January 5, 2013

At the Winter Walk Café...


... find the light.


pm317 said...

The sky looks like a lake ..

Hagar said...

Is Althouse also going to do this thing with the hair curling under her chin?

Anonymous said...

What time of day is the photo? I love the light...

traditionalguy said...

That is a sweet picture. Would you want your image to be to be Kincadified. I like it as it is.

Irene said...


jd said...

Is it through the amazon portal?

Jack said...

Hey, Ann, I saw this article about Hillary in the New York Times. I don't know if you do requests, but I was hoping you could write something hateful, nasty, and dishonest, about her in response to it! And isn't there at least one nutso conspiracy theory you could make up to go along with it? I know this is your trademark, so maybe you're already working on it.

edutcher said...

You look as if you need a warm fire, a cup of hot chocolate, and a man's strong arms to cradle you, Madame.

PS Hillary did work the last 4 years?

That's the nutsiest thing I evah hoid.

Charlie Currie said...

Regarding - is fat bad - a post/question from a few days ago and whether BMI is a good measurement tool, this my be of interest:


Appears the answer is no.


bleh said...

Oh wow, I thought it was a lake. I thought you might have been at Tahoe or something.

Anonymous said...

I do not see Ann casting a shadow. Vampire?

Baron Zemo said...

Dude you can't believe anything you read in the New York Times.

Stick with the National Enquirer. They are real journalists.

Shouting Thomas said...

Every once in a while, Fred Reed, is a must read.

His latest is hilarious, and probably true.

Everything is explained.

Shouting Thomas said...

Short summary of Fred:

The problem is that we don’t have anything worthwhile to do.

edutcher said...

Question, Madame:

Are those boots comfy? They look as if they'd be murder on one's ankles.

Baron Zemo said...

Dude you can't believe anything you read in the New York Times.

Stick with the National Enquirer. They are real journalists.

Endorsed by MIB.

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Freeman Hunt said...

I'm here to emote. I love homeschooling. Love it. Love love love love love it.

Right now my son is sitting in the midst of piles of books, ranging from elementary school books to college textbooks to general audience books. He doesn't know the difference; he just knows that learning is exciting and satisfying. He can pursue whatever interest he likes, and right now that's space. No one has ever told him some nonsense about this book being hard or that book being on his grade level or whatever. There's no, "Wow, you finished that big book!" or "That book is too easy for you." Nothing to feed arrogance or shame. Just "There's a whole world out there. More than you could ever learn in one lifetime. Have at it." And so he writes his own little books and makes his own little diagrams and posts his own drawings on the walls without anyone telling him to do it. Plain, natural wanting to know.

I. Love. It.

Freeman Hunt said...

No one poisoning his mind everyday by chanting, "You're so smart!" at him, as if that's what anything is about.

HT said...

Sounds good, Freeman Hunt. Question - how do you finagle the college entrance thing?

Do you make sure he is learning the key concepts or is it still too early for that?

Michael Haz said...

From what I've seen among friends who home school, the issue isn't preparing their kids for college entrance exams, it's what to do when they are 15 and ready for college. And that's a feature, not a defect.

It's Saturday. Public school kids are playing videos or whatever. At least one Hunt child is LEARNING. That's one reason why the better universities are seeking out home schooled kids for admission.

Nice, Freeman.

Freeman Hunt said...

HT, there's nothing to finangle about college entrance; they have regular procedures for homeschooled students.

You can check that your child knows key concepts with conversation.or evaluating output or checklists or testing or whatever you'd like. If you want to do that, you have to do it no matter what school situation they're in. Going to a school offers no guarantees, only the illusion that there is a guarantee. At least, that's how I see it.

Freeman Hunt said...

HT, I should note that that was not always the case with college, so your question makes sense. It is, however, the case now.

Penny said...

Freeman Hunt's 2:59 comment makes me wonder if she also home schooled our favoritest commenter, Chip Ahoy?

Ha ha

Oh, I know it ain't so, but think about how cool it is that she just might be raising up a next generation of Chip Ahoys.

My heart is smiling wide.

Unknown said...

Home schooled children often score near perfect scores on the SAT and ACT.

Unknown said...

Chip Ahoy's gun pass is on Instapundit again!

Cinderellastory said...

A beautiful winter sky!

rhhardin said...

Winter walk with useful checking for rabbit poop.

HT said...

Ok, thanks.

Now, why does GB play outdoors, but Minn. does not?

OMG, what a TD. I would not want to be that guy!!

Chip Ahoy said...

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kentuckyliz said...

Home schooled kids going to college are smart and do well, but they get bogged down by having to slow down and institutionalize their learning, and marvel at the grudging anti-learning attitude of their new peers.

Unknown said...

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