October 20, 2013

"Conservatives need to stop playing by the rules set by the left. With creativity and a little innovation, we can redefine the debate on our terms."

Writes Scott Walker, in his new book, which, we are told, criticizes Mitt Romney.
Walker writes that Republicans in 2012 didn't run on their principles, didn't criticize Obama enough and did a "lousy job of presenting a positive vision of free market solutions to our nation's problems in a way that is relevant to people's lives."
The book — "Unintimidated" — won't be out for another month, but you can pre-order it here.


Will Cate said...

Excellent. I like your Gov. Walker quite a lot. I'll definitely read the book.

Big Mike said...

He's right, of course.

Mark said...

There wasn't enough criticism of Obama?

It seemed to me that that was one of the few things Romney actually did in the campaign. Certainly the media was all over it, or at least the Benghazi channel was.

khesanh0802 said...

Good for him.

In retrospect Romney played "flag" when the game was tackle.

cubanbob said...

Walker is right and it appears that he is thinking of running for President. And if he is thinking of running he just sent a warning shot to the RINOs at the RNC and in the beltway.

Just imaging him campaigning to the young and healthy that if they actually were to earn enough to not qualify for subsidies under the ACA their effective income tax rate will be the same as the millionaires and billionaires all thanks to the Democrats.

AJ Lynch said...

I just ordered a copy- thanks for the suggestion Professor.

Mark- I think Romney was too deferential to Obama. Romney,a high achiever and a serial achiever, should have pounded and pounded on Obama's bad ideas and dumb policies and lack of any substantive achievements other than being elected. He should have mocked Obama as a bigtime failed president.

Bruce Hayden said...

Agree with Walker's message, but not sure if he is the one to deliver it. The Senate Tea Party insurgents have done a pretty good job of changing the rules.

Interesting discussion today over at Volokh.com about a blog by "Tyrone" Cowen about how he thinks that the Republicans actually won on shutting down the government. Interesting how most of the commentators, and esp. the liberal ones, were adamant about how this has destroyed the Republican brand, and their chances at regaining power in DC. And, no surprise, the establishment Republicans, from Jeb Bush on down, agreed.

And, yet, they managed to get the Dems on record on having voted against reopening the parts of the National Parks that are normally open to the public, funding death benefits for servicemen, etc. The Obama Administration set out to make the shutdown as painful as possible, and a lot of Americans figured this out - they visibly shut down stuff that people see and care about, and let the stuff that they wanted to keep working, keep working (including the ObamaCare rollout). And, most of us saw that the world didn't come to an end, when the government supposedly shut down. Mostly just barrycades around national parks and monuments that are typically open to the public, and some other high visibility actions. But the checks kept going out, etc. So, if there was so little unorchestrated pain, then why does the federal government now take almost 1/4 of GDP? Why has it had to borrow nearly a trillion dollars every year that Obama has been in office?

Those votes are going to come back to haunt those making them, at least for the Senators and Representatives running in 2014. For the Dems, they will be tied to their votes, and may be shown alongside their buddy Harry Reid. And at least some of the Republicans will be sucessfully primaried out of their jobs.

Meanwhile, the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare continues unmodified, unabated, and unappologized for. The big companies have waivers, but not the many millions who must sign up by Dec. 15 in order to avoid a penalty/tax next year, despite having to use a system that is many months, if not a year or so, from being adequately operational. Prices are likely to go up for health care, and medical care quality down, while losing access to their current physicians, for many millions. Who were willing to try to stop the mess? The Republicans, and esp. the Tea Party. And, who was adamant about not allowing any deviation from the divinely ordained ObamaCare plan? Obama and the Dems in particular, and everyone who voted for the Harry Reid continuing resolution in general. This wound is going to fester for the next year until the elections, and every time they pay their higher insurance and health care costs, or have to get a new physician, or are denied coverage for something, a lot of Americans will remember who did what.

Oso Negro said...

Conservatives need their own version of the Youth International Party. A group dedicated to humor, pranks, and jolly mockery in the service of smaller, more affordable government. Let's beat them with our sense of humor.

Peter said...

Romney failed because he allowed his opponent to define him. His opponent defined him as a heartless silver-spoon plutocrat, and it stuck.

Whether or not this happened because Romney was too nice is hard to say. BUT presently the press and Democratic apparat seems to be doing a pretty good job of defining the gov't shutdown as due to Tea Party crazies and is calling for the Republican Party to purge itself of these.

Right now it looks like the election fiasco all over again.