August 27, 2013

What's happening these days at Grey Gardens?

For many of us, Grey Gardens means Big Edie and Little Edie in a movie engraved on our hearts. Rufus Wainwright sang about that.

But here it is mentioned by Howie Kurtz, who's at Fox News these days, taking a shot at Pari Bradlee, the daughter-in-law of Ben Bradlee, who once ran WaPo, the newspaper Kurtz abandoned:
Her new [Facebook[ profile picture, in a Swiss-cheese bra that leaves little to the imagination and long black leather sleeves and briefs, is so revealing that it drew a torrent of breathless comments....
"I have worked so hard all my life and always wanted to feel and be beautiful inside and out," Bradlee writes on Facebook. "I own my sensuality and teach others not to repress it. Femininity for me is a very powerful and beautiful force."...

The photo shoot took place at Grey Gardens, the fabled, 14-room East Hampton mansion, once featured in a movie, that the former Washington Post editor bought with his wife a quarter-century ago.
A movie. A Swiss-cheese bra.

I got to Kurtz's place via WaPo, where Erik Wemple is casting aspersions on Kurtz, calling his reporting a "nothing-sandwich posting." Is that a nothing sandwich with Swiss cheese?

Everyone knows at Grey Gardens, you eat liver paté.


Lem said...

If Fox was a paper, I would say Kurtz went there to spruce up their style page.
But since Fox is not a paper, I say the politburo sent him to Siberia, as punishment for his lackluster service.

JohnJEnright said...

You might be amused by this Wisconsin style swiss cheese bra:

FleetUSA said...

I would hope it is foie gras and not liver pate.

Carol said... Beauvoir was right, women have an insatiable need for self-display. Only modesty over flaws and maybr age slows them down.

SomeoneHasToSayIt said...

Let's see. 'Dowager'-like access and trading on physical beauty.

The feminists must be so proud of her!

Kevin said...

I can't believe that house is livable. It must have been fumigated with half the yearly output of Dow Chemical.

That's one of those movies you can SMELL.

Sam L. said...

Wemple is attempting to cast aspersions because, well, Ben Bradlee!

How DARE Howie Kurtz!