April 21, 2017

"The trustees of Columbia wrote a $2.5 million check to the faculty and said, 'Figure this out. What's going on with sex and the sex lives of students?'"

"My life over the past two years has been thinking about college students and sex, and it's both really boring and really disturbing in sort of twin ways."


fivewheels said...

"My life over the past two years has been thinking about college students and sex"

Or Bill Clinton's life for the last 17 years. Except for when he's thinking about high school students.

madAsHell said...

School boy: "Pssst.....Buddy there's a dickfer on your shoulder!!
Columbia grad: "What's a dickfer?"

Michael K said...

This is disturbing and sickening at the same time.

This is, in my opinion, the last sting of the feminism dying adder.

Apparently Catherine MacKinnon still has a job.

Her bio says she had a "relationship" with Jeffrey Masson.

I guess we could blame him for the bad sex that set her off.

The colleges need to either assume "In loco parentis" again or shut the fuck up. Let the police handle this.

Matt Sablan said...

I hope that Columbia responds with: "Thank you for your donation. We asked the students your question; their answer was unanimous: 'None of your business.'"

Earnest Prole said...

Everything one needs to know about the sex lives of students at Columbia University can be gleaned from Mattress Girl Emma Sulkowicz’ video, Ceci n'est pas un viol.

Laslo Spatula said...

"Khan said his work on the project has included "interviewing 150 students about how they have sex..."

Let me guess.

Of the 150 students over fifty will be Gay.

At least another eight-to-ten will be Transgender.

Then there will be twenty white heterosexual vanilla males where their interviews show how close all of their sexual activities are to Rape.

And at least twenty women will lie about anal sex.

I am Laslo.

traditionalguy said...

No wonder they hate monogamous Marriage. That one simple proven solution would end billions of dollars in pretended studies of why sin has could possibly bad result.

n.n said...

Friendship with "benefits" or polygamy without commitment... and Planned Parenthood to prevent and abort mistakes.

They need to teach religious/moral philosophy and biology, and remove the 50 shades of dysfunction from the curriculum.

n.n said...

And end the war on women on men on women on babies that has been a loser for both sexes, the People, and our Posterity.

Quayle said...

What I've learned with this study is that it is all about power. Raw power, and nothing but naked power.

They offered me $2.5M to do this study, and I was powerless to say no.

Those bastards!

khesanh0802 said...

This would be really interesting if one felt he could trust the researchers to report unfiltered information. There has been so much idiocy surrounding this topic that a few facts might come in handy. 150 seems like a small sample in a undergraduate population of 4,000 or so.

Chuck said...

Reason number #257, that I am glad that Lee Bollinger left Michigan and went to Columbia.

If they were going to do a college sex study, why Columbia? They should have given the money to Florida State.

As college sex study at Columbia is like a college football study at Columbia.

Fernandinande said...

Didn't Harvard used to have naked pictures of all the incoming freshmen?

Fernandinande said...

Why yes, yes they did.

"The Ivy League nude posture photos were taken in the 1940s through the 1970s of all incoming freshmen at certain Ivy League and Seven Sisters colleges (as well as Swarthmore), ostensibly to gauge the rate and severity of rickets, scoliosis, and lordosis in the population."

"Lordosis", yeah, that's the ticket.

The Godfather said...

When I was there (1965-68) the rumor was that one of the fraternities had an 18-year-old house mother. They ought to look into that. Maybe her granddaughter has the job today -- or her grandson.

Sam L. said...

I sure hope they find and then admit that "one in four coeds will be raped" is totally bo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-gus.

chuck said...

"interviewing 150 students about how they have sex, ..."

Used to be, with one foot on the floor.

chuck said...

@ The Godfather

I was also at Columbia 1965-1968.

BudBrown said...
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MaxedOutMama said...

Well, unless there is video it's all hearsay, isn't it?

I read the article, and it sounds weirder than heck and rather disturbingly voyeuristic:
designing an app and having students check in every day about their mood, socialization, sexual practices.

Camille Paglia's comments spring to mind. It might be better to live it to the students. If one simply gave the 2.5 million to them, I'm sure they could have some great parties.

MaxedOutMama said...

RE: Nude Ivy League freshman(women) photos: I am proud to report that my mother fought them off at Barnard by sheer force of will. She would not do it. They told her she was the only one, but eventually gave up. She said everyone tried to force her to do it, and they threatened her with expulsion.