April 9, 2017

"Thank you, Scott!"

From last night's "Saturday Night Live."

This would be funnier in Wisconsin if they'd chosen another name for the guy.

I try to augment this post by finding video of the "Thank you" chant from the 2011 Wisconsin protests. It wasn't a thank you to Governor Scott Walker, but a thank you to the 14 Democratic state senators who fled to Illinois and holed up in a motel. The so-called "fleebaggers" had, for a time, blocked a vote on a bill supported by the newly elected GOP majority. In the end the fleebaggers returned, and the bill was passed. But I remember the big rally celebrating them, and the chant was "Thank you, thank you."

I tried to Google to find video of that...

Did you mean: wisconsin flea badgers thank you

I love that. I love misreadings.

And I love an unexpected appearance by the Wisconsin Badgers.

And fleas. On a political post. That makes this one of the rare occasions when I get to use the old "insect politics" tag.


Jake said...

It would be funnier if it was funny.

Darrell said...

I'm pretty sure Louis C.K. just reached for another bag of dicks.

Humperdink said...

Blowhard Jim Cramer as Scott?

Birkel said...

Governor Walker was my preferred presidential candidate because he seemed to understand the Deep State. He seems to have done quite well.

Bay Area Guy said...

By choosing to flee, rather than vote, the Dem flee-baggers of Wisconsin may have incrementally helped move the State from blue to red just in time to help Trump win. So I will say Thank You.

caplight45 said...

And who could forget the heady days of the occupation of the capitol building, filling the rotunda with chants of, "Whose house? Our house!" Oh, and those glorious lunch hour union rallies on the square, the statue of Col. Hans Christian Heg draped with some protest slogan, as we sang and sang the hymns of the poor downtrodden state unionistas. Good times.

sinz52 said...

I think Althouse conflated two Scotts unnecessarily.

The SNL video wasn't about Scott Walker.

It was about Louis Scott, who has become famous (infamous) for political "activism" that consists mostly of tweets while he sits on the toilet.

JAORE said...

Cute concept. Like so many of SNL bits it lasted a little too long.

"Resist we much"
- Rev.Al

jaydub said...

This bit validates the wisdom of my decision to give up SNL twenty years ago.

3rdGradePB_GoodPerson said...

"It was about Louis Scott, who has become famous (infamous) for political "activism" that consists mostly of tweets while he sits on the toilet."

It could be referring to Scott the commenter here, w/ the broccoli avatar.

BTW, you golden years folks should eat broccoli sprouts.

You're welcome.

3rdGradePB_GoodPerson said...


John said...

Bay Area Guy,

You beat me to it. I agree that the anti-Walker stuff was the beginning of the movement that elected President Trump. They not only gave us President Trump but also 2 credible liberal candidates (Paul and Cruz) and presented loser Hilary as the face of the Demmies with all opposition torn down.

Seems like pretty much everything the special snowflakes touched pushed the country in that direction: Occupy Wall Street, Chick-Fil-A, Memories Pizza, lots of other demos and pissing and moaning.

I've said numerous times that I could never decide whether President Obama was a boneheaded incompetent or a sleeper agent to put us back on the road to liberalism. In the past couple years, I've decided that he was probably a sleeper agent whose aim was to destroy faith in big, centralized, government and to show the error of its ways.

I've also wondered about the SJW movement. I think most of the people out on the streets are sincere, if batshit crazy, but in my more conspiratorial moments I wonder if they are being sponsored, organized and egged on by some shadowy anti-globalist movement.

Standing up and shouting, over and over again that globalism is not good for us has never gotten any traction. Suppose some folks decided to show us that it is not good for us? What better way than what the SJW movement is doing?

What better way to prove that govt medicine is a bad idea than getting it implemented and showing us just how bad an idea it is.

Maybe I need Ann's sleep coaches. These thoughts sometimes keep me awake at night.

John Henry

dbp said...

Thanks Althouse! SNL is mostly dreck now, so I appreciate taking a look when they do something solidly funny. Fine as the SNL bit was, Google coming up with flea badgers is sublime.

walter said...

The Gals from Rockford's Tilted Kilt probably had a similar chorus.
There were some cheeky and cheesy videos by Rockford's department of tourism .

Ann Althouse said...

"I think Althouse conflated two Scotts unnecessarily. The SNL video wasn't about Scott Walker."

Yikes. You are misreading the post! I would have sledgehammered a bit if I'd thought this interpretation was even possible.

I like the clip, which OF COURSE isn't about Scott Walker. But it chose a NAME to use for the ordinary guy who uses a computer. The name happened to be SCOTT. Since in Wisconsin that name is fraught with political meaning, the skit would have worked better if they'd happened to pick a more neutral name to express ordinariness.

Ann Althouse said...

If something I've written seems wrong, look closely. I might not be saying the thing you're thinking about. I'm pretty terse and often even elliptical. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the concision.

walter said...

Maybe Scot..with one t.
This post reminds me of Walker referring to himself as "aggressively normal" in 1st debate.

Anonymous said...

Another funny SNL skit from last night, IMO.

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