January 13, 2014

At the Off-Screen Café...

... what are you looking at?

We're looking at Mr. Pepper the Yorkie, who is off-screen, in this photo taken on December 12th in Austin, Texas, by John Cohen. We're in Madison now, and another dog is clamoring for attention.


Skyler said...

Ha, at first the tag on the photo made me think Mead was holding a Kimber 1911. Now that would be a Texas photo.

Shouting Thomas said...

We're in Madison now, and another dog is clamoring for attention.

Would that be the Salty Dog?

lemondog said...

Chris Christie, by Shakespeare

Shakespeare makes it clear that the plotters are acting to fulfill what they believe to be the king's wish as they murder his last remaining enemy. Shakespeare also makes it clear that King Henry never explicitly commanded the deed.

lemondog said...

Slideshow of doberman rescue by fire dept.

Dog Rescued from lake in O'Fallon Park

Freeman Hunt said...

If you hit your head, you are supposed to "rest your mind." What on earth does that mean?

tim in vermont said...

Kind of an interesting item from Limbaugh's website


Some people can't tell when he is kidding.

William said...

I have a few free minutes so I'd like to take the time to solve Detroit's bankruptcy problems. They have a first class art museum whose holdings might be worth over two billion dollars. It would take an extremely hardy art lover who would go to all the way to Detroit just to see the collection. The remaining Detroit residents are not so much into Old Masters. It would be win win for art lovers and Detroit to sell the collection and use the money to help defray the costs of Kwame Kilpatrick's pension and other costs involved in running that fine city. If the paintings were only sold to public institutions, the public would have greater access to these paintings. Everyone comes out ahead.

AlanKH said...

Now that the light bulb ban of the Disilluminati is at full strength (allowing only purchases of existing stocks), I have a question: has anyone run an estimate on the number of CFLs that will wind up in city landfills? There may be programs for recycling the things, but a lot of folks are not going to go through the trouble of driving down to Home Depot every time a CFL burns out.

FYI, I have an estimated 20-year supply of 20,000-hr light bulbs, and another order on the way from Zoro Tools to bump that up to 30. That doesn't include a couple of dozen everyday light bulbs I have in stock. I'm set for life. Suck it, ecofascists.

RazorSharpSundries said...

It looks like Meade can't believe his good luck and turns his head from the damnably exquisite reality of the black-clad intellectual-temptress that has trapped his soul.

Freeman Hunt said...

"What does resting the mind mean?"
"Well, no electronics is the big one nowadays. No television. No reading. No writing. Nothing that requires thought."
"I am having trouble picturing this. So, there is the person, say sitting on the couch. But he isn't reading anything. He isn't thinking. He's... What? He's staring? What is he doing?"
"So he's meditating? One is supposed to meditate for twenty-four hours?"
"The idea is that you go to bed for twenty-four hours and sleep much of the time."
"Oh. Ha ha ha."
"I'm serious."