May 20, 2016

Ludicrous headline at The Hill: "Clinton fury with Sanders grows."

"Fury against Bernie Sanders is growing in Clinton World."

What kind of news is that? Clinton and her people don't like that Bernie Sanders won't just leave.
“This is the worst-case scenario and the one people feared the most,” said one Clinton ally and former Clinton aide.  “Unfortunately, he’s choosing the path of burning down the house.... He continues with character attacks against Hillary. He continues with calling the Democratic Party corrupt, and he not only risks damaging Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party but he's currently doing it." 
It seems to me that running material like this as if it were news of some kind is just embarrassing evidence that the media really, really want to help Hillary.

Beyond that, it makes Hillary seem so ineffectual, like she's stamping her foot and fuming you make me so, so angry.


Comanche Voter said...

So poor old Hillary is feeling the "Bern" on her backside. So what? Cry me a river Hillary.

YoungHegelian said...

"What? You think the voters ought to have choices? What sort of asshole are you? You think this is a democracy or sumthin'?"

Say what you want about what an ogre Trump you think is, or the 17 candidate Republican clown car, but one thing the Republican primaries most definitely were, they were grass roots democracy in action. In spirit & in fact.

Big Mike said...

In January 2017 I can picture a crazy bag lady outside the White House fence stamping her foot and demanding to be let into her rightful place behind the Resolute desk instead of President Trump, and that bag lady will be Hillary Clinton.

Dan in Philly said...

Any chance we'll see a picture of Sanders playing chess with the corpse of a donkey?

YoungHegelian said...

Trump you think is,

Uhhm should be "what an ogre you think Trump is".

Into Yoda-talk I slipped, did I.

Lewis Wetzel said...

Sanders is not even a Democrat.

David Begley said...

Sanders people just telling the truth. Hillary has a lower character than Nixon. Nixon wrote real books to make money. No fake speeches. No selling official favors for money in his pocket.

Achilles said...

There will be 3 parties soon and one of them will have mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton in it standing up for "reason and civility."

David Begley said...

Really. Who on earth could defend Hillary's character?

Gahrie said...

I really really can't wait to see Sanders (or Biden for that matter) snatch the nomination away from Hillary, through her wholesale abandonment by the Party establishment, again

Surely she'll stroke out on us?

mockturtle said...

She should be glad for Bernie. He brings some excitement to what is a truly lackluster Democratic campaign. Much like Trump has done for the GOP. And the media are always yapping about the gender gap. But the truth is that the male gender gap [males who find Hillary objectionable] is greater than the female gender gap. As a woman I resent being put into a voter 'bloc'. Women, like men, are diverse. But I never hear about the 'man vote'. I personally know no men who plan to vote for Hillary. They are either for Trump or for Sanders, about 50/50.

Unknown said...

I wonder why Bernie supporters would be upset. A crooked nomination process and now they are being treated like republicans. Oh the humanity. The media is just a flat out cheerleader. Mimsure hope trump wipes those pompous smirks off their faces.

traditionalguy said...

Bernie awaits the FBI to act ethically. It is a slim hope, but maybe...maybe after a subtle Obama shooting a bird gesture that will happen. And Bernie turns into a Prince.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

More than half of the nation would prefer Hillary Clinton drop dead.

Zach said...

One thing you have to wonder about -- do calls for party unity really affect Sanders? He has had decades to join the Democratic Party, and he never did. If running for a few more weeks draws attention to his one person Democratic Socialist vehicle, why shouldn't he keep running?

More broadly, there's such a thing as moves from strength and moves from weakness. Asking Sanders to drop out when the fundamentals haven't changed is a move from weakness -- he's just as competitive as he ever was, so why shouldn't he stay in the race and have a bigger effect on the convention?

Asking someone to drop out of the race is a move from strength only when you've demonstrated that the fundamentals of the race have changed. When Cruz lost in Indiana, there was no way he could deny Trump the nomination, so it was time to drop out. Sanders can't get the nomination, but he was always a protest candidate, and he's doing much better than expected. As long as his supporters are willing to keep going to the polls, he should stay in the race.

walter said...

It's so damn hard to top "free". Similar to "great again".

walter said...

Blogger Zach said...One thing you have to wonder about -- do calls for party unity really affect" ____

walter said...

In my bipartisan inbox:

"Friend --

Because of you, I am going to be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

And that means it's time to steel ourselves for the general election and a race against Donald Trump.

In moments like this, I think about some advice from my mom: Everybody gets knocked down in life. The real test is whether you get back up and keep going.

He's going to come after us with everything he's got. I need you with me now more than ever -- chip in to claim your free sticker and let me know you're by my side"

Saint Croix said...

It seems to me that running material like this as if it were news of some kind is just embarrassing evidence that the media really, really want to help Hillary.

You're analyzing it rationally, because you know The HIll is in the bag for Hillary Clinton. We all know The Hill is in the bag for Hillary Clinton. And the NYT and the Washington Post and ABC, CBS, and NBC and 60 Minutes and Time and all the rest of the MSM. They are completely and utterly biased. Republicans have known this for decades. Millions of Democrats are finding this out now.

The mainstream media, which is undergoing a severe and awful economic crisis--I haven't bought a damn newspaper in like three decades or something, I think it was the 20th century the last time I gave some journalists some money, they're going to end up in the street, homeless with a sign, "money for journalism please!"--and these bozo idiots still won't hire any Republican journalists, or socialist journalists, or any other kind of journalist except somebody who thinks Hillary Clinton is the only viable candidate. I mean they reek of bias and stupidity. Except for Fox, who wants us to vote for a Republican, any Republican, except maybe not that Donald Trump bastard. I actually don't know, I don't watch network television anymore.

Anyway, This is why you are mocking them. I mean, this post that you did? You will get a thousand dittos.

But something else is going on, equally disturbing, okay? It's not just that the MSM is in the bag for Hillary.

They are addicted to entertainment. I confess I am too. I like entertainment! Entertain me! So I confess that I too like a bit of entertainment with my news. I like a narrative. I like good guys and bad guys and good guys winning triumphant and bad guys running off to Mexico with his tail between his legs. Frankly I think it would be awesome if Donald Trump had to run to Mexico because his own country is so damn mad at him. "Please take me in, Mexico! I really fucked up in the USA." That would be awesome! Although I wouldn't much care to live through the narrative that resulted in that happy ending, you know what I mean?

So the MSM is constructing a narrative, right? When you read this pro-Hillary story, pay attention to the narrative. She's the good person. She's our hero! And that damn evil Bernie Sanders is creating this little soap opera. The MSM is desperately trying to craft a narrative. Except it's a really bad soap opera and nobody likes it. "Hillary, boo hoo hoo!" If your Hillary soap opera wins the Oscars I am going to stop watching that damn ceremony too. Pay attention, Hollywood! Can you believe those idiots spent millions of dollars producing George W. Bush tirades that nobody wanted to see? Seriously, they did!

Saint Croix said...

I don't actually blame them, or Donald Trump, or Ann Althouse, or me, for trying to construct a narrative where you have good guys and bad guys, heroes and villains.

Were any of you there when Ann Althouse is having a panic attack, and she's going, "My blog is under attack! That damn Mary, she is crazy. She is a bad person. I am a good person. My blog is under attack! Where are all my so-called loyal readers, the tough hillbillies, while it's Meade and me and my dog-less house trying to fend off this psycho bitch from hell!"

And what the hell can I do, anyway? I'm 3000 miles away! "Get a golden retriever," I say, helpfully. She doesn't listen. "Fuck off, Mary!" I say, helplessly, over the internet, from 3000 miles away. Anyway, she shuts down her blog, it's like Fort Apache up there in Madison, Wisconsin. Which is a great movie by the way. You want to see how much our culture has shifted? John Ford was a Democrat! Watch his movies, you won't believe he was a Democrat.

Anyway, I'm like "fuck, I got to start my own blog." That's how I found out how awesome Althouse is and how hard she works. So I don't blame her for crafting a narrative and making herself the hero in her own narrative. We all do this! We can't get away from our own bias. All you can do, as you claim to be a super-professional news organization that reports "all the news that's fit to print," is try to act like an adult and hire some people who disagree with you politically but might be right for all you know. And if you can't do that, you homeless NYT journalist, damn if I am going to put any money in your cup.

Saint Croix said...

And remember to shop through the Amazon portal!

(Althouse is going, "If that damn Donald Trump keeps bitching about Amazon and Jeff Bezos, I'm going to really cut his nuts off. Quit attacking my revenue stream, Little Baby Satan!")

Saint Croix said...

And I know she's just a law professor, but Ann Althouse found a photograph of Donald Trump with horns coming out of his head. You think I'm making this up. She did!

And I'm like, "wow, what a great journalist! How did she find that picture? She is working so hard."

And Donnie is going, "Horns coming out of my head? That's not fair! That's horrible journalism! Oh my God, I should sue her and shut this shit down."

And now I'm going, "the bastard hasn't been to law school and has no clue about the republic or the Constitution and he's probably never seen a John Ford movie. Idiot!" And so it goes.

traditionalguy said...

I got the feeling this kerfuffle draws interest because it is a contest between the Dike Lesbians who are 100% for Hillary and the Lipstick lesbians who see Killery as an abuser of cute fatherly Bernie.

But what do I know.

walter said...

NO way she would ever draw the Satan card on savior Trump.

walter said...

(at least not sincerely)
Horns coming out of his whatever?

David Begley said...

Saint Croix:

You had it going until you "borrowed" that copyrighted phrase from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. His estate will sue you next week.

John henry said...

chip in to claim your free sticker and let me know you're by my side"

If they ask me to "chip in", the sticker is not really "free" is it?

I assume this is a Hilary ad. I am amazed at how little grasp she has on the world.

Even my 7 year old grandson would realize that this makes no sense at all. If you are asked to pay for something, it is not free.


John Henry

buwaya said...

It's all one machine. This has been so since the Clinton administration, if not earlier.

David Begley said...

How angry is Hillary going to be when that vulgarian Trump cleans her clock?

The debates will be epic. That is if Hillary isn't arrested first.

Saint Croix said...

You had it going until you "borrowed" that copyrighted phrase from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. His estate will sue you next week.

I only read one of his books, maybe twenty years ago. Might have seeped into my subconscious somehow? Or it came from somewhere else in the damn media into my brain.

Language is powerful, isn't it? The power of words.

Which line was it that I stole? I'm guessing, "And so it goes." But I really don't know.

Mary Beth said...

"He continues with character attacks against Hillary."

I haven't been paying much attention lately but I thought he had been fairly restrained in his negative comments about her.

walter said...

Yeah well..when you invite the couple you are accusing of prior rape/enabling to your 3rd wedding, restraint might be prudent.

LYNNDH said...

And people think that when the convention is over Bernie's supporters will just fall in line like sheep and vote for Hillary. Do they have another thing coming! Keep trying to push Bernie down and his supporters will either write his name in, not vote or vote Trump. Oh what a world we live in.

Xmas said...

Mary Beth,

I think the Hillary camp is calling Bernie's remarks on Secretary Clinton's speaking fees for talk to Wall Street investment firms and big banks "character attacks". Which seems to be some sort of attempt to lump Bernie's attack on her business relationships in with Donald Trump's character attacks. I suspect they'll soon come out and "accidentally" attribute some terrible thing Trump says about Hillary to Bernie Sanders.

Really, the Clinton camp want to force Bernie out before the June 7th primaries. With California in play on that day, there's just too big a chance Sanders could catch up to Hillary in the regular delegate counts.

The Cracker Emcee Refulgent said...

The "never trust anyone over 30" ethos crippled the ability of liberal Boomers to ever play the adult in the room. In his situation that's Bernie's strength. Mocking laughter and a few righteous quotes from Mao are all you need to put the bossy chick from the suburbs who wants to run the Chore Committee at the commune in her place. Pass the bong, man.

Michael K said...

Trump had better make sure there are no Hillary "peace feelers." They are lethal. Ask Vince Foster.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

Her tone just flat-out fucking sucks.

This shit has gotten boring already. I'm taking to watching Gary Johnson-Jill Stein debates. The funny thing is, I think Stein goes even further than I would want than the libertarian Johnson. But it doesn't matter - their points of agreement are spot-on when it comes to the most important issues to the country and the polled public: End the drug wars, end the warfare state, get out of bed with the banks and their bailouts and insulting trade deals. From there the country turns itself around and we can get back to arguing over the things that Republicans and Democrats will never change anyone's mind on or really do anything about.

At this point I'm more about breaking the two-party logjam than whichever duopolist "wins". The duopoly establishment is its own party.

Bleach Drinkers Curing Coronavirus Together said...

Beyond that, it makes Hillary seem so ineffectual, like she's stamping her foot and fuming you make me so, so angry.

She's the most ineffectual politician in a long time in this country's history, if not ever.

The best image I saw in this campaign said, "Senator Sanders is saying true things about me, and it's making me look bad!"

Laslo Spatula said...

The Problem is that it is obvious that Hillary has Never Liked the Cock.

Sexually: well, of course. The Cock is not her Thing. Huma Joke could go here, if you want.

But Hillary is against the Political, Spiritual and Political aspects of the Cock.

The Cock is her Enemy.

The Cock is the Reason she is not Revered.

The Cock is all those who see her as Corrupt and Sexless: Men AND Women understand that Cock, yet she Herself does not see.

The Vagina means NOTHING without the Cock. Even the most ardent Lesbian Feminists get tired of Fisting, and out comes the Synthetic Polyurethane Cock.

There is ALWAYS a Cock.

Hillary has never truly understood the Cock: it is a elongated pinata for her to swing at, not something for her to elongatedly swing.

Hillary doesn't understand Men because she doesn't understand the natural dynamic of Men and Women: it isn't about Power.

It isn't about Money.

It is about Mutual Appreciation of the Cock.

Maybe I should go into Detail.

I am Laslo.

tim in vermont said...

Yeah well..when you invite the couple you are accusing of prior rape/enabling to your 3rd wedding, restraint might be prudent.

Couple of points walter, A,i he paid her to be there. BTW, I didn't know arguments between whores and Johns were a thing, I thought that you paid them to avoid the whole "girlfriend experience"

B, the evidence that he is a rapist is overwhelming, 5 contemporaneous witnesses, one who found her in the hotel room with torn clothes bleeding. All six stories sworn under oath and trust me, if there were a way to have sent these accusers to prison, the Clintons would have done it.

tim in vermont said...

Trump has never made any bones about that fact that he became a billionaire by playing the game. It's the Clintons who are lying about the game they are playing. And Hillary will never be any good at the kind of three dimensional chess one has to play to be the kind of person she is and the kind of candidate she wants to be.

Anonymous said...

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tim in vermont said...

If this wasn't the most explicit appeal to female privilege I have ever seen in politics under the guise of "analysis." I don't think that even Politico could imagine writing such a story about the Republican side if, for example Cruz still had a realistic shot at Trump, even if they were in the universe where Spock has a beard.

Naked partisanship. And it's not even "partisanship" because that would say that they are all in the tank for the Democrat Party as a whole, no, they are partisans of the elite wing of that party, not the whole thing including its members. It's like the old joke about the stupid actress who tried to get ahead in Hollywood by fucking a writer. Writers don't matter, they can't do you favors. The rank and file Democrats can't get you invited to the A-list cocktail parties either. Can't do your owners favors by slipping provisions into legislation unremarked.

I am not saying the Republicans are any better, because, as has been pointed out by Rush for decades, the elite of the Republican Party despise their base too.

tim in vermont said...

""I know the Republicans have been mean to her and they say terrible things. " - Bill Clinton. noways tarred advocate of women's equality in politics.

dreams said...

"Trump had better make sure there are no Hillary "peace feelers." They are lethal. Ask Vince Foster."

Vince Foster wasn't available for comment, dead men don't talk except as a message, maybe.

MD Greene said...

Wow. If HIllary's people are angry about Bernie's wet-noodle "character attacks," they definitely aren't ready for a general election campaign.

Tommy Duncan said...

He continues with character attacks against Hillary. He continues with calling the Democratic Party corrupt...

If you want to irritate a conservative, tell him a lie.

If you want to irritate a liberal, tell him the truth.

tim in vermont said...

I wonder if I can put this in language the superannuated sell-outs of the Democrat Party can understand: If Bernie Sanders were to announce a rally on a farm in Upstate New York, they'd have to "shut down the New York State Thruway, Maaann!"

Bernie Rally

Hillary Rally

This is Woodstock, and the press won't cover it, giving the movement one of the main sources of strength that conservatives have exploited so well since the '90s. The press hates 'em and ignores their concerns and pees on their leg and tells them it's raining.

Bruce Hayden said...

I find this humorous, which is why I expect Ann threw it into the daily mix - it is red meat for her right wing commenters. You keep hearing about the disunity on the right, and the left gloating about it. But the Republicans, many independents, and even some Democrats are rapidly coalescing around Trump. Much of it is behind the scenes, but there is enough in the public to keep things interesting. The list of potential Supreme Court nominees was well played - given Hillary's stated intentions and Bernie's probable pick, it forced a lot of people who were not falling in line because of this issue to do so. Realistically, anyone who cares about executive branch power and overreach, the 1st or 2nd Amdt, etc, can no longer do anything rationally except support Trump. Pretty soon, the only really big holdout will be JEB, butt heart for being called low energy, and having blown so many millions of his family's friends for a handful of delegates. This is the time that Trump reaches out quietly, one by one, to stroke the remaining big names on the right to bring them in line behind him. It appears to be working.

The reality is that the dissension is in the Dem party these days, and it has been there since day one. Crooked Hillary is despised by so many. She represents all that is bad about their party, and is an affront to modern feminism, and really progressivism. One big thing hanging over the contest that I didn't see above (but probably was) is the FBI investigations of her. Dir Comey made clear last week that they were investigations (and not security reviews as she and her minions keep claiming), and they don't just cover the very likely intelligence breaches resulting in her feckless use of her electronically insecure email server, but also for public corruption for mixing family business and profit with her job as Secretary of State. It isn't going away just because it is her turn to be President (as they so fervently believe). The FBI Director is a Republican in a 10 year term of office, which means that even President Obama has a hard time pressuring him. The big question is whether or not the shoe drops before or after the Dem Convention. There probably won't be indictments, but if not, expect high level resignations and leaks of the referral. The Bernie crowd are praying for it to be before the Convention, which is probably one of the big reasons he is staying in - believing it will be hard to give the nomination to anyone else with all his delegates. All it would take would be for a lot of Super Delegates to switch their votes. And the Biden people are probably hoping for after the Convention, at which time Bernie will have been safely dispatched.

Right now, the Dems seem destined for a repeat of their infamous 1968 Convention, with riots in the street, and protests within. Sure, there will likely be protests and the like in the streets at the Republican Convention, but they will obviously be almost completely from the left, Trump will make this clear, and they will most likely be heavily funded by the Dems, which will backfire, helping the Republicans. The protests at theDem Convention are likely to be completely organic, and much worse. This is the reality behind both Hillary and her minions (including, obviously, much of the MSM) pushing so hard to get Bernie out, while still trying to focus on the (rapidly disappearing) disunity on the Republican side - getting Bernie out before the Convention is their only real shot at side stepping 1968 in Chicago.

tim in vermont said...

OK, one more then I will stop, I promise, it's a beautiful day out there and my tractor nees some work.

This reminds me of a line a movie I saw on Netflix called "He's Back" which eventually turned into a Godwin argument against anybody who thinks that allowing millions of immigrants who don't believe in Christian values of "do unto others", or the rights of women, or even democracy, into Germany is a bad idea.

Anyway, Hitler wakes up after being somehow transported in time to 2015 from his final redoubt in that bunker and he reads a newspaper that mentions Poland. He says:

"Poland still exists!?! And ON GERMAN SOIL!"

Not saying that Hillary is Hitler, it's just that her statement that she "was going to be the nominee" reminded me of that line.

Owen said...

Bruce Hayden: very useful comments, thanks. I have doubled my popcorn order to see me through the conventions. Sanders versus Trump = ?

iqvoice said...

There's no fury like impotent fury.

walter said...

tim in vermont saidCouple of points walter, A,i he paid her to be there.
Yeah..that's his brain defect attempt to innoculate himself from criticism. "She HAD to be there!" His wedding just one more stage for twisted power bulllshit.
But hey...great for Melania, right? I wonder if she was taking pics next to a rapist.

walter said...

(wonder if she knew)

tim in vermont said...

Well walter, he did pay her to be there and she showed up. He says it, she admits it, walter the web commenter says it's not true because it acts to lessen the effect of any criticisms. And anything that walter disagrees with cannot be true!

Although why we are discussing this argument between a whore and a John, I don't know.

tim in vermont said...

Guarantee you though that Trump never let Clinton the rapist be alone with any of the women in his family. I sure wouldn't.

walter said...

" walter the web commenter says it's not true because it acts to lessen the effect of any criticisms."

Those are two points..and you seem to misunderstand mine. I don't doubt his ability to pressure her to be there due to contributions. And I still submit Trump feels that admitting that somehow protects him the moral failing of inviting scuzballs to his wedding and standing his bride next to them for pics. Is Melania so cynical that she goes along with her Hubbies take on having them there? Did she know this as she's smiling and laughing with them?