November 30, 2013

"A Manhattan man who sued because his real-life identity was outed on MTV's 'True Life: I'm a Chubby Chaser'..."

"... is fat out of luck, a Manhattan judge has ruled."
Tristan Watson and roommate Nadine Crosbie filed suit against the reality show's producers last year, claiming they were duped into thinking their home address would not be shown and that Watson would only be identified by the name "Tee" on the show, which focused on people who intentionally seek out extra-plump partners.
Of course, MTV makes anyone participating in this sort of show sign a written contract agreeing not to sue about anything, and the lawsuit was always doomed... which make you wonder why — if he were truly so troubled about getting outed — he'd sue, making his identity even more well known. I'd have never heard of this character if I hadn't seen this news report about the lawsuit. One must conclude that he wanted the publicity. He participated in the show, and then he drew even more attention to himself.

Watson claimed that he received a death threat "slipped under the front of his door of his apartment," but as the top comment says: "Why would he receive a death threat because he's a chubby chaser? That makes absolutely no sense." That question gets a funny reply: "maybe it was 'Fit Mom' threatening him, LOL."

(Do you know about "Fit Mom," the lady who got temporarily banned from Facebook for complaining about media boosting the self-esteem of fat people people of fatness?)

(That last link goes to Jezebel, where I am struggling very hard to resist the temptation to click on the "top story" in the sidebar: "The Epic, Disgusting Removal of a Blackhead 25 Years in the Making." Talk about the need for will power!)


madAsHell said...

"slipped under the front of his door of his apartment,"

No....really....I'm a victim, and someone wants to kill me.

St. George said...

Chubby Chasers...that's what they'll call fans of Christie when he runs for the White House.

C.C.'s for short.

Or CC's for CC...

betamax3000 said...

I Would Assume That if They Are Chubby it isn't That Hard to Chase Them Down. A City Block, Maybe. Less than That if Uphill.

William said...

If you've got to be stuck with an unusual sexual predilection, chubby chaser is the way to go. You're bound to get a lot of action, and people don't disapprove all that much. If you've got a thing for keeping teen aged girls chained in the basement, people become harshly judgmental.

Edward Lunny said...

" One must conclude that he wanted the publicity." Of course he/they do.