October 20, 2013

"How to tell if your dog is involved in..."

"... a sex scandal."


rhhardin said...

Doberman in tummy rub scandal.

Inga said...

Oh yeah, that certain look. Dead giveaway, LOL!

Carnifex said...

"How to tell..."

She has Carlos Danger on her Twitter account.

Carnifex said...

"How to tell..."

She worked in the San Diego Mayoral Office.

She was a house keeper for Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

She interned with Bill Clinton.

Damn. This is a ripe thread!

Carnifex said...

Worked for the Secret Service.

Taught high school.

Was a priest.

Carnifex said...

Dated a Kardashian.

Dated a Kennedy.

Made a video with Miley Cyrus.

Sam L. said...

Clearly, mine isn't.