam Schiff I start to believe that maybe Andy Kaufman did fake his own death.

Unknown said...

Since there is no picture in this cafe you could go and watch the trailer for the upcoming Laslo movie.

Then come back here, of course.

Laslo Films presents "Jeremiah's Woods" Trailer.

Premiering at the Varsity Theatre in Seattle on February 15.

I'll be putting up a post on the james james blog this weekend on possibly emailing a few tickets to Althousians in the Seattle area who might want to attend.

I like to help out Laslo when I can, and Laslo loves the Althouse.

- james james

Tank said...

Whoa, Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America.

And you know who ... is not.

Another great day !

Achilles said...

We can always hope the decent leftists come to their senses before they get sucked into something they wish they didn't.

Things are moving forward faster than I thought they would.

Mr. Groovington said...

Are you guys excited about the Falcon Heavy launch on Tuesday? Deploy a cherry red Tesla into space, then land two returning boosters simultaneously on land and one on a drone ship? Man oh man, what a spectacle. Biggest engine thrust generated since Saturn V in 1973. For geek chat and live info check the SpaceX subreddit.

Lem said...

Its possible there was a mission creep (if you will) aspect to what went on at the FBI and the Justice Department. It may have started as a kind of harmless attempt to shield an admired person by well meaning people and slowly, overtime, checks and balances broke down.

Clearly, misrepresentations have been made under oath.

Mr. Groovington said...

“Things are moving forward faster than I thought they would”


Bruce Gee said...

My wife and I just finished watching GROUNDHOG DAY for the first time in years, after having seen it maybe 20 times. A delightful movie still.

Next: PRINCESS BRIDE. Then my all time favorite CANNERY ROW. I might even take another look at MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE, BUCKAROO BONZAI, the first BLADE RUNNER, and maybe A PRIVATE FUNCTION, the funniest English movie I’ve ever seen.

These are all movies my kids and wife and I watched over and over, back in the kid raising day.

Lem said...

You know, maybe these people really bought into their propaganda, "we are the ones we've been waiting for" they were high on their own supply.

Is it remotely possible to see what I would like to see?... for one of the principals to do a John Dean conversion and have a come to Jesus moment (if you will) for all to see. Aside from the deserving going to jail, of course.

If this is worse than Watergate... wouldn't anything less feel... fill in the blank.

Lem said...

"These are all movies my kids and wife and I watched over and over, back in the kid raising day."

Ours was The Good The Bad and the Ugly.

Lem said...

In order for the abuse narrative to take over the imagination of the would be John Dean, the would be John Dean would have to mean it when he/she says the "integrity of the FBI" is at stake in this saga.

I don't think anybody in this bunch really gives a hoot about the integrity of the FBI, beyond lip service.

Kathryn51 said...

Movies we watched over and over again with kids (well, "tweens"): "North by Northwest" and "Vertigo". And "Ghostbusters".

Bay Area Guy said...

I'm exhausted from politics. Can't we talk about football or Stormy Daniels or my wife's tuna casserole?

Big Mike said...

@Bay Area Guy, we’ve had too much Stormy Daniels already.

Or should that be “two much”?

So who do you like in Sunday’s game? I admit to liking the Patriots. Their defense believes that if they can keep it close, like three or four touchdowns, Tom Brady will find a way to win. The O line believes that if the team is behind, but they can hold their blocks a quarter second longer in the fourth quarter, Brady will complete the big pass. Eagles don’t have that — not yet!— with Foles.

Oso Negro said...

If Chuck and Inga will agree to setup a spinoff blog, I will be happy to write a check for their web hosting fees.

Michael K said...

"These are all movies my kids and wife and I watched over and over, back in the kid raising day."

We watched "Clueless" tonight. My wife had never seen it.

Churchy LaFemme: said...

People named "Sarah" and "Brian" think Chickenpox is normal and common, and people named "Logan" and "Harper" do not

William said...

I saw the new, not improved Blade Runner. The special effects were pretty good, but mostly it was a shaggy dog story......The plot subverts the existential question that all blade runners face. The blade runner has a thing for his pet hologram. See the problem. Maybe an android would not aspire to become more human. Maybe an android if left to his own devices would aspire to become more like a computer program and escape this sullied flesh. Maybe the next step in his evolution is not a fully resalized human form but rather a hologram.

Ty said...

I also just finished my annual viewing of Groundhog Day. What a wonderful film.

Just about to start my favorite sleeper sci-fi movie "Edge of Tomorrow". Some might protest, "But I hate Tom Cruise". Worry not, you get to watch him die a lot.

Yancey Ward said...

Going to rescue two of my comments from the soon-to-be 1000 comment thread:

refuse to go through 900 comments, but I want to clear up a misunderstanding that seems rampant on both sides, and it is this- the belief that all the surveillance of Page happened after October 21, 2016. It doesn't work like this any longer. Sure, Page would have been monitored intensely given the nature of the warrant after this point in time, but it also allows the FBI to look backward through any contacts Page had that are stored by the NSA. And all those contacts who are American citizens are supposed to be masked since the warrant doesn't cover them. That is where the epic increase in distributions and unmaskings comes in that appears to have occurred after the election, connected to direct changes in policy initiated by Barack Obama himself. Congress has been trying to get the details on all of that activity, too, but is again running into stonewalling by the DoJ, the FBI, and likely the other agencies involved, too. This is a long-term investigation, and this information will eventually be revealed, too.

By all accounts, Carter Page (and Papadopolous, too) were extremely fringe players, even before October or even July of 2016. They probably had minimal contact with the inner circle of the Trump Campaign, but all those contacts could be legally searched after October 21st, 2016, though I still think we will eventually learn that the Obama DoJ and FBI didn't let the lack of a warrant stop them from trolling through the NSA database without one. They only started getting them near the end of the election, probably when they realized there was some non-zero chance Trump might actually win the fucking election, so they decided they might want to put a slap-dash legal facade over what they had been doing.


Before signing off tonight- I will make predictions about where we are going here. The next set of information that the Congressional Committees are going to ask for is what was done with the Page information, and I don't think the FBI and the DoJ can stonewall this any longer- Wray and Rosenstein will be forced to comply with contempt threats. The requests for the texts and e-mails of many agents at the FBI and the DoJ have already been issued. Do you really think Strzok/Page is the worst of it? I seriously doubt it.

Yancey Ward said...


I loved both of those movies. Edge of Tomorrow surprised me greatly the first time I watched it- I expected it to be horrid, but it was really good and well done.

Yancey Ward said...

I still think we will eventually learn this- that the Steele Dossier was built on FISA abuses within the Obama Administration- things like travel schedules were dug up with queries to the NSA, the travel details were then given to someone at Fusion GPS, and a narrative was constructed around them. This is why you see things like a Michael Cohen went to Prague and the added narrative is he met so and so. This is why you will eventually see the committees ask for a list of all the queries received by the NSA- the nature of the query, the dates, and who requested them. Add in the names of requrested the data along with the unmasking, you will likely be able to piece together what actually happened.

And, I will point once more- James Comey called the dossier salacious and unverified in June of 2017- he described it this way after he signed off on FISA applications that used it as the centerpiece three times. I bet the FISA applications didn't call it salacious and unverified. He basically lied in 2017- unlikely- or he lied on the applications- very likely now.

etienne said...

Leon Panetta (Democrat from California) said that the memo release was a "political effort".

Worse, he said that "this sends a terrible message to our allies who are going to worry about sharing classified information".

He seems unconcerned that the FBI tried to mislead and purposefully deceive a federal court. That the American public should not see this abuse of power, and that secrecy is more important than the Constitution.

Panetta favors secrecy over freedom. How did we dig this hole, and how do we fill it back in.

I don't see it as a "political effort" I see it as a crime. I think someone needs to go to prison, and right now Panetta is leading my list.

Trumpit said...

The Trump stock market bubble has finally burst. We're headed for the Trump recession. Trump's done nothing to help the economy or the working class. He's a fraud and a charlatan. Nothing but smoke and mirrors. There is no hope for universal health care with him, or the GOP in power.


Yancey Ward said...

Let me guess- the stock market fell on Friday and will never recover. Can't remember who wrote that.

buwaya said...

The one boy insisted on watching "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" 50+ times, probably. Did not cause lasting damage.
Its not a bad show really, and way more complex than one would think for a kids feature.

Trumpit said...

Johnny Mathis - In Wisconsin


I came across this song by accident.

walter said...

Bruce Gee said...My wife and I just finished watching GROUNDHOG DAY for the first time in years, after having seen it maybe 20 times
Apropos for that movie..hopefully same day of week, same time.

I have no doubt your own experience involves much smoke and mirrors.

Humperdink said...

Two great movies I could watch anytime - Second Hand Lions and Amazing Grace.

Humperdink said...

Looking forward to the Trump administration surveilling Dem senate candidates this coming election season, with the full support of the media and other assorted lefties.

Anonymous said...

"a kind of harmless attempt to shield an admired person"
You misspelled "obstruction of justice" there.

MadisonMan said...

So the title of this was at the bottom of the screen on my laptop, and of course I scrolled down wondering I wonder what the picture that is photofree shows?