September 28, 2012

"Just How Racist Is the 'Obama Phone' Video?"

Elspeth Reeve has good analysis at the Atlantic Wire. I had a big problem with Rush Limbaugh playing this clip over and over on his show yesterday. There's some kind of political point to be be made about they way some people become dependent on government or unrealistic about what government can or should do, but there's an emotional level, below the rational mind, that this video/audio can reach, and when someone repeatedly plays it, as Rush did, it seems as though he's trying to stir up racial fears.

Decent people whose rational minds would reject explicit racial material can be emotionally manipulated. They get their fears stirred up. If this is what Romney supporters think they need to do to get their man elected, I hope they fail. And, frankly, I think they will fail. If people in the middle — like me — get the impression that fear of black people is supposed to be the reason to vote for Romney, we're going to vote for Obama. That's the America I believe in. I think I'm right about that.


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kentuckyliz said...

I had to post that to start a new page.

All right...who's on board to take this sucker to 800?

Does Blogger have a limit?

kentuckyliz said...

Here, I am in touch with my inner curmudgeon. I get all my piss and vinegar expressed.

Then I can go back to being the sweet, nice, helpful, eager-to-please white girl IRL.

It's like going to confession.

Forgive me, Althouse-kommentariat, for I have sinned....

kentuckyliz said...

Expressing piss and vinegar. Sounds like expressing breast milk.

I have had the unique experience of sitting topless on a table with a Filipino man digging a huge needle into my armpit and drawing out what looks like vinegar.

Here I verbally express my piss and vinegar, but that's the visual I have from my own experience to match it IRL.

Drawing out the waste, the toxins, the lymph.

Thank you for the free therapy.

Lem said...

Quiting is not a winning strategy people..

Just saying.

Joe Schmoe said...

Does everyone in the media and blogosphere think it's necessary to traffic in hypercharged content meant to evoke emotional reactions? Even when most folks can rationally agree that such content is quite tangential to the most pressing topics of the times?

Ann treats voting like a parlor game. She would say she doesn't, but she does. It's the only natural emotional reaction to have when you are completely removed from the results. Her life will not change one iota regardless of who wins. Good for her. I wish I were in the same situation. Since I'm not, I have to vote for who I FEEL will affect my life for the better. I don't know for sure if they will make my life better if elected because there is no unassailable empirical data to support a one true way. But there is enough empirical evidence out there, past and present, to rationally FEEL like what is being done now has a snowball's chance in hell of working.

kentuckyliz said...

The candidate I support has a wikipedia page.

Joe Schmoe said...

Lem, now would be a good time to link to Whitney Houston's "I Get So Emotional Baby!"

Saint Croix said...

I cannot believe Republicans are so stupid! The purpose of this election is not to attack or mock people on welfare. Why would you do that? Why would you think that's a good move? How is that any criticism of Obama at all?

A far more effective criticism is to say, Obama is manipulating people.

And I do believe this is a racial appeal (scroll down). That picture was part of a website design, part of a government program to get people to sign up for an Obama phone. It was an attempt to make welfare seem cool and hip. I think it's utterly damning. We're spending $1.8 billion on free phones for people. We're advertising welfare, trying to get more people to sign up for it! Who does that? And the website is officially calling it the "Obama Phone." He's naming the welfare after himself!

That's the story.

To ignore all this--including the fact that this welfare is paid for by our cell phone taxes, a tax that hits the working poor--and to get into a stupid discussion about one stupid welfare queen and the Republican reaction to her, is fucking idiotic.

Liberals are always willing to play the race card and Republicans are idiots to be unaware of this. Rush Limbaugh in particular should be aware of this, because he's called a racist all the time.

Perceptions matter. Be aware of them. We need to win this election. Focus on the government, and Obama, and criticize that. To mock ordinary people--no matter how stupid they might be--is dumb. Really, really dumb. And of course the press is going to spin this story so that Republicans are racist. That will be the story, that's always the story.

vbspurs said...
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vbspurs said...

CouponMom, marry me.


kentuckyliz said...

On that page, you can find the quote I allude to when I say I would rather vote for a ham sandwich than Obama.

I found it interesting that it is the earliest recorded closed-face sandwich.

Closed-face...I like that. It sounds definitive, mind made up, face set like flint, with determination, damn the torpedoes!

Probably on white bread, too, so read into that whatever anti-crackah raaaaaacism you want to.

I also take great pleasure to read that within a couple of centuries of the Reconquista, Spain had a cuisine identified with them that was definitely not halal.

Throw off seven centuries of foreign Muslim domination, and proudly eat ham as an act of ongoing defiance.

The Reconquista shows that Spain was not a happy place of interreligious peace and harmony like people want to try and sell you it a way to promote our submission to dhimmitude and jizya.

I do believe I will eat some piggie for breakfast. I have some Lebanon sweet baloney from the Amish store in my fridge. *licking lips*


Here piggie piggie!

kentuckyliz said...

Joe Schmoe:

Ain't it shocking what Hope can do!

vbspurs said...

Incidentally, and this is as much a part of my nostalgia for old Althouse, as any racial memory, but there used to be a lady who posted here, whose name I believe was Helen Parr -- possibly West Indian in origin. She once wrote a comment regarding her ideological formation (mentioning Bastiat) which was perhaps my favourite comment ever in this blog.

And considering I STILL think the best commenters in the world come here, that's saying something.

Funny how there are so very few black commenters here, though, considering our hostess is very concerned about that sort of thing.

Me, I couldn't care less. "By their actions you shall know them".

CouponMom said...

Hey guys, I don't know about staying here. The blogs I read span the ideological spectrum but I don't like being lied to. I just read that the blog owner has voted for all D candidates, and is not a conservative/repubican/center right, libertarian, or limited government American.I might follow this thread topic but this stuff infuriates me.Hate is a strong word, but I HATE when people diminish what REAL racism is. I have four children and I don't want them to live in a world where anyone would judge them for having brown skin. My sons are honor students, I would never want someone clutching their purse because they walked by. My sons classmates aren't innately superior to my children. My child has the highest 5th grade reading score, and my other child is 2nd in math.

What people like Althouse are doing is dangerous. Let's talk about racism I have no problem with that. Let's talk about a little black girl denied the opportunity to use her apt. pool becuase of a racist community manager.

I welcome you all to read black blogs. They proudly state they will vote for the president simply because his is black. This kind of thing is not right. The preident has a green light to do WHATEVER he pleases because he knows he will recieve no opposition. Everyone was so excited at the novelty of the presidents election. The Republican base either stayed home because they despised McCain or they VOTED for Obama. Don't let people put you on the defensive. Of course SOME of the base is racist, SOME of America is raicst so they will be found across the ideological divide.

This is not how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning. Just a message to you "helpful" white liberals. I'm a human being, I am more than the color of my skin. I love everything about me and I am not ashamed, all I want is to be treated as an EQUAL American. I don't need you to hold my hand through life. America IS the land of opportunity.

vbspurs said...

Let's take this puppy to 1000. We did once you know! During the Veep debate in 2008, IIRC.

Nomennovum said...

"So Ann riffs on how Rush manipulates listeners emotionally, feels emotionally violated herself, and then makes a blog post that she knows will draw a highly-emotional reaction. Which it does." - Joe Schmoe

I don't discount the possibility that Ann is playing games with her readers, but the smell of rationalization is strong in this one. Time will tell.

kentuckyliz said...

I would like to respectfully point out that the race card, no, deck, is being played by the Obama campaign by hiring a bunch of black people to follow the Romney campaign around screaming and protesting. Look at the video again. I see only one white person in that whole crowd of paid protestors.

Who's playing the race deck?

Also: her teeth look fine to me. It looks like they are all there, and white.

White is good. At least when it comes to teeth.

It's so unfair that African Americans have better bone density.

My dental co-pays are more expensive than what my cancer bill co-pays were.

I like being English except for the bad teeth part.

Saint Croix said...

If people in the middle — like me — get the impression that fear of black people is supposed to be the reason to vote for Romney, we're going to vote for Obama.

Meaning the press is going to sweep Obama back into office, I guess. Awesome.

Buy silver, physical silver. You can buy gold, too, but when the crash comes, poor people--and a lot more of us will qualify--will be buying silver. We're heading to an economic catastrophe and Althouse is upset about Republicans mocking a welfare queen.

$1.5 trillion + 1.5 trillion + 1.5 trillion + 1.5 trillion = $6 trillion in Obama debt. He'll have a lot more flexibility after this election. But even if he does nothing, and floats for four more years, he's set us on a collision course with a brick wall called reality.

At a minimum, a second Obama term will add + 1.5 trillion + 1.5 trillion +1.5 trillion + 1.5 trillion = $6 trillion new debt, on top of the $6 trillion in his first four years. That would be a total of $12 trillion in debt on top of the $10 trillion we racked up in our first 230 years.

I'm hoping we can pull out of this mess in a Romney administration. 4 more years of Obama? We'll all be saying how the Mayans were fucking right. Our world as we know it will end in 2012.

John said...

Hey, Ann. Did you understand CouponMoms comment?

" I HATE when people diminish what REAL racism is."

kentuckyliz said...

CouponMom, I hope you realize that my posts are an ironic escalation of the supposed racism to highlight its stupidity.

I agree with you.

I think it's racist to think it's racist to show or share this video.

(Which I didn't even know about until Althouse promoted it)

It seems like the woman is enjoying being the spokesperson for the rent-a-mob. She is being given a voice and a megaphone to share her perspective with the world. She is famous.

If people feel sorry for her, if they think she is being exploited in a racist fashion, why not set up a reparation fund and have people donate?

Like the school bus lady?

Then the sympathetic and outraged liberals can enact some justice in the world and make things right for her.

Let white guilt open the wallets and let the mountain of cash wash over this poor exploited woman.

But then, she'd probably lose her check. And her free phone. They're doing asset testing in welfare programs now.

Never mind, just speak, outraged, and don't send her money to make things right. That would be harmful.

ACravan said...

I've been tuning away from political radio lately and missed the Rush Limbaugh coverage of this (and, I expect, the disturbing, related SEIU videos, which you might also call racial or racist). I don't know what to say, but I certainly wouldn't start blaming and unfairly attacking people who were upset after seeing the videos. They are upsetting. Yesterday, I attended a Romney rally in Wayne, Pennsylvania at Valley Forge Military Academy. In order to get there we had to make our way through a crowd of rude, nasty-acting white Obama supporters holding up anti-Romney signs including bad language and, in one instance, an anti-Mormon slur. I guess I'm a naive 59-year old, but I was shocked. I'd never imagined that it would come to this. And the first thing I thought of was the "Obama phone" video. The Romney crowd was exceedingly polite, by the way. Curtis Roberts

Lem said...

CouponMom there is more to the blog than just politics.

The professor is center left.. but she has been very fair, in my opinion, when there have been unfair attacks on people on both sides.. its unusual to see that.

Usually the political comentary out there is heavily tilted in one direction or the other... if that is what you are looking for you are not going to get that here.

I would still recommend you keep tabs on it, if only to get material/ammo for your arsenal.

It dosent hurt.

ACravan said...

And Ann, as for voting for Obama because of this, I don't mean to get personal, but I can see how a tenured university professor might believe that "four more years of this" might not affect their lives all that negatively. It's just four more years experiences for you; grist for what I'm sure is an inspiring teaching and academic career. As an attorney who has been seeking to replace his corporate position throughout the entire Obama administration and has come very close on several occasions, only to be told that the company in question had suspended its hiring plans, four more years of Obama would predictably wreck my life. The life of the non-major firm affiliated jobbing lawyer these days is practically impossible. Difficult to attract clients and almost impossible to get them to pay promptly or at all. If you add related issues (in my life) like attracting buyers for a house in a dead housing market, things get worse. The election simply isn't a close call for me on those grounds also and there are many others.

FleetUSA said...

There is only one issue in this election: JOBS

Choom is doing what any lawyer with a bad case is expected to do: avoid the big issue and through up a myriad of other minor issues to confuse the jury.

Nomennovum said...

"I hope you realize that my posts are an ironic escalation of the supposed racism to highlight its stupidity."

Yes yes yes yes yes I got it I got it.

I know I am late to this thread, but to mix metaphors, wading in now is like walking through a field recently abandoned by a large flock of Canada geese.

MadisonMan said...

Never heard of this video. Haven't seen it, and won't.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Is the country? That's all you need to ask yourself when you go into the voting booth. Is the country going in the right direction?


I've decided I'm no longer undecided. And my anti-incumbency mindset has kicked in big time.

Lem said...


Well, I hardly knew ye.

Unknown said...

If it's not racist with one showing, why is it racist with many showings of the same video?

CouponMom said...


Point taken. I really don't listen to much talk radio because of the talking points and partisanship. LittleGreenFootballs switched sides and I still browse from time to time. I'm aware of almost every left wing blog published and I try to read everything available so I can make informed opinions.

Sometimes the personal is political. This post really bothered me so maybe I should just log off for the day :)

ACravan said...

I suppose it will be considered "racial" or "racist" if I also confess to finding Samuel L. Jackson's "Wake The Fuck Up" advertisement, featuring the little girl screaming that slogan at the end, objectionable. Can't win for losing these days. I'm sorry if Rush upset you, Ann, but this was a silly posting. Curtis Roberts

Saint Croix said...

The claim that Althouse is in the middle is hilarious. You listen to Rush!

You know how many Republicans don't listen to Rush? Millions. Millions and millions of people don't listen to Rush every day.

Not to mention the millions and millions and millions of liberals who don't listen to Rush every day.

You think Mitt Romney listens to Rush? I doubt it. I doubt it very much.

You're to the right of all those people, Ann Althouse.

You racist!

Is it truly fair to demonize "those people" who are trying to manipulate you into voting for Romney out of fear of "those people" who are on welfare? Or is one just as easily a form of manipulation and hysteria as the other?

In fact I think Republicans are far more fair-minded and balanced about race--and the unimportance of it--than liberals. By far. Not even close.

Nomennovum said...

".. there have been unfair attacks on people on both sides ...""

Sure, absolutely. Only I can think of only the Obama ones. Please remind me of Romney's?

Ex-prosecutor said...

I haven't read all of the comments, so this may have already been brought up.

Flipping through the cable channels, I came across an awful show called "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo." It's a reality show, of sorts, named after the youngest of 4 girls, who competes in beauty contests, although only 6 or so years old. All are white, and each girl was fathered by a different man, the common thread being that all impregnators are felons. The entire family is very dumb, which they demonstrate to the hilarity of all. My point, such as it is, is that a show such as this, with dumb no-account people would not be permitted if they were black. Why, I don't know. So, an Obama phone recipient could demonstrate her stupidity if she were white, but cannot because she's black.

Tank said...

Ann Althouse said...


I'm a genuinely undecided voter, watching and thinking these last few weeks. Show me something, Romney, or fail.

What a bizarre approach. Zero has been President for four years. With one or two exceptions, everything he's done has made the country worse off.

Whatever else you say about Romney [flip flopper, panderer, not a conservative], he has a life long record of success at actually doing something. Rescuing failing businesses. Rescuing the Olympics. Serving as a Governor.

This idea the Romney has to NOW show you some bullshit campaign something is ... stupid.

This thread is instructive for showing how so may really "smart" people like Ann so often make stupid mistakes. The idea that she could be "on the fence" at this point is pathetic. She's a liberal mostly, and she's going to vote for Zero again.

Clyde said...

Revenant said...
Black people might have simple needs

I winced when I read that.

Me, too. It reminded me too much of that idiot Earl Butz back in the Ford administration who was forced to resign as Sec. of Agriculture because of his stupid, racist "loose shoes" joke.

Tank said...


Ann, or other "independents" might vote for or against Romney based on what some radio said about a black lady who is going to vote for Zero as thanks for giving her a phone.

Is this one of the top five stupid things you've ever heard?

Michael said...

"Fear of black people." What an astonishing phrase. But then I live in a place that is predominately black so perhaps I can be excused for thinking of black people as individual human beings. I forget that in places like white bread Wisconsin, Madison, blacks are a theoretical concept, a tool for the smug. White lady tenured professors should give some thought to the source of their unspoken fears. Or, of course, scrub away some of that guilt and shame with another vote for Obama. That could do it. Probably not, but maybe.

dreams said...

Althouse feels her liberal sensibilities are more important than what happens to our country. We're zooming with increasing momentum toward a world wide financial collapse with the resulting depression that will surely cause hunger, death and destruction, at least some people who I respect are worried about such a scenario. Half of the world is intent on killing us but Althouse has been offended by Rush so she just might vote for Obama and to hell with what happens to our country. Its so disappointing to see her buy into all the liberal dog whistle crap.

Michael said...

"Fear of black people." What an astonishing phrase. But then I live in a place that is predominately black so perhaps I can be excused for thinking of black people as individual human beings. I forget that in places like white bread Wisconsin, Madison, blacks are a theoretical concept, a tool for the smug. White lady tenured professors should give some thought to the source of their unspoken fears. Or, of course, scrub away some of that guilt and shame with another vote for Obama. That could do it. Probably not, but maybe.

Roger J. said...

The fair lady Victoria--great to see you back. hope all is well. i am off today to visit Asturias, my ancestral homeland, and Pravia, the birthplace of my grandparents.
I will think of you.

Joe Schmoe said...

So far Ann has tipped her voting hand thusly:

*Maybe not vote.
*If Obama runs ads that unfairly pick on Mitt, she may so ever slightly be inclined to vote for Mitt!
*If Rush airs comments by black people, she may so ever slightly be inclined to vote for Obama! Just like the rest of undecided America will be!

This kind of insouciant contrarianism is really pretty funny. Ann is setting herself up for voting for the opposing candidate of the last political ad or news story that she hears before exiting her car and heading to the voting booth. Or maybe she'll leave the ballot blank!

She chalks it up to the physiological hardwiring of the human nervous system.

Lem said...

To keep talking about the fractal like racial iterations until we are blue in the face is not going to make it any better... if anything I believe its more damaging to race relations.

CouponMoms point is well taken.

Rustling Leaves said...

Maybe we should have copyright laws that apply to people. We have them for everything else. Make it illegal to distribute images of people without their permission.

Rusty said...

Saint Croix said...
I cannot believe Republicans are so stupid! The purpose of this election is not to attack or mock people on welfare. Why would you do that? Why would you think that's a good move? How is that any criticism of Obama at all?

Re; Rush. Right?

He was not so much making fun of her as the mentality that produces people like her. "The Permanent Democrat Victim."
Repetition points out the absurdity of the Obamaphone meme.It isn't racist. It's absurd, and by extension the whole democrat platform.
I'm surprised Alhouse didn't pick up on that.

CouponMom said...

@Joe Schmoe

LOL. I wonder if Ann is serious? This is how someone makes their voting choice?


I agree, Obama spoke of being post partisan and inclusive in his 08 campaign. Romney has a RECORD of working across the aisle.

James said...

@CouponMom...we need well meaning liberals to point out racism for us since we're obviously too stupid to recognize overt racism when it happens to us. We should be grateful for people like Elspeth Reeve and Althouse.

Nomennovum said...

"Black people might have simple needs."

I have simple needs too. What is wrong with that? Why do you wince?

Life gets fucked-up when people make things more complicated than they ought to be.

See? People have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So people need a Consitution to define and limit their governemnt. So people need a government to secure those rights. So people need a governemnt to guarantee those rights. So people need a government to provide them seucurity. So people need a goverment to provide them food and shelter. So people need a governemnt to provide them an education. So people need a government to provide them health care. So people need a goverment to provide them a phone.

Mick said...

Ah. More rationalization for your selling out the Republic Althouse. While you sit in your comfy perch in Academia, and vote for a Usurper, and don't inform the public that their liberty and sovereignty are gone, America is burning. You and others like Turley, and Greenwald could have been the gatekeepers of the Republic, but you were all cowards and frauds. Shame on you.

DADvocate said...

I have a book, Thoughts & Feelings: The Art of Cognitive Stress Intervention. It is co-authored by two psychologists and a "professional writer in mental health field and Publications Manager for the University of California at Berkeley." One of the psychologists was Director of Psychological Services at the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic. This is a book clearly written, 30 years ago, by feel good hippies.

Chapter 3 - Combating Distorted Thinking gives 15 examples of distorted thinking. Distorted thinking number 9 - Emotional Reasoning - "the belief that what you feel must be true."

Lem said...

...until we are blue in the face..

See what I mean?

There is no end to the second guessing and hand wringing.

To take something at "face value"... is that racist?

I'm not going to say Althouse should moderate her free speech... I am going to say, we, the regulars, that have enjoyed coming here should just keep calling her on it when she veers off into the fever swamps... and gently, but firmly, coax her back to terra firma.

Look even Althouse is entitled to a mistake... she is only human.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Why is an incumbent President polling below 50% in many/most of the swing states?

Because people aren't undecided about him. They're undecided on whether his challenger will suffice.

Insofar as Althouse is 'holding open' her choice, we ought to encourage her, politely, to compare the candidates side-by-side and evaluate them each on their strengths and weaknesses.

When a previous Obama voter is undecided with only 39 days to go, that does indicate a trend.

Lem said...

Ah.. the penumbra..

Thats the word I was looking for.

Pablo said...

So, Althouse hears a mental defective/welfare queen and her first thought is "My, how black she is!" Her second is "I'm offended at people who remark on such idiocy/dependance!" Third, "I'm gonna vote for the black guy."


bgates said...

If it's racist to draw attention to a person who is conforming to a stereotype of that person's racial group, however unfair that stereotype might be, isn't your comment on Rush Limbaugh's use of this video racist against white people?

Joe Schmoe said...

Ann, I'm sorry to pile on, but this is not your finest reasoning at all. You announce a preference shaped by an emotional reaction, then you try to rationalize your emotional reaction, and then you somehow proffer your experience as evidence of a trend among all undecideds! Call me an Obamaphone recipient if you want, cuz I'm not buying it.

Lem said...

When a previous Obama voter is undecided with only 39 days to go, that does indicate a trend.

here here.

DADvocate said...

The living in lily white Wisconsin with an ivory (white again) tower job keeps coming back. Reminds me of my ultra progressive sister and her husband. Never had a black person in their class k-12, not classroom, class. Carefully avoided living anywhere close to a black person, including living in the classic gated community. Own their own business and haven't ever had a black employee.

BUT!! The slightest hint of racism sends them off.

Nomennovum said...

What I've learned from all this: The taxpayers are not funding this woman's iPhone, because the iPhone is not being being funded by a tax.

It's being funded by a surcharge.

You racist bitches.

CouponMom said...


I agree with you but I do want to clarify that racism isn't always overt. I have never had a non-black person tell me "hey I think I am superior to you, you are a lower evolved subhuman." The problem with white liberals is that EVERYTHING is racist to them. So now we can't critique the president's foreign and economic policies because it's racist?

I don't spend my time probing hearts and minds. It is only fair to evaluate a situation based on the facts. Replaying a clip over and over is not racist, it happens all the time on cable news and talk radio. Why are they afraidd to talk about why the president WANTS people to depend on government? I live in the South and I saw ads inviting people to apply for food stamps. Do we really need the government to do that? People know food stamps are available, why the need to INCREASE the amount of people on them? Does the president care that more Americans can't afford food? Why does he not care about this economic crisis we are in? People WANT jobs not hand outs.

Michael said...

An amazing coincidence. The Obamaphone website has undergone a dramatic makeover. I suppose.....what?

Joe Schmoe said...

CouponMom, keep the faith and keep fighting for those hand-ups, not hand-outs.

KentuckyLiz, the burqa babe in your profile pic is hawt!

My wife and kids are awake and starting to swarm, so thus ends my Saturday soliloquy. Maybe tonight I'll check back in to see if you guys jacked this thread to 1000+.

Mick said...

Savage is right (on this at least). Liberalism IS a mental disorder that is characterized by hyper rationalization, and relativism. Nothing is black and white to the liberal mind, thus they are nihilists, whom cannot really tell right from wrong, or what is even truth.
That Althouse characterizes herself as "in the middle" means she has a touch of the disease, and doesn't really believe in the rule of law, but believes in the rule of men. And that is why what is happening in America is allowed to happen--- 50 years of teachers with the same disease. I have deprogrammed my kids from the damage of the Althouses of the world, including Rabbis who believe in "social justice". That Althouse would even think of voting for Obama again after what he has done is the sign of a weak mind. But then there is no choice. Romney is almost as bad (at least he is eligible). The best option is to mass abstain. Shut down the corrupt political machine. The Republic is gone anyway, and the reset is coming.

CouponMom said...


Brilliant and so true, it offends greatly.

TerryA said...

We always knew that, in the end, Ann would vote for Obama, but we didn't know what the excuse would be. Now we learn that it's the fact that Rush Limbaugh plays this woman exulting about free stuff a bit too frequently.


Saint Croix said...

He was not so much making fun of her as the mentality that produces people like her.

No, if you're making fun of "the mentality," then you focus on the website and Obama. You focus on the $1.6 billion dollars and the ad programs trying to get more people on welfare and food stamps.

I heard one of those in Charlotte. Could not believe it!

That's where our focus should be.

To play the video and/or audio over and over is to mock and belittle a stupid woman. She is stupid. Okay. Attacking her can be seen as racist, or elitist.

If Romney were to play this video in a campaign ad? He would lose.

I didn't hear that show, but you have to be really careful with race. Duh! It's one of those issues that can make lots of people irrational. Including Althouse, apparently.

Pogo said...

How Althouse lost me, too.

I'll take facts, hold the narrative said...

Congrats. You on pace for 1000 comments in less than 25 hours. One every 90 seconds.

Deekaman said...

After all that has gone on, all that you have seen and written about this President you are going to vote for him again?

Jeebus. :-( I'd have sworn you were objective.

Ah Pooh said...

I want to think the 'Obama Phone' video post of September 28th was performance art. Perhaps Althouse finds the 650+ comments hysterical.

James said...

Guess what guys!!!

I just realized I got an offer for an Obama Phone in the mail earlier this week.

See these pics:

Deekaman said...

Althouse is, by her belief that this is about race, being racist herself. She makes the argument that because it is a Black woman depicted that it is de facto racially charged. That is, in and of itself racist because she then must assume that everyone obtaining government largess is Black.

Nice job, racist Ann Althouse.

James said...


I currenly live in Wisconsin and I've also lived in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Minnesota and Indiana. Trust me when I say I've experienced overt racism especially in New York and New Jersey.

Meade said...

Ruth Anne Adams said...
Why is an incumbent President polling below 50% in many/most of the swing states?

Because people aren't undecided about him. They're undecided on whether his challenger will suffice.

Insofar as Althouse is 'holding open' her choice, we ought to encourage her, politely, to compare the candidates side-by-side and evaluate them each on their strengths and weaknesses.

When a previous Obama voter is undecided with only 39 days to go, that does indicate a trend.

Smartest thing said out of 674 comments.

Roger J. said...

Meade: are you asserting that with 39 days to go a rational person cant decide based on the record of accomplishments of the candidates they are still undecided? Very weak--very very weak rationalization.

Deekaman said...

While I have not read them all, this is by far the best comment of the thread:

"Fear of black people." What an astonishing phrase. But then I live in a place that is predominately black so perhaps I can be excused for thinking of black people as individual human beings. I forget that in places like white bread Wisconsin, Madison, blacks are a theoretical concept, a tool for the smug. White lady tenured professors should give some thought to the source of their unspoken fears. Or, of course, scrub away some of that guilt and shame with another vote for Obama. That could do it. Probably not, but maybe.

Nomennovum said...

But first we must -- respectfully -- encourage Ann to apply rational thought to the issue, no?

Nomennovum said...

Or better said, set aside irrational sentiment, because I know Ann is capable of rational thought

paul a'barge said...

Decent people whose rational minds would reject explicit racial material can be emotionally manipulated


People without the intellectual ability to sh*t or get off the political pot can be manipulated.

Ask Elspeth to loosen your leash.

Meade said...

Roger, the record of their accomplishments and everything else about them. As Ruth Anne said - put them side by side and evaluate them rationally. You have decided who you will vote for, I have decided who I will vote for. There is a small percentage of voters who have not. Their votes will determine who is elected. The question should be how best to influence those voters.

Saint Croix said...

Here's an ad Jesse Helms ran in North Carolina that was criticized as racist.

Here's the Willie Horton ad, also criticized as racist.

The Helms ad is actually speaking to white voters. So in that sense it is racially divisive, talking to white people about minorities.

(Both Helms and Bush won, by the way).

The criticisms of the ads deal largely with subtext. Ostensibly you're attacking liberals for being soft on crime, or favoring racial quotas. But you really want to scare white people about black people.

If you say "crime" or "welfare" or "affirmative action," you're a racist.

Liberals make this charge because they have unpopular positions on crime and welfare and affirmative action.

So they play the race card.

The Obama Phone is indefensible. But this video is like the Republican ads above. (Worse, I think).

It's so easy to see a racist subtext. Or at least an eltist one. We're invited to feel superior to her.

Althouse, a law professor, is so emotional about this she blames the Romney campaign for the free speech of some other citizen.

(Kind of like blaming Obama for an anti-Islamic video on youtube!)

And of course it's dangerous to say other people are racist. That charge is thrown at Republicans all the time. And often you are making that charge against people you don't know at all.

"I just met you, but you're a racist."


"I don't even know you, you exist in my imagination, but you're a racist."

Althouse has listened to Rush a lot, so she has a pretty good idea about how racist he is or is not. And yet race is so emotional she is (implicitly) accusing him of being racist.

Is making the video racist? No.

Is playing the video racist? No.

But can you imply racism from the existence of the video, and from the enjoyment of watching it? Yes!

And the possibility of that is what modern liberalism thrives on.

Roger J. said...

Meade--I agree entirely--it will be the electorate that decides. And I dont doubt there will be a small percentage of voters, perhaps not unlike the professor, who will not make up their minds until the last minute. But given this particular post, I dont see much grounds for assuming it will be a rational post--it will be an emotional choice. Just my .02

Nomennovum said...

Of course, if we all applied rational thought to the issues, we'd never elect another Democrat.

Nomennovum said...

Eschew emotionalism, voter. Live long and prosper.

shiloh said...

"When a previous Obama voter is undecided with only 39 days to go, that does indicate a trend."

Nothing said at a political blog will ever indicate a trend. Damn, you folk are frickin' idiots!

This and this indicate a trend ...


William said...

In the time it takes to read all these comments one could read the collected works of Tolstoy or perhaps master a foreign language....At any rate, it's good to see that vbspurs is back in town....Why is voting against Obama because he is black a racist act and voting for him because he is black a redemptive act?...I long for the day when one can mock Maxine Waters with the same abandon as liberals mock Clarence Thomas.

CouponMom said...


I'm agreeing with you. There is overt/covert racism in America and the world. This Rush issue isn't it. Some of the comments in this 600+ thread are suspect,I'm no idiot. I mentioned that my husband was called an "n----g" to his face.

William said...

In defense of that woman, I would say that whatever problems she has with grammar and diction she is more technologically adept than many here, like for example me. I bet she knows more about all those buttons than I do.

G Joubert said...

Anyone paying even a modicum of attention already knew this coming. Althouse can manufacture a jillion reasons to vote for Obama again. The fact that they're all bogus reasons makes no nevermind.

The bigotry of soft expectations is far more virulent and corrosive than any overt racism, especially including imagined racism.

Shanna said...

Plus at the level of one precise and unique human being, it is unfair to the woman, who is essentially non political and is being used.

I know this was a while back, but the lady was protesting outside a Romeny event. That is NOT 'non political'. She's not a candidate but then neither is Rush. Makes just as much sense to base your vote on what she thinks as what he thinks.

Aridog said...

Whew...693 comments before I got to reading it.

I have no idea why Althouse posted this topic with the opinion she gave. Either she got in to the Sherry whilst preparing dinner, or really does let emotional reactions govern her thinking, however tutored and enlightened other wise. That, or it was a baited conversation trap...if so, it worked, eh? 693+ and counting. I'm leaning toward the latter.

Here is another video that is ner viral. Listen, watch, discuss. Racist? Really? Or something else....?

Pssst: I concur with the comments that Madison, WI, is probably the last town on the planet that any resident should be lecturing anyone else on race relations. Er, well ...maybe Fargo, ND would be even sillier. First, I'd think, one would need to live in a truly diverse place, among the diversity, not across town from it.

Lem said...

Are we 700 yet?

Chip S. said...

At any rate, it's good to see that vbspurs is back in town

Smartest thing said out of 692 comments.

Rob said...

Bullshit Althouse. Bullshit.

Stupid is stupid. Skin color is not a factor.

jr565 said...

God Anne, Please just say you are going to vote for Obama already and stop with the teasing.

THis is not racism. It's pointing out stupidity. They find a particularly dumb example of an Obama supporter and emphasize her dumbness.
And note, the same thing is done on all sides. Back when it was Mccain/Palin some intrepid documentarians would ask people on line questions about the candidates and highlighted the dumb responses.
And of course, Jay LEno does htis all the time where he goes around the street and asks people the most basic questions on basic subjects and then mocks them for their stupid answers.
Thats not race baiting.

jr565 said...

Anne how is your example of race baiting any differen than this:

Is this white youth baiting and similarly racist?

jr565 said...

With all respect to Anne, it might be racist to call a video of a dumb black person racist, as if you somehow are not able to show dumb black people. I've seen plenty of video of dumb white crackers, and I don't hear much in the way of how it's race baiting.

Here for example is a you tube video from back during the last presidential election of DUMB WHITE CRACKERS.

Race baiting, race baiting!
Something tells me that ALthouse would not object to these dumbies having their views openly mocked. Why? Because they are dumb white crackers and it's ok to point out dumb white crackers because that's what they is. But dumb blacks? Oh, we can't highlight dumb blacks because....racism!!!!!

damikesc said...

Only thing I will add is to treat blacks as being delicate flowers who cannot be criticized except in the most mild of circumstances is the most insidious form of racism out there.

vbspurs said...

Roger and Chip, hugs! Bon voyage, querido! I'll be toasting you with some Rioja tonight. (I just have to buy it as I don't drink) ;)

PS: What Meade wrote, x2.


Chip S. said...

Ave Victoria, dulcissima et optima.

steve said...

It was only a matter of time before Ann weaseled her way back onto the Obama reservation. All she needed was a pretext, and as lame and unfair as this one is, I guess it'll have to do. The fact that Sandra Fluke, a white woman, was excoriated and pilloried for wanting "free stuff" too goes right down the memory hold. Maybe instead of "racist" we were merely being "misogynistic." Yeah, that'll work.

AReasonableMan said...

Saint Croix said...
The Obama Phone is indefensible.

The free phones, which are the pretext for this thread, are bipartisan programs, supported by many republicans. The Lifeline program, the precursor to the current program, was started in 1984 under President Reagan. The logic is much the same as the support for heating oil or compulsory care at ERs, it seems wrong for someone to die for lack of heat, emergency care or a phone for emergencies. Obama has his failings but this cannot be pinned on him any more than it can be pinned on a litany of republicans.

master cylinder said...

this thread any good?

David said...

Now you even sound like a lefty. Everything is racist. I see you don't believe in the First Amendment, either. The guy picked up by the Obamastaffel and hauled of to jail for a parole violation that would be ignored were it not poked at Muslims. Same goes for Rush. It might be racist, if one checks their brains at the door.

You must support that imprisonment, I guess. What other conclusion can be reached, except for hypocrisy.

steve said...

And let's not kid ourselves. Shows like "Honey Boo Boo" exist so that white libs can get their jollies at the expense of poor, white, ill-educated Southerners.

Nomennovum said...

After O'Bama wins, will he be the second black president to be impeached?

_Jim said...

Althouse is exhibiting a "Charles Johnson" (of Little Green Footballs fame) meltdown ... she can't bear to be 'seen' associated with something, even an inlking of what she perceives as 'racism' ...

There will me NO changing her mind; she 'plays' to some other crowd she perceives in her own mind.

Chalk it up to a severe case of white guilt.


Alex said...

Jim - I always feared Ann would descend into Charles Johnson style madness.

Erik said...

Is it too late to dump Romney and replace him with CouponMom?

OBloodyHell said...

>>> If people in the middle — like me — get the impression that fear of black people is supposed to be the reason to vote for Romney

If ANYONE "gets that impression", then I would strongly suggest that they are far too stupid to properly exercise the right of franchise, and cease voting for the rest of their natural life.

PLEASE do this voluntarily. Moronic votes are what got that incompetent ephwit into office in the first place -- the entire democratic system breaks down when voters are unable to vote responsibly.

This has NOTHING to do with race. The One was an incompetent idiot in far over his head the moment he got the nomination. The only reason this wasn't glaringly obvious to even the most benighted fool is because The Press shilled, covered, and, in general, did everything possible to get his worthless ass elected.

vbspurs said...

Well, we got the thread to 710, so there is that. :)


Holmes said...

Gosh, Althouse has never done this before.

Like ever:

Mead- you have your hands full with this one. She's insane.

As for others, I refuse to read insane and insulting people who make emotional and baseless accusations. Ta-ta, Professor (Sorry, was that sexist?)

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