May 15, 2017

Water lilies, early stage.


Open thread in the comments.

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LordSomber said...

Shades of the Friesland flag.

Lyle Sanford, RMT said...


Owen said...

I had been meaning to leave some compliments. Your pics of flowers are quite stunning. Thanks!

Dave from Minnesota said...

Whitehall Wisconsin native Callista Gingrich is Trumps pick for Vatican ambassador. Its a long way for a Trempealeau county Polish Catholic to reach the Vatican.

Sydney said...

That is a beautiful photo. Thought it was a painting at first. You have some wonderful garden spots up their in Madison.

Big Mike said...

The pond must be deeper than it looks right there for those brightly-colored fish to have escaped the attention of egrets and herons. Back in the day I made the wife a lily pond using a prefab fiberglass liner. Only the most drably-colored fish survived. (BTW, regulations restrict a pond to less than 18" deep, otherwise it becomes a swimming pool and subject to all sorts of rules about fences, etc. And 18" is very wade-able for a heron. )

mockturtle said...

Lovely photo, Ann! :-)

Fernandinande said...

Baizuo = Libtard

"The curious rise of the ‘white left’ as a Chinese internet insult"

So what does ‘white left’ mean in the Chinese context, and what’s behind the rise of its (negative) popularity?

The question has received more than 400 answers from Zhihu users, which include some of the most representative perceptions of the 'white left'. Although the emphasis varies, baizuo is used generally to describe those who “only care about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment” and “have no sense of real problems in the real world”;

they are hypocritical humanitarians who advocate for peace and equality only to “satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority”;

they are “obsessed with political correctness” to the extent that they “tolerate backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism”;

they believe in the welfare state that “benefits only the idle and the free riders”;

they are the “ignorant and arrogant westerners” who “pity the rest of the world and think they are saviours”.

rehajm said...

I didn't see the rise of Therapy TV coming.

Rusty said...

And this;
Gander Mtn is going out of business.

David Baker said...

This year's Miss America; best in show.

David said...

It would have been a lot easier and less expensive to find someone who would print the shirts.

David said...

"Gander Mtn is going out of business."

Despite the big cash subsidy and tax breaks that South Carolina gave them to build a store in the state.

Big Mike said...

@Rusty, the local store was always busy. It was packed last weekend but the discounts weren't very much so I left the store. I'll wait and see if stuff goes down further.

Earnest Prole said...


David Baker said...

It sounds like the left may be closing in on their this-is-the-last-straw-!. I'm even hearing serious-sounding talk about impeachment. Although Dershowitz keeps coming in to shoot that albatross down. Still, Larry Try (Tribe) thinks he's got the case.

Meanwhile, I don't believe they're anywhere near the last straw. For that they'll have to crawl up Trump's sleeve.

Paco Wové said...

Baizuo = Libtard

Original paper here. Worth the read. Comments entertaining as well.

rhhardin said...

W1AW's code practice signal is incredibly weak today, but the band seems to be okay.

You'd think they'd be able to keep the station on the air, with all the ham technical articles they publish. Maybe the antenna fell over.

I timed things to that the bike ride back from the store would coincide with the 4pm 35wpm practice, but only tiny bits of dots and dashes could be heard in the noise. And just now the "slow-code" 7pm session was likewise barely audible at home.

If the antenna is up, they're putting out less than one watt instead of the usual kilowatt.

madAsHell said...

The WaPo is reporting that Trump shared classified info with the Russians.

The circle around Hillary must be tightening.

Angel-Dyne said...

Paco to Fernandinande:

"Baizuo = Libtard"

Original paper here. Worth the read. Comments entertaining as well.

My multicultural enrichment for the day. Thanks guys.

The comments are indeed interesting. A mix of baizuo deep denial, and...well, just read them.

Angel-Dyne said...

Btw, beautiful photo.

Rusty said...

Blogger Big Mike said...
"@Rusty, the local store was always busy. It was packed last weekend but the discounts weren't very much so I left the store. I'll wait and see if stuff goes down further."

Yeah, but I had a gift card I had to use.
It was funny. In the fishing department they were all out of musky lures. , but fine on everything else.
I got my eye on a crossbow , 15% isn't doing it for me.

Virtually Unknown said...

Gander Mtn is going out of business

Sigh... another victim of Amazon. I went Christmas shopping with my wife downtown last December and the guy running a store remarked that this was the first day he had any real foot traffic. My wife remarked that it was because the day before was the last day you were guaranteed delivery by Christmas shopping on-line.

Virtually Unknown said...

A lot of deleted comments under that "White Left" article, probably a lot of banning too. Shocking :^O

David Baker said...

So, I'm trying to figure out exactly where this classified-leak-to-the-Russians thing fits into the scheme of things. Like where does it rank in the list of Trump offenses:

1. The Very Last Straw
2. The Last Straw
3. Impeachable
4. Absolutely Outrageous
5. He's Insane
6. Beyond Words
7. Hitler
8. 1, 3, 7
9. 2, 3, 4
10. 5, 3, 1

Virtually Unknown said...

Scott Adams take on ARM type arguments about climate.