January 18, 2013

At the Winter Light Café...


... I can't tell you what we did.


Paco Wové said...

I'm having trouble parsing this.

"I can't tell. You want. We did."


I'm just not creative enough for this blog.

chickelit said...

Althouse wrote: ... I can't tell you want we did.

translation: Non posso dire che si desidera che abbiamo fatto.

Everything sounds better in Italian.

kentuckyliz said...

Ich kann Ihnen gar nicht sagen wollen, haben wir getan.

A couple of opportunities to spit, there.

kentuckyliz said...

Je ne peux pas dire que vous voulez que nous avons fait.

Avec moi, sesois.

Gitchi gitchi yaya here.
Mocha chocolata yaya.

kentuckyliz said...

Я не магу сказаць вам, хочаце, мы зрабілі.


chickelit said...

Don't tell you naked snow angels together made!

Erika said...

Hey Liz, you may not remember but thanks for your reply to my question about Marty Haugen {grimace} on a thread a coupla weeks ago. You were right, that the thing to do is take the high road and be all saintly and stuff (always a challenge).

Today I was driving around trying to listen to K-Love and wondering why worship music is so ear-grindingly bad. Why does it all have to be about "woo woo woo my Lord makes me feel so good" in words of one syllable?

Erika said...

(See, I'm doing a lousy job at not being snooty and judgy-judgy.)

Ann Althouse said...

Gah. Sorry for the typo.

kentuckyliz said...

Jag kan inte säga att du vill att vi gjorde.


I learned one Swedish sentence in HS, that I still remember after all these years. To amuse the Swedish exchange student I was all crushy crusherson on.

Jag äter makaroner naken. Sluka! Sluka! Sluka!

Not only is Google educational with the translation, I googled the crush object, and found him. Hey! He acted in Titanic! He was Olaus Gunderson, who shared a room with Jack Dawson. He has other technical production, art director, director credits on his imdb profile.

Well, whaddya know! I should google people I know more often. I might learn some interesting things.

chickelit said...

@kentuckyliz: When I lived in Zurich I had a flat downstairs from a young couple. He was American (Chicago) and she was a Swedish bombshell. Every night those bedsprings bed upstairs went squeak squeak squeak. They moved to Sweden and she pumped out babies while he enjoyed a faculty position. I lost touch with them, like so many others.

Hagar said...

Be careful about people teaching you to speak sentences in languages you don't know.
Some people have a very regrettable sense of humor.

kentuckyliz said...

I looked it up myself in his Swedish English dictionary.

Oh yes. I learned the risks of what you speak from this.

Erika, yvw on the bad Catholic music commentary. CCM worship music always seems to have that atmospheric repetitive guitar riff, and whiny breathy singing that starts low and builds to impassioned scream-singing.

Synova said...

What *I* did was go down to the new shooting range that just opened and shot 50 rounds with a very sweet Walther PPQ 9mm. The guy at the range (since I asked) said that most people put the target at 7m, which seems freakishly close, but I did that and got nice groupings. The trigger pull is nice and the kick was pretty strong but smooth. I did waaaay better than the last time when I took my son for his birthday and we shot a 1911. I didn't like the 1911 at all.

So. Bragging! I did one of those target sheets with five targets on them and 7/8 in. red center spots and got 8 bullseyes. I'm totally proud of myself. I even got two of those when I moved the target back to 9m for the last 10 rounds. I only had 6 shots that were more than 2 inches from the center and none greater than 3 inches. (My groupings were 3,3,3 1/2, 4 1/2, and 5 inches across.)

Partly I have to brag because I went alone so there was no one there to see it. It was *fun*. And I've definitely settled on a PPQ. They were out! But they will have more in a couple days. Yay!

Synova said...

"Be careful about people teaching you to speak sentences in languages you don't know.
Some people have a very regrettable sense of humor.

My cousin did a graduate school exchange thing to Switzerland (I think it was) and took the train to visit our relatives in Sweden. Some guys on the train taught her to say "Do you want to see me naked," and told her that it was a nice way to greet her relations.

chickelit said...

I married into a Dutch family, and, knowing German, attempted to teach myself Dutch. They still tease me about the time I left out a single "n" and told someone to "give your family my vegetables" instead of "give your family my greetings".

ken in sc said...

Synova, As a fellow Air Force person, I am proud of you. Keep shooting.

edutcher said...

I dassn't say, but does it involve the alternative use of Irene's cowl?

Oakmoor said...

La signora parla la lingua, si? Che belle! Era il mio minore alla università! Siamo amici.

Oakmoor said...

Oh, wait, that wasn't Althouse...it was some other commenter, apparently. Wow, I'm so horribly embarrassed. I will never live this one down. Please excuse me.

Synova said...

ken, there were three Army guys there in BDU's shooting military weapons, looked like another guy was giving them instruction. I was renting my gun and the other guy came out and I heard, "When you get a chance can I get three rounds of the mumble mumble so we can shoot the mumble. No hurry, we'll be here all day. Yes, I know it costs $16 a cartridge."

I can't even imagine what they were going to each get to shoot *once*.

chickelit said...

@Oakmore: Minchia

edutcher said...

Seriously, Madame, that is a glorious evocation of the frigid beauty and crystal clarity of a winter's day.

garage mahal said...


Chip Ahoy said...

You are becoming very tired.
   I am not.
You're eyes are becoming very heavy.
   They are not.
Your head is feeling too heavy to hold up.
    It is not.
You are thinking about your bed.
   I am not
You can hardly keep your eyes open.
   I can too.
You want your pillow.
   I do not.
Your eye lids are feeling heavy.
   They are not.
But not your eyelids really are feeling heavy.
   yeah, come to think of it ...
If you could only close them.
   But I don't care to close them.
It's okay you can close them now.
And now you will tell me what you did.

chickelit said...

garage mahal shouts the rally cry of WCHA Badger Hockey of yore.

Did something happen tonight?

garage mahal said...

Bucky's 5th Quarter ‏@B5Q

GAME OVER--Wisconsin knocks off #8 Miami 1-0. Joel Rumpel with his 3rd shutout of the season. UW has won 7 straight, unbeaten streak at 11.

Lem said...

"I can't tell you want we did..."

Does a bear piss in the woods?

Lem said...

Its probably against the over-officious rules.

I just love that "over-officious jerk" take down.

Freeman Hunt said...

I had to get permission to tell this story.

My husband recently started wearing boxer briefs. Too much information, I know, but it is important. It seems, that when these are on, they feel the same as wearing shorts.

The other day he went out in a hurry to grab a gallon of milk at the convenience store. It was only when he got back that he realized he was not, in fact, wearing shorts. He'd gone in his underwear.

Ha ha ha.

Mad Dog said...

The photo is wonderful. Very appealing for those of us who appreciate winter. Keep it up with the photos.

MayBee said...

Freeman- Hahahahah!

Irene- I don't know if you will see this, but I want to heap praise on you for your gorgeous knitting.

dbp said...

Here is something that ironrailsironweights can get behind...


kentuckyliz said...

Freeman, great story. Thanks for sharing. It says a lot that you got permission first. Reshpeck.