September 7, 2015

"Is he Islamophobic? 'Yes, probably. One can be afraid,' he replies."

"I ask him again: you’re probably Islamophobic? 'Probably, yes, but the word phobia means fear rather than hatred,' he says. What is he afraid of? 'That it all goes wrong in the west; you could say that it’s already going wrong.' Does he mean terrorism? He nods. Some might say that’s a tiny percentage of people, I begin ... 'Yes, but maybe very few people can have a strong effect. It’s often the most resolute minorities that make history.'"

From a Guardian article titled "Michel Houellebecq: ‘Am I Islamophobic? Probably, yes'/Michel Houellebecq is the ageing enfant terrible of French literature. His new book imagines a France ruled by Islamists and he has been under 24-hour police protection since the Charlie Hebdo attack. Does he really hate women and Muslims or is he just a twisted provocateur?"

Here's the part about women:
Some French media have asked if the novel’s title ["Submission"] really refers to the position of women.... Houellebecq had originally thought feminists would take issue with it. “In fact, they haven’t taken it that badly,” he says. “That’s why people are unpredictable.”

Why does he think the issue of women in the novel hasn’t sparked a bigger response? “I don’t know. It’s possible that in truth there aren’t really that many feminists.” Is he a feminist? “No, no.” A misogynist, as has been levelled against him? “No, no, not that either,” he says. “But it’s possible that feminism has slightly disappeared from women too ... It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone expressing a feminist opinion. I can’t remember the last time. In France, anyway.”


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Today's posting at the CrossFit website has a group photo in which stud chicks showing 80% of their skin are posing next to chicks wearing headdress thingies, covered from head to toe.

Muslims of some sort, I suppose.

Yesterday, I was at Home Depot, and in a remote back corner where they keep the pallets stacked high with mulch bags, some guy had a prayer rug out and he was doing his prayers.

The religion of inconvenience.

Please tell me that those sorts of rules don't apply to surgeons and locomotive engineers.


Michael K said...

"“France is not Michel Houellebecq ... it is not intolerence, hatred and fear.”

They have made his point. Personally, I have thought France had enough cultural confidence to resist the Muslims and that Britain was more likely to succumb.

The Socialists will sell or give the Muslims the rope to hang the Christians, though.

Sebastian said...

"Shadowed by the plain-clothes police protection officer that now follows him round the clock"

Turns out, an "Islamophobe" has much to be islamophobic about.

Book's scenario doesn't seem all that far-fetched.

I haven't done a word count, but it's just possible the The Guardian has already spent more space questioning MH's "misogynism" than the Muslim misogynism of the Rotherham gangs.

rhhardin said...

Philippe Sollers _Women_ (trans. Barbara Bray) is a nice treatment of feminism in France.

"the conductor unable to control his crazed orchestra"

"an advanced element of frustrated social climbing"

two of the lines I copied out onto the flyleaf long ago.

Bay Area Guy said...

The word "Islamaphobe" is a phony word concocted by the Left to stigmatize political opponents.

Ironclad said...

Speaking of Rotherham and the Guardian - this was another gang of "Asians" that were running a child sex ring.

Multiculturalism has so many benefits in a Western Society!

And France is worried? Britain should be terrified, there was a report that showed there are more muslims from Britain in ISIS than those that serve in the UK Armed Forces. Priorities!!!!

Michael K said...

A friend of mine who is a professor of surgery in London has told me that he sees many young women medical students converting to Islam. They are not of any ethnic background associated with Islam but are British in heritage. He can't understand it. The NHS is seeing an outbreak of hospital infections related to Muslim women refusing to scrub their arms in surgery.

Chris N said...

I'm thinking of starting a fall Straw-Man festival.

Build a huge 'Patriarch' and give attendees rocks labeled 'racist,' 'misogynist,' 'Islamaphobe,' etc to throw at him.

By degrees, the rings of protesters work themselves into a frenzy until the Patriarch goes up in flame midnight Sept 21st.

The actual truth? Uncomfortable truths? Hard choices? Meh.

Bruce Hayden said...

I. Am missing the answer to why we shouldn't fear militant Islam, or why we should respect the religion. Christianity has been at war with Islam for maybe 1300 or so years, and most of it has been Muslims trying to convert by the sword. All of a sudden, as so many Muslims run back to the seventh century, we are supposed to honor that religion? Meanwhile ISIS kills any Jews, Christians, other religionists, homosexuals, fallen women, etc that it can get its hands on And tears down millennium old religious structures. I don't think that it is wrong to fear militant Islam, or armed young Muslims male intent on Jihad.

William said...

The word Islam means submission. Isn't it possible that that is the submission the author was talking about?..........Why do French intellectuals always look like they were sent up by Central Casting. I'd like to see a non-smoking French intellectual with short hair before I die. Maybe he could even button the top button of his shirt to really be radical.

William said...

The best French intellectual was Albert Camus. I think he invented the style. He was in the French Resistance and put his neck on the line. (Sartre, by way of contrast, committed micro aggressions against the Nazi occupation.) Camus was born in Algeria where his mother soaked up white privilege by scrubbing floors. He did some writing about Algeria that holds up very well.

John henry said...

Oriana Fallaci was dead nuts on about Eurabrification of what she called eurabia.

But in Europe you can't say such things and she was charged with a hate crime for doing so.

Bridget Bardot has been charged several for speaking out about halal butcher shop practice.

Goodbye Europe. You suckered us into 2 of your wars. I hope, but am not confident that it doesn't happen again

John Henry

The Godfather said...

We took our granddaughters to England a couple of years ago. Perhaps when they're grown up they'll remember a little something about what Western civilization was once about. I'd love to be able to take them to France and Germany and the Czech Republic and Italy and the Netherlands for the same reason, but it may already be too late.

I don't want to think about what our great grandchildren won't know about what was once the civilization of the United States.

buwaya said...

Houellebecq is probably a prophet like his countryman Jean Raspail. "Camp of the Saints" is coming true. More gradually than in the novel, but who knows. The dam seems to have burst.
The only solution is to beef up the numbers of Christians, sort of like counter-flooding a leaking ship to keep it on an even keel. I volunteer as many millions of my 90million Filipinos as it takes to right the ship.

RonF said...

A phobia is not fear. Fear can be very healthy. A phobia is unreasonable fear. Note that the left loves to misuse the word "phobia". Instead of arguing something on it's merits, they try to cast it as an unreasoning fear.

Freeman Hunt said...

If you have to have armed guards around at all times to protect you from the followers of something, I don't think your fear is correctly characterized as a phobia.