April 21, 2017

At the I-Took-Notes Café...


... I took note.

(Maybe you need to buy a notebook and a fountain pen. If so, please use my Amazon portal.)


HoodlumDoodlum said...

The picture made me think of:

Wiki: Crossed letter

Letter writing in Jane Austen's time

traditionalguy said...

The back of office size envelopes was my favorite for notes. It slipped easily into an inner coat pocket. But a fountain pen was beyond my ability to handle. It seemed like a pipe that always was needing service and left behind a mess.

Now adays my son and others talk into the iphone and it prints notes, stores and emails them with attachments all while I sit there wondering what just happened. I wonder if I should buy him a fountain pen...nawh.

Nonapod said...

Apparently there's a whole world of super high end fountain pens I was unaware of. $1,350 for a pen seems a tad steep though.

HoodlumDoodlum said...

Nonapod said...Apparently there's a whole world of super high end fountain pens I was unaware of. $1,350 for a pen seems a tad steep though.

Me this weekend: Atlanta Pen Show 2017.
You're jealous, I can tell.

buwaya said...

This is art, isn't it?
I can tell. Sometimes.

buwaya said...

My wife collects fountain pens.
Among other things.
One of several reasons we need to move into Hearst Castle.

rehajm said...

This book says you should have a pen like the Zebra 402 for your clandestine missions in dangerous places.

Wilbur said...

Pens are like watches to me. If I need to write something there's usually a pen or pencil everywhere.

If I'm somehow somewhere without a clock, I'll ask someone who has a watch.

traditionalguy said...


And someday you will find your kids don't want any of your old stuff. They only want modern looking stuff... like the Murdoch Trust Fund sons.

traditionalguy said...

ALERT: Trump says he will release taxes next week. Oops, it's not his old taxes but our new taxes.

David Baker said...

Repost, carried over to suggest the Althouse/Amazon portal:


Meade said... "Or do what we do and watch the French Revolution with Professor Suzanne M. Desan."

Listen, I know all about the French Revolution. Saw it on Broadway, the highbrow version; Les Miserable (sic).

Now I can hardly wait for the remake due out on May 7th; Viva Le Pen.

David Baker said...


Well, it's back to square one for me.

Titus said...

Ayalew is my uber driver's name. What kind of name is that?

traditionalguy said...
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traditionalguy said...

As I recall, Caitlyn is a Trump supporter.

Give Mr Tucker a chance . He uses more debate chops than O'Reilly ever used. Watching Tucker interview a guest is like watching real College Wrestler pin an opponent, compared to O'Reilly's doing his WWF fake wrestler show complete with fake holds.

rhhardin said...

My best work was done on paper napkins in ballpoint.

traditionalguy said...

Trump's Twitter is running a Video now on Aya Hijazi's return from Egypt. It has a the Lee Greenwood song "Proud to be an American where at least I am free." playing, with smiling pics of the returnees being welcomed in the Oval Office under Portraits of Washington, Jefferson, et al.

That song was the theme for the return celebrations of the 82nd Airborne Troopers from Iraq in April 1991. That sort of stuff has a profound effect on Americans that cannot be erased.

There is no way the Globalist Cabal will ever defeat Trump. It's all for them over.

rehajm said...

Ayalew is my uber driver's name. What kind of name is that?

An Uber name! My last 6 Uber drivers: Achraf, Bereket, Akalu, Ibrahim, Mostafa, Bernard. Not sure how Bernard wrangled in there...

William said...

In today's NY Post, there's an article featuring backstage gossip about the filming of The Graduate. On his first day on the set, Dustin Hoffman pinched Katherine Ross on the ass. She got mad and told him off. There was, however, no lawsuit or threats of dismissal for Dustin.......But it's not too late. Under the Warren-Madonna Bill of Attainder for Sexual Harassment and Racism, it is now possible to sue offenders or their fifth generation descendants for racial or sexual crimes. I hope Ms. Ross initiates action against Hoffman and that he never makes another movie. Only in such a way can the healing begin.

William said...

Is there some coded message to those notes? Maybe the message is that you have excellent penmanship and an expensive pen and that coherent thoughts would only distract from the purity of the status markers.

AllenS said...

William, did you know that Katherine Ross' daughter, Cleo stabbed mom with a scissors?

Ann Althouse said...

I was using writing words to concentrate on listening to an audiobook. I just wrote words as I heard them.

David Baker said...

"Give Mr Tucker a chance."

Hey, I like Tucker! Especially after he ditched the bow-tie.

Still, after 20 years of O'Reilly, it takes some readjustment. Funny thing, too, I rarely watched more than the first and last ten minutes of his show. If that. Because The O'Reilly Factor eventually became a parade of his-lessers and in-house supplicants. Not to mention women looking to bait and sue him.

No, I believe Tucker will be fine, and very watchable. But I'll skip the Caitlyn business, just like I skip the Gypsies from the House of Kardasian.

Finally, Carlson strikes me as the genuine article, a man who can be trusted.

Hagar said...

The little of "Tucker Carson Tonight!" I have watched, he has had just complete loonies for guests and "debating" them is like shooting fish in a barrel besides serving no purpose.
O'Reilly could be hard to take sometimes, but he generally was a very good showman and often had guests worth listening to.

Michael K said...

Wow! Katharine Ross is 77! Time flies.

Sam Elliot is only 73.

Anonymous said...

Looks like intralysergic screed

FleetUSA said...

The mark of an independent mind: the word "trump" never appeared.

David Baker said...

From the annals of a handwriting expert:

Basic trait inventory based on the café note above; Ann Althouse:
Exceptional memory; strong attention to detail; need for order
(everything in its place); loyal (at times to a fault); thrifty;
dependable; methodical; highly analytical; tenacious, independent
thinker; reticent.

Interesting: Reticence may seem a contradiction, as in a non-talker,
but here it concerns a reluctance to freely associate or discuss
matters the writer simply considers personal. "Reticent" individuals
are often quite talkative, but without revealing very much about
themselves. This trait - again, based on the note above - is impacted
by an inclination to be thrifty, which also applies to one's
thinking, equaling mental efficiency.

Individuals with exceptional memories are natural learners, and
excellent test-takers. Usually, a single exposure to a set of facts or
complex information/ideas is enough for a high degree of intellectual
retention. No need to "cram," the course material has already
registered and is readily available when needed.

Loyalty, while obviously an admirable and desirable trait, may, at
times, cause one to become a bit quirky or mildly eccentric in at
least one notable aspect: Because of its global nature, individuals
who are highly loyal - as in the sample above - tend to save objects
past their "due date." It's not just loyalty to people and ideas, but
also to things.

Finally, the writing shows all the mental processes necessary for
what would be considered a superior mind: quick perception; strong
analytical skill; methodical thinking; and investigative ability.
What I call the “Four Horsemen of The Mind,” suggesting possible
“MENSA” material.

That’s Ann Althouse in shorthand, and pretty impressive, too!