May 11, 2014

"Mom measured her own life by how much she was able to help us and serve others."

"I knew if she was still with us, she would be urging us to do the same. Never rest on your laurels. Never quit. Never stop working to make the world a better place. That’s our unfinished business."

Writes Hillary Clinton, who would like to help and serve others by having us piddling others put her in the position of Most Powerful Person on the Face of the Earth. Oh! The inspiration that emerges from the Humble Servant Mom, as an excerpt from Hillary's not-yet-published memoir "Hard Choices" bursts forth this Mother's Day morning.


Skeptical Voter said...

I think I'm going to upchuck.

Big Mike said...

Hillary Clinton has a surprisingly tin ear for what will and what won't resonate with the people of the United States.

Heyooyeh said...

I'd like to see similarly bitchy post about any odes Scott Walker, Rand Paul or Ted Cruz write about their mothers. #cruelneutrality

madAsHell said...

Mom measured her own life by how much she was able to help us and serve others.

I'm not sure how anybody could see her as anything, but profoundly superficial. All performance, but no substance.

paul a'barge said...

I remember how you voted for her husband ... once (the first time).

Anonymous said...

HRC is the next POTUS. Her election is only a mere formality. It is done. And, done.

- No competition from GOP. GOP has succeeded in making minorities, immigrants, and, gasp, women feel as something is wrong in them. GOP has dug graves with their own foot in them.
- GOP hates science. They prefer if Dinos. would be still walking amongst us.
- Have you ever met with a GOP with a really, really good idea - theory, practice, implement, etc. The works. Never. Ideas is NOT EQUAL to GOP.

Ergo: The winner is already HRC.

From now to election day, there will be drip-by-drip HRC focus everyday.


To make the election a formality.

2016 - The election is over - HRC is the POTUS.

Ann Althouse said...

I voted for Bill Clinton twice.

Bill Clinton was the first time I voted for a presidential candidate who won, and I had voted in every presidential election beginning in 1972.

It was amazing to have my guy actually win. And then win a second time.

The other times I voted for the winner: Bush 2004 and Obama 2008.

By the way, Bill Clinton is the only presidential candidate I voted for twice. I just noticed that.

Of the presidents who won and then went on for reelection within the period when I voted:

1. Carter (only voted for his reelection).

2. Reagan (never voted for him).

3. H.W. Bush (never voted for him).

4. Clinton (voted for him twice).

5. George W. Bush (only voted for his reelection).

6. Obama (only voted for him in the first election).

LYNNDH said...

And now add Hillary to your list as voting for her, the first time??????

Illuninati said...

Perhaps I'm too trusting but I suspect that in her own twisted way Hillary Clinton really does think she is serving he people. In fact, she thinks that her service as a politician (good rich people) is so much more valuable than that of other people such as business men and investors(evil rich people)that she and her husband deserve to be rewarded with unimaginable wealth, fame, and limitless power.

SteveR said...

If she were doing anything that couldn't be tied to her or her husband's political aspirations, it might be easier to ignore it but this production of HRC 2016 just portends her phony presidential display.

Michael said...

"2016 - The election is over - HRC is the POTUS."

Just as was true in 2008, I'm sure.

n.n said...

Motherhood. Hard choice. Right choice. Her mom chose life. Hillary needs to retire and enjoy her daughter's choice.

grackle said...

GOP has succeeded in making minorities, immigrants, and, gasp, women feel as something is wrong in them.

I think they've had plenty of help in this from the MSM, the classrooms over the past half-century, countless books, articles and blog posts; in fact most institutions that have anything at all to do with public opinion.

Ergo: The winner is already HRC.

This is pretty much what everyone was saying the last time she was running for POTUS, just before Obama burst on the scene. Dude, anything can happen in politics, nothing is ever baked into the cake. Try reading some history when you get the time.

Michael K said...

"George W. Bush (only voted for his reelection)."

Another Gore voter !

Proud of that vote ?

MadisonMan said...

Sometimes the Hardest Choice is to say nothing.

Anonymous said...

Mother always said to help others (in public, so you can help yourself under the cover. You have to be in a position to decide what is "public good", and make it an extension of what is good for you. You are the public. Sounds good, yes?)

A very helpful super mom indeed.

grackle said...

I voted for Bill Clinton twice … [etc.]

Aha! I see you DO remember. How does this prove your independence? Because your friends and family probably know about your votes. It would not be something a known person could lie about without losing credibility. The price of being famous.

The rest of us, who post anonymously, can lie our heads off. That's one of the reasons I mistrust anecdotes from anonymous posters. Too easily fabricated to fit the viewpoint. Of course, everyone can always trust what I post.

Big Mike said...

Never stop working to make the world a better place.

I thought she stopped working to make the world a better place when she became Secretary of State.

Barry Dauphin said...

The quoted sections reads like it was generated by software designed to produce pretty banalities.

Does she really know how her mother measured her own life?

"Hey, mom, how do you measure your own life?"

"Oh, Hillary, by how much I'm able to help you and serve others."

"Great, mom, I'll use that some day. Another thing, mom, should you rest on your laurels?"

"No, dear, never rest on your laurels."

"Wow, mom, you are really profound. So, should you make the world a better place?"

"Hmmm, well, now that I think about it, yes, yes I think you should make the world a better place."

"Mom, you're blowing my mind."

MadisonMan said...

I voted for Carter (he lost to RWR).

I voted for Mondale (he lost to RWR).

I voted for GHWB (He beat Dukakis)

I voted for Clinton twice (he won).

I voted for Gore (he lost)

I voted for GWB (he won)

I voted for Obama (he won)

I voted for Romney (he lost)

jr565 said...

If you aborted your baby your mother's day should be a day of atonement and reflection.

Anonymous said...

Let's say George W. Bush wrote a piece on Father's Day to push his new book because he wanted to run again for high office: 'True Patriots: Brush-Clearing With The Troops'

There he is at a Texas Rangers game with his daughters, discussing his father's influence: 'Dad's steadfast courage in wartime, his dedication to his family and his wife, and his service to his country made me the man I am today.'

It drove me back to our Lord Jesus Christ and my duties as a man.'

Yeah, some skepticism and eye-rolling is entirely in order. Some people would love it, some true-believers especially, however.

What worries me about many liberal impulses is the hero-worship of political figures like the Clintons and the Kennedys.

This puts many human impulses and passions into current politics and celebrity, stoking the fire to advance the shared ideals (Tina Brown's dark art buzz generation for Hilary and the sisterhood is a good example).

After all, there are serious moral commitments to secular ideals in modern liberalism, and all manner of human nature and problems to follow.

But some liberal boomers are still acting like it's 1968 and acting very hypocritically.

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Will Cate said...

"unfinished business" ... that's the key phrase here. By God, she has unfinished business.

Wilbur said...

You mean this wasn't the cover story in Parade?

Ann Althouse said...

The difference between me and MadisonMan is that I voted for Dukakis.

David said...

So why is her brother such a low life n'ere do well?

In fact what is it with the siblings of Presidents and presidential candidates overall. Among the flub-a-dubs, siblings of Nixon, Carter, Clinton, Ford, LBJ, JFK come to mind.

Obama has six half brothers and two half sisters, whom he seems to completely ignore.

Humperdink said...

"OK mom, got it. Bill and I will run for president. We will earn over $100 million after we leave office. We will decry the 1% under the guise of serving the poor. I (alone) will for president and win. I will then earn another $100+ million after I retire and be thought of as the greatest champion of the poor. Ever.
....... The only problem is that pesky multimillionaire Elizabeth Warren."

Gary Rosen said...

"Mom measured her own life by how much she was able to help us and serve others"

Somehow this reminds me of the old Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man".

Joe said...

In fact what is it with the siblings of Presidents and presidential candidates overall.

My guess is that they tend to be the Golden Child in dysfunctional families due to one parent being a narcissist. In turn, they are generally fairly narcissistic, especially the Clintons and Obama.

Kirk Parker said...

"The difference between me and MadisonMan ..."

Hmmm, ok locals: has anyone ever seen Althouse and MadMan at the same time?

Paul said...

Hillary ain't no Mother Teressa.

Hell, she closer to Gypsy Rose Lee.

And hey, Ann, fess up, did you vote for Mondale to?

Ann Althouse said...


The info is already there. Yes.

Anonymous said...

Just have to wonder if Hillary's mother turns out to be a "composite" like one of Obama's girlfriends. I can hardly wait until someone does a textual analysis of HRC's book to see how much she might have written versus how much her editor/ghostwriter likely wrote.

"Vote for the Vagina. Hillary 2016"....we is screwed.

jr565 said...

"Mom measured her own life by how much she was able to help us and serve others."

I wish women who keep citing arguments about ME, ME, ME would take this into consideration when contemplating abortions.
Because women cause a baby to appear in their uterus and because that baby is essentially chained to it for it's life BECUASE of the womans actions and because it has it's own unique DNA, women should serve those they've wronged by allowing them the chance to complete their development naturally.
We celebrate our moms on mothers day, but that's because none of our mom's aborted us.