September 6, 2013

"Iran foreign minister Zarif tweets happy Jewish new year."

He then had a response from Christine Pelosi, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives, who said: "Thanks. The new year would be even sweeter if you would end Iran's Holocaust denial, sir."

He replied: "Iran never denied it. The man who was perceived to be denying it is now gone. Happy New Year."
BUT: "Iran Plots Revenge, U.S. Says/Officials Say Intercepted Message to Militants Orders Reprisals in Iraq if Syria Hit."


elkh1 said...

They never denied it, and always want to revive it.

Emil Blatz said...

Thank God she is no longer two heartbeats from the Presidency.

n.n said...

Good for Zarif. I hope his gesture was offered in good faith.

Pelosi should restrain herself from cheap exploitation for instant gratification. I hope she recovers her dignity soon.

As for Syria... advantage Iran.

surfed said...

Let me see if I've got this correct. The government in Iran is as schizo as ours? That the left hand of their government is clueless of what the right hand of their government is doing and vice versa? That their political processes are as bi-polar as ours. Why am I not comforted?

Andy Freeman said...

Why is Pelosi's daughter trying to shame foreign leaders?

Has there ever been a more disfunctional political class than what we've got now in the US?