July 12, 2013

"Meade will read this Comment to Ann and Ann Will Sigh. It Could Have Been Hers."

"One woman's refuse out the car window is another man's idea of making amends."

Okay... that's another approach to the end of comments, somehow creating another place where the same commenters can congregate and comment like they did back here in the old days when I had comments. Contrast that to Henry's approach — in the previous post.

ADDED: Meade comments at the first link, riffing on betamax who'd said: "Naked Bob Dylan Robot says: There is Eskimo Pain Deep in my Mid-Western Vowels, rumbles, gurgles: all the Pigeons Will Come to Me."
Vowels and bowels of angel hair
And Eskimo Pie hassles in the air
And pigeons pooping everywhere
I've looked at blogs that way

But now I'm simply paranoid
The spiders make me so annoyed
The many words I couldn't avoid
Blogs got in my way

I've looked at blogs from both sides now
From front and back, from kòu and tóu
It's blogs' intrusions I recall
I really don't like blogs at all