January 26, 2013

"Muslim professor Mustafa Umar explained... that there is 'nothing intrinsically wrong with wearing nail polish'..."

"... the real issue is that this substance forms an impermeable barrier over the nails preventing water from getting underneath."
For years, women have been required to either remove and reapply polish for prayers every day, or wait to wear it during the week they have their period - when they're not allowed to pray.
Solution: "Breathable" nail polish.


caplight45 said...

in the last few years the hospital where my wife is an RN in the Mother/Baby (Post Partem)unit has "outlawed" nail polish and fake nails. It is supposed to cut down on infections.

edutcher said...

Oh, joy!

Better living through Sharia.

Coming to a Western Civilization near you.

Because the future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.

(what difference would it make?)

Hagar said...

In Islam, the imams are lawyers too?

Ann Althouse said...

"in the last few years the hospital where my wife is an RN in the Mother/Baby (Post Partem)unit has "outlawed" nail polish and fake nails. It is supposed to cut down on infections."

It makes sense. You can't see whether the nails are clean.

tree hugging sister said...

Sharia questions, kiddies? Ask-Imam has ALL the answers! I posted on the meaning of one peculiarity a few years ago...


YoungHegelian said...

"Islam" means submission. In this case, submission to the Will of God. The Will of God is made manifest through Sharia -- the laws that cover every aspect of human behavior.

In this, Islam is very much like Orthodox Judaism, which also has rules that cover every aspect of human behavior.

What else these two religions share, which Christianity lacks completely, is the idea of "uncleanliness". Uncleanliness is due to the nature of the human condition, and is not sinful in itself. But, knowingly violating the Law by somehow mingling the sacred with the unclean is a sin.

That's why a Muslim must wash completely before prayer, and why menstruating women are excused from the daily prayers. Not because it a sin to be dirty or to menstruate, but because it is unclean, and one does not come before the Holy in a state of uncleanliness.

We are so either Christian or post-Christian that we don't even see how Christian the foundational categories that make up our lives are. We see the world in terms of "Right" (Good Action) or Wrong (Bad action or sin). It's all based on an act of the moral subject's will. There is no between state like uncleanliness where the present and transient state of our physical nature undoes any attempt to perform
our higher moral good.

JAL said...

"Water" for what? One wouldn't have to clean under paint or polish.

Cleaning under the tip of the finger nails ... now that's another thing. For sanitary reasons.

But somehow I don't think that's what's going on with these local Muslim micromanagers.

Apparently Allah wants everyone spickity span clean before kneeling? An impossible task, but hey, reality doesn't seem to be a feature of this variation of Islam.

sfw said...

Islam also prescribes how much gold one may wear and whether you can go fishing or not. It's a wonderful religion for those who do not want to make decisions for them selves. After all Islam means submission. Total submission.

Smilin' Jack said...

And people think Scientology is weird. Come to think of it though, when I've been around Muslims, just going by sense of smell, I haven't really been all that impressed by their devotion to cleanliness.

JAL said...

Ahh -- you see, it isn't really about cleanliness.

It's the usual power trap. I mean, trip.

ampersand said...
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