October 5, 2013

"You need to help me make the bed."/"You need to take me to the ball."

Did you like that? You need to answer in your king's voice.


Inga said...

We enjoyed the performance berry berry much! He sure has little girl persona down pat.

Freeman Hunt said...

This was funny, so I brought up an episode from season one about wanting another cookie. My almost two year old walked over to join me. He found the cookie episode especially compelling and helpfully suggested, "Have half? Have half! Half cookie!"

Freeman Hunt said...

An actual conversation with my four year old earlier this week:

Me: "Did you glue this picture to the wall?"
4yo: "Yes."
Me: "You can't do that."
4yo: "Why not? We were out of tape."

David said...

Now that was great. Thanks.