March 18, 2013

"I’ve seen very few people — myself included — reach the top or even near the top while working full time at home."

"I do not blame job discrimination for blocking my path. I knew what would happen when I made these decisions. I knew there were jobs that, by their nature, were too inflexible for me if I was going to achieve the balance. You can’t cover a war and be there for your children...."

Writes Michael — yes, a man — Winerip.


kentuckyliz said...

People make choices all the time.

edutcher said...

All those guys that went out and worked for a living never had it all, either.

You didn't hear them whining.

SOJO said...

Writers? Seriously? There are a ton of writers that reached the top working dominantly at home. Isn't that the point of being a writer? Think of Hunter S Thompson at Woody Creek. Louis CK - yeah, he gets out, but he is the primary caretaker of his two girls. They're his material.

Synova said...

Writing in some genres is primarily a solitary activity. It is not often a lucrative one, however, no matter that some few writers make it big. And even those are "self employed" and do not move up in an organization.

wyo sis said...

He has had it all. All the important stuff. He's very lucky.
My husband and I worked factory jobs while we went to school after we had 4 kids. Now, that's a soul killing way to earn a living and still never see your kids or make enough money. Fortunately it only lasted 4 years, but I still wonder what was missed and how their (the children's) lives might be different if we'd had some of that time to give them.

Expat(ish) said...

Made VP at a major technology company - took me an extra few years b/c I followed by wife to a foreign country for a year and worked at home.

My basic rule of thumb is: if I can do it then anyone can.

Grab your boot-straps sucka's.... and pull.