July 12, 2013

"The traveler never gets there."

Says Henry, commenting on last night's post about the traveler/tourist distinction.

Henry is a reader of this blog who has commented in the comments section here, back when my blog had comments, and who listened to what I said here:
I'm not going to endlessly discuss why I had to shut off comments on this blog. If anyone wants to argue with me...
Argue or otherwise talk to me...
... they can open up their own blog, write their comment there, link to me, and send me the link. I'll interact with them if they write well and say something interesting and not the same old thing that bogged down my comments section. That's essentially what Glenn [Reynolds] has done over the years — outsourcing the commenting. The would-be good commenters are to be bloggers themselves, and they need to show their stuff and be linkable, not hop on the high-readership platform that he's built up.
Or the semi-high-readership that I built up. It was, I said, time to run free of the semi-comfy home here at Althouse... time to travel... and never get there. I'm not there. I'm still traveling, and this next stretch of the road is narrow and rocky, and it's just me and Meade here in our little 2-seater. We can't drive a big busload over the terrain ahead.

As Henry said in his email to me, sharing that first link, above, it was perfectly easy to set up a Blogger blog. It might take one minute, and then you're off. Don't sit there in that old broken-down bus wondering when it will start up again. Climb out, stick out your thumb, and Google will whiz by presently and give you a ride.


It's a cool ride, and who knows where you'll go... and never get there.