May 20, 2016

Buzzfeed calls attention to Trump discussing — with Howard Stern — the possibility of a Blacks vs. Whites season of "The Apprentice."

This happened back in 2005, and I don't know if Buzzfeed thinks this is something outrageous that ought to count against Trump, but the facts are: 1. It wasn't Trump's idea, 2. Trump considered it and expressed his idea in a very positive way ("And it would be nine blacks against nine whites, all highly educated, very smart, strong, beautiful. Do you like it? Do you like it, Robin?"), and 3. The very next year, 2006, "Survivor" filmed a season with racially divided teams:
During [the Cook Islands] season of Survivor, the contestants were divided into four tribes by ethnicity; African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and White American, a decision that generated some controversy prior to the premiere....  Possibly in response to the criticism, Jeff asked the contestants on the reunion show how they felt about the racial divide, and they said that it helped to disprove the stereotypes about them....
I blogged about the first episode here:
I haven't watched "Survivor" since the first season... [b]ut I was intrigued by the daring decision to divide the contestants into race-based teams. How would that work? In some ways, race is neutralized, because teammates voting against each other have only those of their own race to turn against. On the other hand, the team members had the burden of knowing that millions of people would be watching them and thinking about their entire race.

It was interesting the way the Hispanic team seemed to pull together right away and simply feel advantaged. The black team felt team spirit and actually stopped to do a cheer about how they were all black, but they didn't really pull together. Nathan interviewed that black people don't like to be told what to do, and two of the women got very close quickly, leaving the third woman feeling like an outsider. The Asian team took account of how they really weren't a uniform group. They were from different parts of Asia, and that mattered. The Vietnamese immigrant, Cao Boi, called attention to his outsider status: He really belongs with hippies. In the funniest scene, he cures another guy of a headache by pulling the "bad wind" out of his face and leaving a red mark....


khesanh0802 said...

Here's Trump's final comment: "“There’s something wrong with it, but I don’t know, maybe we should think about it,” Trump said."

Here's Buzzfeed's footer: "Donald Trump Wanted A White-Versus-Black Season Of “The Apprentice”" Now there's some really honest journalism!

eric said...

Everything Trump says is a bad idea, even if he didn't have the idea and wasn't really behind the idea. If it's associated with Trump, we can spin this into a bad idea.

It amazes me the freak out over Donald Trump. Here we finally have a guy who doesn't parse every word, just like we always say we want, and then what do we do? Damn him for every word and phrase he utters that isn't properly and politically parsed.

And now, things he hasn't even said are damned.

If Trump were the northeast liberal people like Chuck accuse him of being, then why the hell did he run as a Republican? Every Republican gets treated like this by the media.

If he would have run as a Democrat, he'd have swept them all away and had these idiots on his team instead of against him.

Hrmmm, maybe he really isn't a NE Liberal after all. Maybe he ran as a Republican because he believes his views align with the Republican party better than the Democrat party. Imagine that.

buwaya said...

This is just another left wing propaganda site.
You are making too much of it.

There is nothing to reason out here. There is no need to consider their arguments - they don't, they just want to publish a headline.

Its just another outlet of the political machine.

Nichevo said...
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Achilles said...

This is a much more entertaining headline.

Trump spokesman: "Hillary's platform is to start wars in the middle east and import the refugees."

What state do people think will be the last one that holds out and votes Hillary?

Gahrie said...

If Trump were the northeast liberal people like Chuck accuse him of being, then why the hell did he run as a Republican?

The theory is, he's a Clinton stalking horse that was supposed to disrupt and weaken the Republican Party to ensure Hillary's general election victory.

Then he actually started to win........

iowan2 said...

2005? Its now 2016, I know for a fact talking about ideas will never get you criminally investigated by the FBI

The other big scoop I saw was the last time Trump released his taxes (26 years ago?) he paid no taxes. Again no criminal investigation.

Clinton's wife has really raised the bar for slimy politicians. It's going to be really hard to top running for office while being investigated by the FBI.

Saint Croix said...

When we were kids in Salisbury, North Carolina, nine years old, we used to play football at recess. "Blacks vs. whites," I said. I might have been Little Baby Satan myself, back in my younger days. And it was so unfair, because all the black kids were smaller than we were.

Anyway, I swear it was innocent. Normally we split up, and it's shirts vs. skins. You take your shirt off, and that's how we know who is on which team. And for some reason I can't remember, we weren't allowed to take our shirts off. Maybe there was a rule ("no half-naked boys!"), or maybe one of the guys was embarrassed. So we had this basic problem of how you divide into two separate football teams, when you're not allowed to take your shirt off and none of us have uniforms. How do you divide when we're all united!

So that was my practical suggestion. "Blacks vs. whites!" Just trying to solve the problem so we could play some damn football.

And our teacher, who was black, Mr. Staton, said we could not divide into black and whites on the football field. No racial division! Probably because he was an adult and he remembered segregation and Swann v. Charlotte. This wasn't Charlotte, this was Salisbury. But it's funny how we project our fears and guilts onto innocent people.

Michael Fitzgerald said...

Early to mid-20th century boxing promoted ethnic clashes. Blacks, Italians, Irish, Jews, Poles, all had their champions, and pitted them against the other groups' champions. Cus D'Amato, I think it was, talked about growing up in an Italian neighborhood bordering an Irish one. They used to match up fighters all the time, Italian vs Irish.

Saint Croix said...

Early to mid-20th century boxing promoted ethnic clashes. Blacks, Italians, Irish, Jews, Poles, all had their champions, and pitted them against the other groups' champions.

It's an organizational method for tribes. It's irrational division. Jesus disapproves.

Saint Croix said...

The only divisions of humanity that make sense are

male and female


religious/political/cultural divisions

Religious division can be just as awful as racial division. For instance, some Christians are like this. "We must kill for Christ! Kill the Jews, kill the Muslims, kill the atheists, kill the pagans. Kill for Christ!" These are Christians who do not go to Bible study. They just like being on a team. Other Christians need to take them aside and cool their shit and get them into Bible study. Warn them about Satan and remind them that only God has permission to kill.

There are, of course, Christian assholes, but that's because the world is filled with assholes. It actually is a good book. Ask Bill Maher!

Saint Croix said...

If I didn't know any better, I would swear Bill Maher had the holy spirit in him when he is fighting with Charlie Rose. He has decided he is going to fight for Christianity, and take a shot at Islam. Right? That's what this hairless ape is doing. He's defending Christianity. Now watch what happens.

At 1:24: "Most Muslim people in the world do condone violence." And he goes on to say "vast majorities" of Muslims.

Charlie Rose questions this. "Vast majorities?"

And Bill Maher does not back down. "There's a Pew poll of Egypt done a few years ago. 82%, I think it was, said stoning was the appropriate punishment for adultery. Over 80% thought death was the appropriate punishment for leaving the Muslim religion."

And then Bill Maher says an amazing thing, at 1:47:

"I'm sure you know these things."

Stop! Stop! How are you sure that Charlie Rose knows these things? From where comes this absolute confidence that Charlie Rose knows the truth of what you are saying?

And damn if Charlie Rose doesn't back down and agree. He does, in fact, know the truth. Wow!

Alex said...

It's the usual MSM crap. They will try to tar Trump as racist/sexist/homophobe 24/7 until election day.

Saint Croix said...

We've been talking in church about the holy trinity. How do you have three-in-one? There was a big fight about this in Christianity. Saint Nicholas, who was a holy man, got so mad he punched another bishop in the face.

Today "Saint Nicholas" is what we call Santa. And of course Santa is an anagram of Satan. We have constructed this false and stupid little myth about a North Pole, and elves, and reindeer, and a magic man who gives gifts to all the rich kids. And Satan has done this to try to get us away from the miracle of the birth of the baby Jesus.

I am not a fan of Santa, although of course I liked him when I was nine. Actually when I was in first grade I led an inquisition to determine if Santa was fake or not. The consensus seemed to be that he was our parents. I couldn't find anybody who believed in Santa.

But note the cosmic joke! Here is Saint Nicholas, a very serious and holy man, getting so mad about a theological dispute that he resorts to violence, and is casting Christians away and out of the church.

The fight was over the holy trinity. In the Bible, Jesus himself talked about God as being separate from himself. God the father, Jesus the son. And the holy spirit is also mentioned. But again, separate from Jesus.

Anyway, Christians want there to be unity, right? So we say that God, and Jesus, and the holy spirit, are all unified. And as I said, Nicholas got so mad about this that he started denouncing his opponents as heretics. And used violence to "win" the argument. I have to imagine St. Nicholas in the afterlife, shaking his head at his own sin, as he watches "St. Nicholas" corrupt the birthday of Christ.

And yet, I think Nicholas is basically right! Not about punching another bishop in the face. But he is right about the holy trinity.

Consider another holy trinity. Man, woman, and child. When a man and a woman marry, we say they are united under God. Right? Two have become one. (And form the beast with two backs!) And when the man impregnates the woman, when that sperm fertilizes that egg, you actually might have a union of three. Three-in-one. A holy thing.

Saint Croix said...
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Rusty said...

The other big scoop I saw was the last time Trump released his taxes (26 years ago?) he paid no taxes. Again no criminal investigation.

Not, as you may think, illegal.

Fernandinande said...

Saint Croix said...
[lotsa stuff]


ken in tx said...

The guy that St. Nicolas punched at the Council of Nicaea was Arius who held that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit were three separate divine beings, which is pretty much what Mormons today believe. The Council of Nicaea produced the Nicene Creed which is accepted by all traditional Christian churches. Nicolas was locked up by the Emperor Constantine for disturbing an Imperial Conference. Arian Christianity was adopted by the Goths and Vandals who sacked the Roman world later.

Nichevo said...

Ferdy, I think he blew a gasket because I wouldn't let him pretend he was pro-life anymore if he didn't support Trump over Hillary!.

Saint Croix said...


That's a good question. You tell me!

Saint Croix said...

The Council of Nicaea produced the Nicene Creed which is accepted by all traditional Christian churches.

As I said, I think he was right. But the Arian view doesn't actually contradict the Bible, as far as I can tell. But my main point is that the upset over theology caused these men to fight and seek to control each other. And this urge for power and control is not actually Christian, in my opinion.

For instance, Jesus himself did not write down what he said or did. He had no urge to control his message. He had faith that it would reach us.

I believe the urge to control or dominate Christians is not a Christian urge. The use of violence, kicking people out of churches, it's a mark of pride, I think. I think St. Nicholas was right on the holy trinity. It makes sense to me. But this dispute between followers is similar to the fights the disciples had in the presence of Jesus. It's a failure to follow Christ.

knox said...