September 9, 2013

"Who the hell are you?"


PH said...

The sad thing is he's probably right about the whole med school thing.

Original Mike said...

"Last year, 55% of this class failed"

I always wanted to grade an exam on the "NIH curve" (the NIH payline is now 10% or less, depending on the Institute). One student, the best, would get an "A". The rest would get an "F".

Grant applications are binary. You get them or you don't. Your Chair doesn't care that you almost got the grant. And, most especially, the people you've been paying off your expiring grant don't care either.

David said...

The modern academy.

Nobody has any idea what the professor looks like.

Never saw him before.

Outside of class, will never see him again.

FleetUSA said...

In the video, what is the deal about the hats many women are wearing. A new mid-America fashion statement?