November 23, 2013

At the Red Dogs Café...

Rumor and Dawson

... you'll get your turn.


rhhardin said...

Is it time to do something.

Pointless typing.

David said...

Red dog!

Old football term.

Now it's called the blitz, or the all out blitz.

War terms.

lemondog said...

Red Bull Café.

Sorun said...

There are four college football games on broadcast TV here in Madison, but not the Badgers.

Wince said...

Has anyone seen the celebrity "O-Face" posters from the movie Nymphomaniac?


(scroll down)

1. The Zombie
2. The Angry Beach-Nudist
3. The Soprano
4. The Grieving Walrus
5. The Stubbed Toe
6. The Oh-Crikey
7. The Bad Hair Day
8. The Itchy Arm Pit
9. The Did-I-Leave-The-Gas-On
10. The Pantene Pro-V

lemondog said...

First time visiting LiveLeak site:

Obama's Former Bodyguard Interview with Jeff Kuhner

lemondog said...

Link redo:

Obama's Former Bodyguard Interview with Jeff Kuhner

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

Very nice Vizsla.

Saint Croix said...

Another abortion doctor, Douglas Karpen, is accused of killing newborns in the third trimester.

Once again the British press is informing more people than the American media.

These allegations are months old and so far no arrest has been made. Like in the Gosnell case, clinic employees took photographs with their cell phones.

These are the worst abortion photographs I have ever seen.

Operation Rescue might have ruined any chance at criminal prosecution by paying these witnesses to come forward. Regardless, it's insane that our media is not covering these very serious murder allegations.

Meade said...

@Bart, Rumor (the Vizsla) is the fastest dog I've ever seen.

John Cunningham said...

are these pics from an off-leash dog park? looks like a great area for the hounds....

Saint Croix said...

More on the Karpen murders at Breitbart.

Karpen is white so maybe white baby-killers can't get arrested and prosecuted in Texas. That would be a comment that pro-lifers should not be afraid to make. Apply the screws. And where is the fucking media?

Belinda Hill was in charge of the D.A. office, and she's pro-choice, apparently. Like a lot of pro-choice people she apparently has the idea that killing newborns is no big deal. Or at any rate the investigation went nowhere while she was in charge of the office.

Devon Anderson is the new D.A. in Houston. Obviously the murder of newborns should not be a political issue. But it's equally obvious that it is, if those murders happen in an abortion clinic.

Houston Chronicle has run a tiny article about "illegal abortions" but no mention of the murder allegations.

Saint Croix said...

I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek with that racism comment. I think the desire to protect Karpen has everything to do with abortion and nothing to do with race.

But here are some pro-life African-Americans who are asking exactly that question.

Why is Gosnell the only one who is arrested, prosecuted, and convicted?

We might ask too what the victims of the Karpen murders look like. Does the race of these babies play any part in the lack of concern of our state authorities?

Saint Croix said...

Operation Rescue might have ruined any chance at criminal prosecution by paying these witnesses to come forward.

I was wrong, the witnesses only get paid a reward ($25,000) if he is convicted of a crime. So it's similar I guess to other reward offers designed to bring out witnesses.

Saint Croix said...

Very good article in the Houston Chronicle here.