December 6, 2012

"It's broadly accepted by those who have known them, an outdoor dog indoors lives a rich imaginative life."

"Some do. Special dogs do. Handlers and owners respond to these special animals automatically without even realizing sometimes exactly the nobility they're close to. They give them names of authority, kings, philosophers, warriors and such, people of note, even gods. The dogs do quietly exercise their unique magical talents when time allows and calm prevails and there are no noisy people around pestering their singular canid repose."

Says Chip Ahoy, appropriating yesterday's photograph of our borrowed god-dog Zeus:

(Here's the "God Dog" music to play in the background.)


MadisonMan said...

Sorry, I don't buy that.

I think dog owners who feel guilty about leaving their outdoor dogs indoors all day while they (the owners) are at work make this stuff up so they don't feel so guilty.

Erika said...

Chip's original remark reminded me of this.

Surfed said...

Neighborhoods that allow good dogs to roam are nice places to live. I miss neighborhood dogs dropping by for treats and a visit like they did a generation or two (or three) ago. You and Mr. Meade are lucky in that. And the dogs that visit you are too.

LarryK said...

Zeus's background music is divinely bad...did anyone listen to this in 1967 without first having at least three bong hits?

rhhardin said...

Dogs dream about what happened that day, if it's memorable enough.

My first Doberman dreamed of a long trot after we'd had a long trot, her dream-paws moving in exactly that rhythm for a long time.

Meade said...

Were hippies even using bongs in 1967?

sonicfrog said...

But is Zeus actually pulling off this stripe in real life when he knows no one is looking, or is it just in his head... Oh God, it's "Inception" all over again!

sonicfrog said...

Yes, that music is bad, but they should have sued Bruce Hornsby. He totally stole the opening chords for Mandolin Rain.

Browndog said...

What Maidsonman said-

Then again, I don't put a lot of stock in the opinions of surrogate dog owners, the borrowers, as it pertains to actually owning a dog.

You either have a dog, or you don't.

edutcher said...

Indoor dogs even more so.

Ann Althouse said...

"Were hippies even using bongs in 1967?"

They can't remember.

Isn't "bong" just a new word for an old thing that's been around for centuries?

Ann Althouse said...

The OED has the first use of the word — which is defined as "A kind of water-pipe used for smoking marijuana" — going back to 1971:

1971 Marijuana Rev. Jan.–June 18 Many thanks to Scott Bennett..for the beautiful special bong he made for my pipe collection.
1975 High Times Dec. 11/1 One hit of this weed produces creeping nirvana when smoked in a bong.
1977 Rolling Stone 24 Mar. 81/2 (advt.) Genuine bamboo bongs with removable bamboo bowls are wax lined and come in two sizes; the one-foot bong..and the two-foot bong.
1978 N.Y. Times 30 Mar. b2/2 Bongs, looking like pot-bellied vases.., give the most concentrated ‘drag’ possible by channeling smoke and preventing its escape into the air.
1979 Christian Sci. Monitor (Eastern ed.) 21 Nov. b1/1 Bongs, roach clips, coke spoons are as familiar as blue jeans to kids in the US today.

LarryK said...

Isn't "bong" just a new word for an old thing that's been around for centuries?

Yes, the new word taking the place of the old word for the old thing is hookah - which is probably an even older word.

Were hippies even using bongs in 1967?

Little before my time, but I bet the answer for '67 hippies on the cutting edge was yes

BarryD said...

I have working gun dogs that LOVE being indoors. They like the outdoors, too.

They love to hunt. They scramble for affection. They love to play games with frisbees, balls, or whatever. And they love the sofa.

They're not so different from us. They have their passions, they appreciate comfort, and they are better than humans actually, at taking full and immediate advantage of whatever opportunities present themselves.

My dogs are hyperactive and they don't go long without a good, long run (miles, not yards). But in between, they know how to relax.