January 5, 2013

Why is it "inhumane" and "idiotic" to question the veracity of the claims that have been made about Hillary Clinton's various medical conditions?

James Carville is saying:
I have no idea what it is about the secretary of state that drives them to this kind of inhumane idiotic behaving state.
Inhumane idiotic behaving state... is an odd way to struggle to make a point. People — like me — who notice the coincidence of this string of medical crises and the interest in avoiding questions about Benghazi are not "behaving." We're speaking. We're not in a "behaving state," whatever that's supposed to mean. We're looking at the information we have, analyzing it, and asking pertinent questions. This is political speech about powerful office holders in the United States of America. I am sick and tired of people who say that if you talk about Hillary's health you are inhumane and idiotic. I feel like yelling that. I want to stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to question and criticize any politician. I'm saying that out loud and sounding like this:

Clinton supporters are trying to shut down criticism by going hardcore on those of us who are just asking questions. We're being called inhumane on the theory that Hillary's problems are health problems. This accusation of inhumanity is — ironically, outrageously — being used to supervene any humane concerns directed at those who died in the Benghazi attack. I could just as well accuse Carville for going into a kind of inhumane idiotic behaving state whenever anyone suggests that anything other than Hillary's health deserves attention.

It's been said that those of us who ask — merely ask —whether there's some evasion going on here are asserting a conspiracy theory. First, asking is not asserting. Second, the idea that politicians are avoiding questions isn't a conspiracy theory. It's pretty much expecting the most ordinary and predictable sort of human behavior. Third, I can't think of anyone in American politics who is more famous for slapping the label "conspiracy" on something than Hillary Clinton:

And fourth, she was lying! When we're talking about Hillary Clinton, we're not talking about someone with a clean reputation for honesty. Talk about idiotic! It would be idiotic not to probe self-serving statements coming from the Clintons. The more histrionic these shut-up-she's-ill statements become the more suspicious I am. This is an immensely powerful politician who seeks even more power and has a motive to cover up what could be a terribly damaging story about an incident the American people deserve to know about. I'm sick and tired of people who say we can't talk about that, and I'm going to stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to question and criticize and debate about Hillary Clinton.

ADDED: Wow. Look at this NYT puff piece, crediting Hillary with "indomitable stamina and work ethic" because she went back to work after breaking her elbow. It's not like she continued working without getting it treated. She just went back to work with her arm in a sling while the healing took place. Doesn't everyone do that? (Unless their work requires you to do things with that arm.) I can't imagine if a co-worker came to work during the period of recovery for a broken bone that we'd be saying this is "vivid evidence of... indomitable stamina and work ethic." That's ludicrous!

Toward the end of the article, it says that Clinton still "plans to testify, while still in office" about Benghazi.
“She would have vastly preferred to testify that original date than go through the last 27 days,” said her senior adviser, Philippe Reines. “Only an imbecile would say otherwise,” he added, referring to charges by conservatives that Mrs. Clinton faked her illness to avoid the Congressional questioning.
Only an imbecile! Okay, if that's they way we are going to talk, I'll just say Reines is a.... oh, being a civil woman, I can't say it.


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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No Chickelit, sorry but you missed the whole point of her original comment, she said he WAS in Hawaii golfing instead of in the White House working. I did not say he would not go back nor cared a fig if he returned to Hawaii AFTER the negotiations were done, go back and reread that exchange, buttinsky.

So now you look foolish Chickie dear for butting in without knowing the facts of the original exchange.

SGT Ted said...

We can endlessly question the sanity, intelligence, patriotism and veracity of Republicans, but Democrats are just off limits, because they care more and always tell the truth, I am sure.

Oh and yes "civility bullshit" is defintely the category here.

Always remember the hero worship the Clintons regime receives from the lib/left industry, which is very much in competition with the Obama upstart regime. They will fall in line to protect her from criticism or accountability, just like they rallied around Bubba after he got blow jobs from Monica and then got caught.

The Clinton ass kissers here are only embarrassing themselves, as their brown noses are shiny and wet with their new exersions to defend the Peoples Heros from the truth.

That it is Carville leading the charge merely verifies what is going on.

Thucydides said...

Since it is clear Hillary will hide until there is less heat, and then most likely lie during the hearings, what is really needed is to cultivate whistle blowers in the Administration and its various organs to leak the revealing documents.

It is sad that America is reduced to Soviet era of Samizdat and word of mouth on street corners, but even the Soviet Union collapsed, and so too shall "Progressive" America.

TexasJew said...

Of course she's lying
These people are scum

DWPittelli said...

Remember that this is a woman whose husband acted to buy her a Senate seat with the pardons of 16 Puerto Rican terrorists and the commutations of 4 Hasidic leaders who had defrauded the United States government out of $30 million. I do not think that anyone owes her the respect, or the assumption of innocence which is ordinarily, and which ought to be, the due of a Secretary of State.

It is not her critics' fault that President Obama elevated this disgraced politician to this otherwise honorable position.

I hope that future Presidents' spouses do not have such ambitions for political office, as I expect future Presidents may likewise fall to the temptation to abuse their powers in their spouses' favor.

Unknown said...

I love "somefeller"'s arguments. They typify today's American fellers who have divorced themselves from reality and live in a parallel universe where reality is a four letter word. Now this would not have been bad if who is left behind with sound minds are few and they are unable to save the American Empire from decadence and eventual disappearance. Remember USSR? Nothing is forever.

Sarah Rolph said...

"somefeller" only pays attention to "serious people" even though he himself is not serious enough to use his own name.

If Carville et al. think we're bad, they should really check this out:


Talk about serious! That's some seriously world-class mockery.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Since the Clintons pull this kind of crap all the time, it's not difficult to ponder that this was also a delay tactic. Certainly the Clintons and the Obama administration must get the story straight and rehearse.

Honesty doesn't require delay tactics.

Dave said...

A bunch of Americans get killed in a major f-up, and the State department spends a week lying about it, and then the Sec of State is somewhat mysteriously unavailable to explain how any of this happened.

So naturally, the real issue is... how awful that people are questioning whether said Sec of State really needed to miss those hearings.

This is how the left works, folks. They just got our Ambassador and four others killed, lied about it to protect Obama's re-election, and now you're on the defensive.

In a world with a sane press, everyone would be skeptical of Hillary's convenient illness, and no one would be talking about anything except how those people got killed.

Loren said...

What I recall of her testimony with regards to the law records and the trading was, she stated, under oath, "I don't recall."

Now, post "concussion", I expect the recall to be even less.


"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple." -- Oscar Wilde

Lying is the most simple form of self-defense.

will link back in my weekly online mag

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