September 22, 2012

"Well, at least one person is getting annoyed by the endless back and forth between Posner and Scalia."

"But that’s just one person. We’ll continue to beat that horse until it’s extra dead."


David said...

make it 2

Titus said...

Fags are eventually going to get married in this entire country, including Alabama.

Move on wingers, I know it is horrible, it is just the way it is going to be.

Focus your energies elsewhere.

Titus said...

I mean, even our hero, Clint, is all for fags getting married.

Ann Althouse said...

@Titus That's not what the 2 judges are fussing over. Either go read the actual topic of dispute and focus or go find one of the thousand or so posts on this blog about same-sex marriage and comment there.

You're being boring when the topic is how bored I am with something else. Don't be boring about boredom. Is there anything more boring?

Speaking of things that are not fab.

Chip Ahoy said...

This is circular. Circular! That is not fab.

It's less fab than circular. It's the unfab tendril that curls without connecting. I made some of those out of wire just to have extra decorative crap on a feeder. I was using my innate birdbrain and thought tweet maybe a tweet bird could tweet land on tweet one and sit tweet there and have a sip.

rcocean said...

It seems to be Scalia is just responding to Posner, briefly in one speech and in an interview where he was asked about it.

Posner is the one launching endless attacks and keeping it going. Why the plague-on-both-your-houses attitude?