February 19, 2015

At the Ladyfingers Café...


... you can grasp at any topic you like.

(This is another one of my scans of photographs I took in 1980/81 of the messed-up walls in and around SoHo in NYC. After the last one, I said: "I think I only have one more... and it's pretty different from the others." But I found this one, and the one that's pretty different from the others is yet to come. It's just a 2-word graffiti that I found written on a red door. I've always found it quite striking, even though the 2 words are not nice at all. And the words aren't "Fuck you." "Fuck you" is damned nice by comparison.)

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acm said...

I recently learned that okra is called "ladyfingers" in some parts of the country. Yuck.

Hagar said...

I note that this plan they are announcing for taking back Mosul - a Kurdish city - in April or May specifies that the attack will be carried out by Iraqi - Shia - forces, and Kurdish pershmerga will be held in reserve.

This is indeed some peculiar announcements for the US Government to make.

Lucien said...

Suppose Congress gets up on its hind legs and says: "It is not and has not been the intent of this Congress that federal statutes concerning immigrations should preempt any law of any state seeking to enforce federal immigration laws via state sponsored and funded law enforcement activity".

And let's say that it does this in a non-binding resolution and in a piece of legislation that the President then successfully vetoes.

If a state passes laws like Arizona's former SB 1070 and someone, including the Attorney General, challenges those laws based on federal preemption grounds, can courts rely on Congress's statements concerning intent even though they have not become law?

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker continues to get national attention, this time from Bloomberg News

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, facing a $283 million deficit that needs to be closed by the end of June, will skip more than $100 million in debt payments to balance the books thrown into disarray by his tax cuts.

The move comes as Walker, 47, mounts a 2016 bid for the Republican presidential nomination, and while his state is under stress from a projected shortfall that could exceed $2 billion in the two-year budget beginning in July.


Bob Ellison said...

I am going to work on "I Wanna Get Next to You".

Hagar said...

I suspect that if anyone is planning on re-taking Mosul, it is not the Obama administration, but then: Why this announcement?

David said...

Cafe? Oh goody. I can post about Marie Harf. Quote from Daily Mail, via Powerline.

Marie Harf, the embattled State Department deputy spokeswoman who insisted this week that helping ISIS jihadis find gainful employment was a better strategy than killing them, is not in line for a promotion when her boss moves to the White House on April 1, a State Department official said Thursday.

Harf said Monday night on MSNBC that “lack of opportunity for jobs” in the Middle East should be America’s focus in the war against the ISIS terror army. She refused to back down Tuesday night on CNN, insisting that the Obama administration should “get at the root causes” of terrorism. “It might be too nuanced an argument for some,” she sniped at her legions of critics.

Those mockworthy moments, a State Department official said Thursday, “are going to keep her from the top job.”

“Jen’s move to the White House isn’t something that happened overnight,” the official said, “and Marie’s TV appearances were an audition of sorts, a test run, and she failed spectacularly.”

It's likely she has been failing spectacularly for a long time, but finally it had a consequence.

David said...

If a state passes laws like Arizona's former SB 1070 and someone, including the Attorney General, challenges those laws based on federal preemption grounds, can courts rely on Congress's statements concerning intent even though they have not become law?

Not in Scalia's jurisprudence, they don't. And surprisingly he has been slowly winning the battle, I think. The "statement of intent" you posit would be particularly weak. Congress states its intent through statutes. The job of the courts is to interpret the statutes. Essentially what you suggest is a form of statutory interpretation, which I think courts would ignore on many sound bases. Separation of powers being one of them.

Anonymous said...

Marie Harf might actually have a good idea. Given the way Obama's job programs have practically destroyed the American economy, a similar jobs plan should also go a destroy the Muslim world.

Bob Ellison said...

This thing about only the feds enforcing federal law is like a Vulcan mind trick. "Ha ha! It's our law, so you can't enforce it, and we're not gonna!"

Sittin' here
in this chair
waitin' on you, aw baby
to see things my way

William said...

It's not just that she says inane crap but her her whole delivery and persona transmit the message that she's not holding any trump cards in her hand.

Bob Ellison said...

This morning is the coldest I have ever experienced in America. (Moscow was colder.)

ken in tx said...

To me, Lady Fingers will always be tiny firecrackers, made by tiny Chinese ladies fingers, I suppose. Imported by Li & Fung, Hong Kong. At a tiny price.

One of my childhood favorites.