November 9, 2012

"He will bring happiness in a pipe/He'll ride away on his silver bike/And apart from that he'll be so kind/In consenting to blow your mind..."

"Fat Angel," by Donovan (who wrote it) or The Jefferson Airplane (live, with oil-based light show) and even Orange Alabaster Mushroom (a rare find?).

Fly Translove Airways... Gets you there on time... a lyric that sprang to mind as I was reading The Lavender Café, where Michael K said:
I'm hoping to get Chicagoboyz back to posts about airplanes. Politics is a dead subject. The lefties have made their bed. Now, find a job.
And john said:
I think there is some early celebration of the med pot voting results.
He wasn't referring to Michael K, but to... well, if you go over there and scroll — which I don't recommend — you'll see a few things, which, as I said, I don't recommend. It was enough to make wyo sis say "This thread is either above my head or beneath my contempt. If I understood it I could tell which for sure." And john returns us to the aviation theme:
Does anyone else here read FlightLevel390? The best aviation blog around, and the site just got pulled off. I thought Tuesday was a bummer, but this is worse....
Flying stuff. Written by a pilot for a major airline (USAir I think). Beautiful poetic writing, gripping (really) tales of flying coast to coast, with regular dips into the technical aspects of flight and airplanes.
That's when Chip Ahoy — our fat angel, though I'm sure he's not fat — comes in with his pancakes made of "17 B-52's of milk," which doesn't stop LoafingOaf from calling him a "little fucking internet douchebag pussy," which makes it painfully obvious that we are not aviators. We are on the internet.

We are flying at an altitude of 39,000 feet/Captain High at your service...

We are all little fucking internet douchebag pussies now. What are you going to do about it? Go to Colorado/Washington, where pot has magically become legal... except to the extent it's a federal crime? You don't need that "med" modifier anymore. And you don't need a note from your little fucking internet douchebag pussy doctor.


Shouting Thomas said...

I'm entirely in favor of changing the subject, too.

Politics has worn me out. Let the lefties have their politics is religion bit. Let's see if it does them any good or, whether (as I suspect) they will just keep on bitching that everything isn't perfect.

I'm seriously considering retiring to spend most of my time contemplating my relationship with God, looking for high quality 420 and playing music with the Old Dawgz. Might go to the pound and get a pup, too.

Surfed said...

The Ultimate Spinach (from Boston I think) would be a rare find.

Surfed said...

Apparently not. Ultimate Spinach everywhere on You Tube. Good to know that with You Tube I CAN remember the 60's. Exit question: Why do all the coolest songs have Rickenbackers in them?

EDH said...

"We are all little fucking internet douchebag pussies now.

And so, as Frankfurt School Marxists are known to do, he vomited up a bilious stew of nonsense that basically served as a secular fatwa: Leftwing groups are free to say whatever they want, but “rightwing” groups (defined as any outfit not loyal to leftwing groups) were to be treated as bigoted and offensive simply because they disagreed with leftwing groups. As Marcuse writes, “Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left.”

-- from Jonah Goldberg's review of Greg Gutfeld's "The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph over Whiners in the Age of Phony Outrage"

Landlords steaming over pot, Worry about medicinal law’s effect on property

Burned up landlords are begging Beacon Hill pols to ban pot smokers from growing 6-foot high ganja plants in their apartments — a loophole in the state’s newly passed but hazy medical marijuana law.

The law — rolling out Jan. 1 — grants medical marijuana users the right to grow a two-month supply of weed at home if they cannot get to a pot dispensary because they are too sick or too broke.

Skip Schloming, executive director of the state’s Small Property Owners Association, said a 60-day supply could be huge.

“You could have as many as 24 plants that are 6 feet tall,” Schloming told the Herald. “And that could cause all sorts of property damage, from water damage, to mold and humidity, to wiring issues that could cause a fire. ... This has the potential to be a disaster.”

That fact, Schloming said, could boost crime as medical marijuana users are targeted by thieves. And, he added, federal drug agents who still bust pot-growing operations — medicinal or not — could seize the property.

“You could lose your property. You could be bankrupt,” Schloming added.

Schloming took his weed warning to the halls of the State House yesterday, trying to convince lawmakers to blunt the law and give landlords the right to reject tenants who use medicinal marijuana.

“Anti-discrimination laws say you can’t discriminate against people with disabilities, so right now, we can’t even ask about it,” Schloming added.

He’s not alone in his pot jitters.

Bob Ellison said...

I recommend Spanky and Our Gang's "Prescription for the Blues" as an antidote to whatever might be ailing you.

Surfed said...
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Surfed said...

Query for the Left: States Rights (legal drugs) vs The Federal Givernment, uhhh.. Government (illegal drugs)?

TML said...
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Shouting Thomas said...

Let's try to talk about this in a non-political way.

The response of the lefties over the past few days has been as if they finally got revenge for some sort of affront.

They've gotten angrier and more pissed off in victory.

The need for a scapegoat is very powerful.

TML said...

thought I'd clicked the wrong bookmark...This post sailed--flew?--right over my head. Way too esoteric and inscrutable for 8 am. Though a strange memory of Sendak's "In the Night Kitchen" did float into my head. A nice, strange memory. Proving that even at its most vague, inscrutable and mulch, Althouse is still always great stuff. Hey, I just thought about Ronnie Lane and Pete Townshend singing "Misunderstood" on "Rough Mix". Now that's a fucking amazing album. Now ehere was I...?

Hazy Dave said...

"Misunderstood" - yes! Also, "Street In The City" on a working day... "Prescription" is one of Spanky's better non-hit tunes, a Deep Track, if you will.

And, what is it about Donovan's songs that inspire extended cover versions? Besides "Fat Angel", I refer to Kooper & Stills' extended "Season Of The Witch" jam (I find the remixed version without the horn section overdubs to be a far more engrossing listen), and the live versions of "Get Thy Bearings" from the original King Crimson in 1969. Unique chord sequences? Open ended midtempo repetitive circular structure? Easy melodies to sing?

Peter said...

This is about old times (that sometimes turned out to be less than golden)?

I am the hip death goddess of your dreams
Life isn't all that it seems

LilyBart said...

They've gotten angrier and more pissed off in victory.

I've noticed this too. What is driving this? I wonder if they understand on some level that their guy isn't going to fix the bad course we're on - and they're worried. A downward economy hurts (almost) all of us; certainly the common, average person. They couldn't *vote* for Romney, but on some level, they understand that Obama is not the man for our time.

chuck said...

Hey, you sound like you've dropped thirty years. Sounds,..., sexy ;)

Bob Ellison said...

Hazy Dave, my favorite Spanky song is "Three Ways from Tomorrow". I just looked them up on Wikipedia and found this: "In October 1968, the group's lead guitarist Malcolm Hale died of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty heating system[3] (Hale's death has also been ascribed to bronchopneumonia).[4] This was a devastating blow to the group. The multi-instrumentalist did much of the arranging and pretty well kept the band together. Hale's death, along with the group's satisfaction over what they had achieved already, led to the decision to disband early in 1969."

Their first album came out in August 1967. I wonder how far they could have gone if Hale hadn't died. I also wonder what Hale's legacy might have been, because the group's chord progressions and arrangements were about as unpredictable as any at the time, even while their songs were very poppy.

Bob Ellison said...

Another recommendation (I'm risking deletion here): "God Is Real / Hare Ram" by Krishna Das. The entire album, Door of Faith is outstanding.

TML said...

Hazy Dave, that entire album is near perfect. It seems to be from the days when songs were carefully curated and ordered to make the listening a seamless experience. They're all great alone, too, but together just amazing. said...

The weak overcomes its enemy, the strong overcomes itself.

Bob Ellison said...

TML, which album from Donovan? Clearly I need the original compilation.

Paul Zrimsek said...

Another musician you should know about is Bruce Springstein. I recommend "Born to Run a Deli".

bagoh20 said...

: spend most of my time contemplating my relationship with God, looking for high quality 420 and playing music with the Old Dawgz. Might go to the pound and get a pup, too."

Yeaaaaaaa! Chase the bliss.

bagoh20 said...

" we are not aviators. We are on the internet."

A ∩ B = A

Michael K said...

Flightlevel390 is one of my favorites and I haven't looked at it in a couple of weeks. It is gone and a number of aviation discussion groups are wondering why. It was briefly gone last spring but reappeared.

I hope Captain Dave's employer didn't get touchy. Maybe it will reappear.

There are some other good sites, like glacier girl and an XB 70 site with great photos.