October 26, 2012

Tommy Thompson and Tammy Baldwin.

The last debate, streaming here.

UPDATE: Debate over. Site delinked.


Curious George said...

God is Baldwin a fucking dope.

roesch/voltaire said...

Yes Tommy did well as governor, some time ago, and he keeps going on, but that doesn't translate to the
Senate- after all look how little Johnson has done,and speaking of only having two bills with her name on, I guess Tommy forgets that Ryan, after years in congress has no more. shucks.

Bob Ellison said...


Ali Karim Bey said...

Just voted for the GOP.

Find out why:


traditionalguy said...

Thompson's final statement was that, "we are Americans here."

Was that statement sexist, racist, capitalist, or all of the above?

traditionalguy said...

Comparing the dull doofus Baldwin with an intelligent woman sure is a contrast.

Ann Coulter's rapier quick wit destroyed the best Piers Morgan could do to indict her for "bad words" usage tonight. It was a wonder to behold.

traditionalguy said...
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Kansas City said...

Green Bay Catholic Bishop tells over 300,000 Catholics that voting for persons who favor abortion rights may put soul at risk. Any impact?


Ali Karim Bey said...

How many people visiting this good blog have voted early?

I did at 4 PM. It took be less than 5 mins. I just voted for one way.


Chuck66 said...

KC...I am a lapsed Lutheran. The leftwing, anti-Semetic ELCA caused me to decide to sleep in on Sundays. But I am coming close to converting to the mother church. The Roman Catholic church leadership has the balls and conviction liberal protestant churches don't. I can live with liberal "social justice" views as long as they remain loyal to basic Catholic catacism teachings.

David said...

Oh, them.

David said...

Nice talking points, RV. You spew them well.

Meade said...

If Obama has lost Ali Karim Bey, he's lost Middle America.

traditionalguy said...

I am shocked. roeschie's statement quoting Thompson to the effect that Baldwin only has two balls with her name on it is both crude and homophobic.

yashu said...

Assuming (hypothetically) "Ali Karim Bey" is "America's Politico," this is a historic day indeed. :)

I'd like to hear more about what he's witnessing these days on the inside of CORE.

Chip Ahoy said...

Bob Ellison, the damn you autocorrect site you linked is hilarious. A little poking around and this.

Ali Karim Bey said...

There was another reason I voted for GOP all the way at 4pm today.

If Obama won, by a small margin, he would destroyed the economy further. The next year will be like Watergate with a focus on libya.

Follow the email. Follow the request for help.

That's all we would hear.

No, I love USA. I want to undo the damage this guy has done.

I only hope Romney will get us to the pier safely.

garage mahal said...


Tommy is old, and inebriated. But he's from Wisconsin, and he has grandchildren. *hiccup* So.

carrie said...

Chuck, go for it. I am a former ELCA Lutheran and am now a Catholic and I am glad that I did that.

Inga said...

He does like his Old Fashions. :)

EMD said...

Ali has a pizza shop to run.

All those regulations!

EMD said...

Old, white, and inebriated.

Sounds very Wisconsiny.

Ann Althouse said...

Nearly died laughing at that autocorrect page.

Christopher said...

I saw these two headlines on Drudge and I don't know if this is Drudgetaposition or if I'm just reading too much into it..

"Bust of Barack Obama's head -- made of butter! -- tours the streets of Chicago..."

"Doctors remove 60-pound tumor from woman..."

bagoh20 said...

Dammit! I missed it.

Erika said...

Chuck and Carrie, me too : ) Left the ELCA, home to Rome. Fullness of truth is a good feeling.

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Goju said...

GM, Inga

Lets. see....Tommy drinks (supposedly). I assume you have not problems if he is a raging drunk and that you are just waiting for him to start acrewing his interns and leave one of them to drown before you declare him the new Lion of theSenate?