December 26, 2013

"Giving thanks is no longer just holiday fare."

"A field of research on gratitude in kids is emerging, and early findings indicate parents' instincts to elevate the topic are spot-on. Concrete benefits come to kids who literally count their blessings."


William said...

You're more likely to do another good turn to someone who expresses gratitude for a previous good turn.....On the other hand if your life has been a series of indignities and deficits, then you're unlikely to know how to express gratitude for a good turn or, for that matter, to even recognize a good turn when it has been done to them.......Those who are most in need of human kindness are the least likely to receive it.

traditionalguy said...

Man's only duty to God not taken care of from God's end of the relationship is the duty to say thanks.

Inga said...

Teaching children to recognize that they are priveledged compared to many other children would be a good first step also. So many children in affluent families don't even have a clue as to how poor children live. They are so far removed, protected and coddled from the reality of other children's lives. Volunteering at food banks, feeding centers and shelters with their parents might help to open their eyes to their priveledge and instill a modicum of gratitude.

St. George said...

The books on happiness by Harvard professor Daniel Seligman also emphasize this, too.

The most selfish thing anyone can do is to be grateful and do good for others.

Here, for example, is an Oklahoma woman and her therapy kangaroo.