October 27, 2012

"For Tammy Baldwin to attack [Tommy Thompson] on anything related to Sept. 11 is so hypocritical, she should be ashamed of herself..."

Said Rudy Giuliani yesterday.
Baldwin ran an ad this week... saying Thompson personally profited from the attacks by making $3 million from a health care firm he led that scored a government contract to treat first responders.
Here's Baldwin's ad:

Now, that ad was provoked by a Thompson an ad that assailed Baldwin for voting against a resolution to honor the 9/11 victims. Baldwin did vote for other bills honoring the victims when they also included health care spending provisions related to first responders. Here's Tommy's ad:

At last night's debate, Baldwin said "I am outraged that Tommy Thompson would question my patriotism." Thompson said he was not questioning her patriotism. He was questioning her "judgment."

I don't have a transcript or video of the debate, but Tommy had a long segment in which he talked about all that he did (as Health Secretary) on 9/11.

More here:
The Thompson campaign hosted a conference call Wednesday afternoon with George Pataki, who was governor of New York at the time of the 9/11 attacks. Pataki praised Thompson as a "force of nature" in responding to the tragedy.

"He was the first member of the Cabinet to come to Ground Zero, where I had the privilege of talking with him," said Pataki. "And from the early moments, he activated -- in a way that I will always be grateful for -- the nation's medical response efforts to help us."

When a reporter pointed out that Baldwin voted many times for other bills honoring and helping 9/11 first responders -- and clearly stated why she opposed the one bill being highlighted by Thompson -- Pataki nevertheless defended the criticisms.

"It's not misleading at all," he said of Thompson's ad. "She was one of a handful who voted against a strong bipartisan resolution. I don't understand the logic of her explanation."


Cedarford said...

Ummmm....lets just say when Romney talks about "cutting fat and excess costs" he probably has in mind among that pols that go out the revolving door and collect 3 million in gummint as a newly minted "healthcare administrator" from the great 9/11 slush fund trough...or a pol turned "historian advisor" to Freddie Mac collecting 1.6 million.

And shall we say Noble Algore cleaning up with 100 million in failed Green energy schemes backed by gummint money the Chinese lent. And Rahms 3 million a year "hedge fund advisor"" gig in the early 00's?

Not to mention the nepotic deals the members of Diane Feinstein, Tom DeLay, Tom Daschle, Colin Powell land for gummint big bucks?
Stimulus for government union leaders?

The rancid but entirely legal corruption ....or spoils game if you want to call it that - affects "connected people" in both Parties out avidly milking the system.

Shouting Thomas said...

This is the big issue in the Wisconsin Senate race?

If so, I'd say a pox on both sides.

I gather than Thompson wanted to highlight Baldwin's far lefty outlook. Couldn't he have done this in a better way?

I actually have a little sympathy for Baldwin's response. Scamming the system to profit off of 9/11 has been widespread.

Hagar said...

Thomposon or Pompouson?

Carnifex said...

Because it didn't spend any money. You really don't mean it unless you spend money!

roesch/voltaire said...

Tommy never directly answered the question about his ad but went on about his service, ignoring that Baldwin had voted nine time to support the victims and has worked to improve help for the first responders-- at best this debate was a tie.

Big Mike said...

Wisconsin and Missouri suggest that there must be better ways to select nominees for senate. Maybe it's time to repeal the 17th amendment?

edutcher said...

Whatever the ins and outs, Baldwin sounds like she's channeling Lurch.

Or Zero.

Sorun said...

Gawd, I hate this race. It should be about one thing: Overturning Obamacare.

Carter Wood said...

I worked for Tommy Thompson as a speechwriter on September 11, 2001, as we saw the smoke rise from the Pentagon. Truly, he was a leader -- not just assuring the staff but also responding adeptly to the demands on HHS. Honestly, from a cynical politico, he was the best.

Bob Ellison said...

I heard that both Tammy and Tommy support and regularly feed demon sheep.