June 14, 2015

Water lilies.


Yesterday in the misty afternoon on on Lake Wingra.


MadisonMan said...

I wish I had photos at the same time of year for a series of year on Lake Wingra. It seems to me the water lilies are overwhelming kinda early this year, but I really don't remember what it looked like last year.

This has not been good paddleboarding weather.

Etienne said...

Ahhh, the Lily Pad Strategy. Looks simple, but oh-so-slippery. Just ask a Frog.

Les nénuphars sont glissantes...

Fritz said...

Good snakehead habitat. Are they in Wisconsin yet?

Guildofcannonballs said...

Her name was Dee.


Dee Empty.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Next time I quit Althouse and y'all, I'm a gonna just play this:


Until we meet again, you can keep kicking me around. As a man, hence (usually) not an incompetent weakling women, I actually enjoy the process of my embetterment, including the horrowingness of it all.

Guildofcannonballs said...


Sure sure in America you can't raise a king back up once he is in defeat, albeit America is the land of second chance(s).

The thing is, America hates shit like would-be king Obama or Jeb or Walker. Yeah yeah election results are a cunt of a barometer too.

America loves em some Perry.

Guildofcannonballs said...

"Well well well, you can never tell."

Grateful Dead

Guildofcannonballs said...

An appreciation of life disregarded is necessary.

Blame it on your parents or siblings or hometown or country or God.

Go on now, go blame whilst being aware of problems associated with patting your own damn self's back.

Disregarding life makes America America, as Nagasaki and Hiroshima attest to this moment.

We, as a country America, decided we are better, and for rape-good reason.

To advance.

Guildofcannonballs said...

*rape being heretofore defined as "wanting it dirty."

rhhardin said...

Youtube version of Mark Steyn Michael Mann Climate Change speech (not requiring a superfast computer and unlimited bandwidth to play).

Steyn at his best.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Now I am gingerly and respectful, but my encounters with cops run 20-1 positive in the sense the Officer did his/her her/his her/his job with professionalism I appreciate, demand, respect, love, and spoon with if that option is available.

Guildofcannonballs said...

"But it doesn't matter anyway; it's the only way I know to play."

Clint Black "I'd bet it all on a good run of bad luck" and "Maverick" the movie too.

Guildofcannonballs said...


Hagar said...

Watched the noon re-run of Fox News Sunday and, as Brit Hume opined, it was indeed painful to watch Hillary!'s spokeswoman, Karen Finney, struggling to not answer Chris Wallace about Hillary!'s position, if any, on the Pacific Rim "free trade" bills.

Next up, Paul Ryan about Obamacare, and not wanting to answer until SCOTUS has spoken.
Well, maybe so, but I wish to hear someone in the Republican leadership say something about what they have in mind.
Wallace has a bad habit of asking questions as if there is some bedrock truth that must be taken for granted - usually a Democrat one, and in this case that there will be a mandatory Federal program of pre-paid medical services for all, and he wants to know just how the Republicans will arrange for that.

As far as I am concerned, pre-paid medical services is not "insurance." Insurance is against disaster striking, such as I have for my car and house.

If I were younger I would be interested in such insurance, but as old as I am, I do not really care any more. But young or old, I do not want any part of a Government mandated universal pre-paid services scheme that is bound to be one gigantic morass of mismanagement, fraud, and expensive misery.

The Brits should be a cautionary tale. They created the "National Health" in 1948, and it still takes up about 1/4 of the time at "Prime Minister's Questions." It never ends.

Hagar said...

Plus which, of course, "access to health insurance" does not do squat for your health, if you can't find a doctor to treat you.

Hagar said...

It is my understanding that the British national government took over the hospitals and clinics, etc. previously operated by the counties and municipalities, i.e. actual medical facilities, and then expanded services from there, but they did not attack the insurance industry as such.
Private hospitals and clinics still exist, and most people who can afford it keep private insurance - real "insurance" - to be assured of treatment within a reasonable time if they should need it. Plus, of course, some control over the treatment quality, etc.

Anonymous said...

I found another gem for you Ann - Tom Wolfe interviewed with others about their exercise routines:

FAVORITE BODY PART: “The gastrocnemius. It’s one of the larger muscles in your calves. It’s well-proportioned.” Body envy: “The one I’ve admired most was Ken Buchanan. He was the lightweight champion of the world from Scotland, and I watched him at Madison Square Garden. He was the only man I’ve ever seen who could wear plaid shorts and pull it off. Men shouldn’t wear shorts in the first place. The British lost their empire once they started letting colonial officers wear shorts. Who can take orders from a man in shorts?”



Our Bodies, Ourselves
Running, Jumping, Dancing, Stretching, Smoking: New Yorkers Cough Up Their Fitness Secrets (And Lapses)

Linked for Steve Sailer -

Michael Anton discusses female characters in Tom Wolfe’s books