November 16, 2015

"Hardison’s kids were scared. 'They didn’t understand why he’d take the chance'..."

"'They loved him as he was. To them, he was normal.' The younger son had a nightmare that surgeons turned his father into a monster. But Hardison had already reached the point of all or none. 'Kids ran screaming and crying when they saw me,' he said. 'There are things worse than dying.'"

From an excellent, long piece in New York Magazine about a face transplant.


Bill said...

Great article! Thank you for the alert.

Truthavenger said...

Now if we could only give Obama a spine transplant.

Freeman Hunt said...

I'm surprised people ran away from the old face. Yes, it was obvious he'd been in a fire, but it was still a nice, friendly looking face. The loss of eyesight without eyelids must have been highly motivating to pursue the transplant.

Glad he survived the operation!