July 31, 2012

Torso time.

Bookcovers and the bathing suits that match them. "Each match discovered by hand." Via Metafilter.

Also via Metafilter, and since we're gazing at the human torso: "The Naked World of Spencer Tunick." Comments made by me while looking at the set of photos:

Photo #1: "At least they let the people on the glacier wear slippers."

Photo #3: "He put the prettiest people in front."

Photo #6: "I like the painted people."

Photo #10: "Mmmm. Part of the pattern, with the aqua seats."

Photo #24: "It's kind of cool to see huge groups of naked people where they don't belong."

Photo #26: "This looks like the chicken display at the meat store."

Photo #29: "It's really funny the way some of them really look like naked people standing around and some of them look like a pattern and not really naked people at all."


chickelit said...

Remembering Miss Torso from "Rear Window."

David said...

In Munich no less.

The entire spread says Holocaust! pretty loudly.

Ann Althouse said...

"And a torso even more so..."

Ann Althouse said...

It seems that if enough other people are naked, it's like having clothes... like they are your clothes.

Coketown said...

My thoughts while perusing the naked photoset:

Photo #1: Why are ugly people the first to volunteer to get naked?

Photo #2: New Years Even, 1987. I remember it fondly. Wait.

Photo #3: He put the prettiest people behind the camera.

Photo #4: "Be on the look-out for worn, weathered crevices and dikes." "There's one..two...thr-fo...five...s-ten-fifteen...twenty..."

Photo #5: Gross.

Photo #6: "Hey. You. Naked guy. No, in the gold. No. Ugh. In the middle. Yeah. Look up here."

Photo #7: "Four years at NYU and the only work I can find is painting buttcracks in Europe. I'm sure Liebovitz started here, too."

Photo #8: "Lovely statue--hey, what's poking me?"

Photo #11: Very phallic.

Photo #15: The girl four butts from the left, three butts up: "Oh my God, I just got cropdusted. Do you smell it?"

Ok, I'm bored. But I'm suddenly thinking Arby's. Isn't that so odd?

traditionalguy said...
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Chip Ahoy said...

I saw a photo yesterday linked around these parts, not here specifically, that was on some cute.com sort of place, relevant to this post because there are some badly groomed dudes in those photos.

The photo was super easy to find again. Guess how I found it so fast.

Guess! I said.

I think exercises can fix saggy asses even for old people but that's another presumption and maybe would take a lot of commitment.

traditionalguy said...

It's also more of that old favorite racial dog whistling at pure white dogs.

NPR suspects that's the reason why Romney visited the new Democratic Republic that Reagan freed from 70 years of Socialism run from Moscow.

He went over there to Czech out their Poles.

Marshal said...

"Photo #1: Why are ugly people the first to volunteer to get naked?"

I'd suggest you ask Shilo, but honestly she doesn't seem that introspective.

Carnifex said...

My off hand thoughts(like I have any others)

1) Shilohs a woman?

2) There should be a lot of happy women in the alps. You stick my ass out on a glacier naked and I ain't swinging shit!

3) forget the ugly people...it's the old naked people that scare me.

4) The first 10 times he took pictures of masses of naked people it was art. Is it still art if he's doing the same thing for 20 years? Didn't his message ever change?

5) Am I a bad person for only reading Vonnegut out of the authors listed?

6) Was that Daniel Tosh in that one photo? He likes to get naked in front of the camera too.

7) Am I a bad person period?

8) That last was rhetorical, I know the answer.

9) I think I know that guy in the stadium photo. Seats 301, 302, 393, 304...OMG! sorry... that's not a nine...errrr... I mean it is, but it isn't

edutcher said...

Why does anybody even pay attention to Spencer Tunick? He's perhaps the biggest dork on the planet and his "art" is about the only way he's ever gotten a woman naked.

PS About half the swimsuits fit the covers.

edutcher said...

Carnifex said...

My off hand thoughts(like I have any others)

1) Shilohs a woman?

He claims to be a Navy vet, although Fen pretty much destroyed that one.

In the context of ugly people volunteering to get naked, it works with either (or any, as you prefer) gender.

Ralph L said...

Were there any black people in those photos?
Even the ones in Mexico City don't look very brown.

wyo sis said...

My thought's exactly. Maybe black people aren't foolish enough to get naked and photographed with hundreds of other naked people. There's something dehumanizing about it. Like cattle or masses of insects. It would be an easy step from this to thinking people are disposable. Or maybe it's the other way around.

Colonel Angus said...

If you've ever had a hankering to go to a nude beach, there you go. You'll see a lot more Maggie Smith than Selma Hayek.

Michael K said...

It looks like Auschwitz.

Rabel said...

Photo #1 Gray person? upper right.

Photo #13 Worst tatoo? lower right.

Jose_K said...

Why are ugly people the first to volunteer to get naked?
Cognitive disonance? Delusional?
Beautiful people is paid for being naked

Jose_K said...

Were there any black people .. be in a Tunick ´s photo. Thinks white people do.
Black people is more conservative

t-man said...

I don't have time to look for it, but Althouse, you should link back to your old torso post with the animated gif of Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons watching the Olympics (I think) shouting "More torso!"

t-man said...

Oh what the heck. Here is it. The Olympics: Weirdly Unsexy A classic. Thanks, Chip!

David said...

Michael K said...
It looks like Auschwitz.

I'm glad I'm not the only person who had that reaction. The choice of Munich for a display of sprawled naked people was quite jarring.

Though we should not give Tunick any ideas.

rhhardin said...

It's not old or ugly people. Good looking people are no better.

The feminine operation is concealing that nothing is being concealed. Hence fashion. Clothes.

Without that, women just look ridiculous.

I will have to find the passage from Catch-22.

[Nurse Duckett's] own body was such a familiar and unremarkable thing to her that she was puzzled by the convulsive ecstasy men could take from it, by the intense and amusing need they had merely to touch it, to reach out urgently and press it, squeeze it, pinch it, rub it. She did not understand Yossarian’s lust; but she was willing to take his word for it.

That's starting with clothes on, so that removing is possible.

Naked men don't look like anything. It's as unremarkable as the phys ed showers in high school.

Naked women look like your wife with no clothes on, as somebody put it.

Ah, but start concealing, and then you have something.

deborah said...



sonicfrog said...

You know, in the sonogram….
….When it looks like your male baby is really well hung???

PS. Yes, it is an optical illusion…. Or at least I hope so!!!