August 30, 2013

#13 is not like the other photos that won the Red Bull Illume Photo Contest 2013.

The photographer's explanation of his photograph:
I was in Barcelona for a week shooting the local BMX scene. Barcelona is definitely one of the most interesting BMX Meccas in the world, with many street spots where you can ride all day. After a hard day of searching for different spots, I shot this picture where an old man was angry with one of the local riders (Nil Soler), thinking that what he was doing was a bad thing for the city. He doesn't understand it's only BMX! After this mishap, which is usual in Barcelona lately, we continued our search for new images, new spots and new sensations.
From the comments:
The man in #13 is of course right. All this stunting should be limited to locations not in nature and not on other people's property including public space and infrastructure.

And despite the prettiness of some photos all this Red Bull crazy acting stuff is dangerous and people die in attempts to please Red Bull in commisioned shoots. So don't give away your photos for a tray of Red Bull or for nothing but a name quote. Nobody reads these but yourself.
Yeah, look at photo #3 and think of Mario Richard. Or — what the hell? — continue your search for new images, new spots, and new sensations.


Big Mike said...

#14 just screams to have a great white shark photoshopped in.

Tibore said...

On the one hand, the commentor is correct in that people should not do crazy things simply to please Red Bull or to get 15 seconds of minor fame on YouTube.

On the other, from that comment, you can't help but feel the person is a scold who for once has solid ground on the idea of pursuing danger for meager reasons, but who'd also likely stare disapprovingly at fully informed and experienced people who practice extreme sports not for cheap rewards but for love of the activity. An unpracticed idiot doing big wave surfing for some Instagram shots is not in the same category as a well-practiced surfer who tackles that same wave because he's an expert and has chosen the pursuit of waves as his lifestyle.

William said...

I can see where a joint Red Bull and Obamacare ad campaign would generate a lot of synergy.

madAsHell said...

Famous last words......"Hold my beer, and watch this!"

James said...

The Spaniard in the BMX photo is Woody Allen!

David said...

13 was (to me) the best photo of the group.

By far.

But probably it was too tainted by humanity to be a contest winner.