September 9, 2013

She's the new Levi Johnston.

How's he doing now?

ADDED: "Police later said they did not find a gun on Zimmerman's person."


Emil Blatz said...

Excerpted from The Palm Beach Post:

Updated: 7:29 p.m. Monday, Sept. 9, 2013 | Posted: 7:29 p.m. Monday, Sept. 9, 2013

Zimmerman's wife won't press charges despite call


The Associated Press


The sobbing wife of George Zimmerman called 911 Monday to report that her estranged husband was threatening her with a gun and had punched her father in the nose, but hours later decided not to press charges against the man acquitted of all charges for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin.

Lake Mary police officers were still investigating the encounter as a domestic dispute, but no charges had been filed Monday afternoon. Shellie Zimmerman left the house after being questioned by police. George Zimmerman remained there into early evening and his attorney denied any wrongdoing by his client. He was not arrested.

Shellie Zimmerman, who has filed for divorce, initially told a 911 dispatcher that her husband had his hand on his gun as he sat in his car outside the home she was at with her father. She said she was scared because she wasn't sure what Zimmerman was capable of doing. Hours later she changed her story and said she never saw a firearm, said Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell.


Henry said...


Hagar said...

van Susteren ran a clip of her 911 call. I smell a rat. It sounded very artificial and coached.

Keep in mind that Zimmermann arrived at what was still also his home and found his ever-loving wife and her father stripping it of their joint assets preparatory to putting the house up for sale.

Illuninati said...

The pressure on George Zimmerman's family including his wife must be unbearable. They are common folks and have no experience handling the scrutiny. They don't have the support structure which celebrities and politicians have. It shouldn't come as a surprise if that they have begun to crack emotionally. She probably recognizes that the only way she can escape is by separating herself from George.

richlb said...

And the official word from Lake Mary police is "We did not find a gun, did not locate a weapon," said Zach Hudson, public information officer with the Lake Mary Police Department. "Nobody ever saw a gun. A gun is not part of this story."

It might not be part of the official police story, but a gun will always be a part of any story that involves George Zimmerman.

John said...

You beat me to it, RCHLB.

Ann, I think that you should not just leave this in comments. It deserves a regular post.

You got people talking about a false story about Zimmerman threatening his wife with a gun.

Now that it turns out to be completely false, you should not be like the NYT and address it with a retraction on page 37.

I think integrity requires you to post the story as it now comes out.

(Is integrity the right words here? Best I can come up with at the moment)

John Henry

Cedarford said...

A woman convicted of perjury, and stupid perjury at that, not like the perjury lawyers routinely do and get away with because it is in lawyerese language.....lied!!

Oh, what a shocker!