March 29, 2013

"As the viewer is struck with eggs spilling out in all directions twisting like an egg tornado and wondering how all that was packed into a flat card..."

"... and further how in the world will all that mess ever close back, depicted in black and white and in a smaller scale behind all of that, Jesus of Nazareth ascends in triumphant pose presiding over all, but his astonishing Earth-shattering demonstration of survival of the death experience goes unnoticed because attention is misdirected to the movement of colorful eggs."


Inga said...

Whoa, that's almost sacreligious. But very colorful and creative.

gutless said...

Actually I believe that the crucifixion happened in Edmonton not Calgary as claimed by the card maker.

sydney said...

Didn't that spoil the friend's surprise? Very nice, though.

Darrell said...

Maybe it's time to keep your Christian hatred to yourself, Chip. Tell us again about baby Ruth, like you did a couple of days ago.

m stone said...

Amazing use of paper. I find it incredible that all the eggs will fold back into the card. Nicely done, Chip.

If the display depicts the Ascension of Jesus, that event happened after (some believe 40 days) the Resurrection. Jesus literally lived among us for much of that time. So this is not really an Easter card.

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

Chip, that's stupendous. I'm in awe, not least of your solution of the 3-D engineering problems. And here I thought you were merely (merely!) an electronic animation genius :-)

ricpic said...

The egg is clearly a very potent symbol of life. So I don't see where Chip's juxtaposition of a riot of colored eggs and the risen Christ is disrespectful of Christ at all. Seems appropriate.

The egg was a major big deal to Dali as well.

Can we all say Dali?

Dah-Lee, Dah-Lee, Dah-Lee, Dah-Lee.

Ah, that's better.

wyo sis said...

It's stupendous and I'd try to make one myself, but bitter, bitter experience tells me I'd never be able to figure it out.
Chip is a genius. He's also a bit misunderstood, if up thread is anything to go by.

edutcher said...

And I kept thinking, "Where did the jelly beans come from?".

Inga said...

I was only teasing Chip, Wyo Sis. I adore his creations and excellent cookery.

Inga said...
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john said...

Chip's Christian hating sisters.

Methadras said...

it's chip so YAY!!!

Chip Ahoy said...

Thank you for showing this. As it turns out I was present when Paul opened the card at a party. Some thirty people crammed themselves in one my bedrooms for a card opening ritual, which being a natural born actor (but unable to sing) Paul cannot resist doing dramatically. He saved the puffy card for last knowing what to expect then turned on the actor instinct to milk his audience.

They saw the rabbits and marveled audibly which was very satisfying and nobody saw the passion, as expected, but when they settled down later and studied it more closely then a few people did see what was done. I honestly don't know what Paul thinks of it. He's impenetrable. He's the type that appreciates everything. I just don't know.

But this happened today. I was checking something out last night and noticed an address.

Whole Foods Capitol Hill
Product Request.

Message: I lied about having a product request to say that I love you. I do love you. Smooch.


Hi Chip,

Thanks for the love! We appreciate YOU!

Take care,


The Godfather said...

I try to be good-humored about harmless fun at the expense of my faith. This is probably clever enough technically to get a pass from me.

About 20 years ago I cancelled my subscription to the New Yorker when they published a cover that showed a crucified Easter bunny.

I haven't issued a fatwah against either the New Yorker or Chip.


Susan Stewart Rich said...

How could anyone dislike that?

Paddy O said...

"his astonishing Earth-shattering demonstration of survival of the death experience goes unnoticed because attention is misdirected to the movement of colorful eggs."

This is actually a pretty good way of describing much of the history of the Church.

Phil 3:14 said...

Two comments:

1) Its Calvary

2) Its in poor taste


Derek Brown said...

It's like the Conan Obrien in the Year 2000 joke:

Christ returns to earth and ushers in a 1000 year reign of peace and harmony. On the cover of that weeks Time: Jewel

TML said...

Why is there a giraffe in the egg card?

Don said...

At the link is some beautiful work, with outstanding underlying commentary, both by Chip Ahoy. Thank you very much for the timely and wonderful work.

(However, I think he may be off just a little bit on the location of the crucification -- Calgary is a pretty long journey from the site of the arrest in the garden at Gettysburg. I believe there could jurisdictional issues.)