February 19, 2014

Big and small.

I had the occasion this morning to use one of my favorite tags, big and small. Scrolling through, I got to this post from June of last year, which ends with a sequence of images of 4 faces, and the third picture in the series is missing, its link gone dead. I'd like to restore the post with a workable image, but I can't remember who it was. You'd think it would be easy to figure it out — especially for me, since the sequence came out of my thought processes, and only last year.

UPDATE: Problem solved by the first commenter, Sean Gleeson. Thanks! Original post corrected.


Sean Gleeson said...

Probably this:


Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Sean. You must be right. I should know how to do that.

Fixed the original.

Ann Althouse said...

I tried to do what I think you did and was successful.

Will try to be less lame in the future.

I used:


and put in the code that was coming up dead.

Sean Gleeson said...

You're welcome, of course. And gosh, now I have a tag of my own! (Except I use two e's in Gleeson.) This is an honor. I think we both just got less lame this morning.

Ann Althouse said...

Spelling fixed. Sorry.