July 5, 2012

Drawn into the artistic vortex.

I showed you the vortex in the museum, where the unsuspecting black-booted woman strode by. And Chip Ahoy said "Stupid square post modernistic painting, your dumb little untalented post modernistic kids could make it, that doesn't do anything at all..."

And it was only 2 years ago, that I showed you that transfixed R. Crumb-type woman and Chip said "Now look, you get one warning and only one warning. Do NOT stare at the Buddha too long..."


edutcher said...

Good one.

I love it!

A. Shmendrik said...

Don' stare at d Boodah! Itz a killah!

Anonymous said...

Chip Ahoy, your videos always draw us in and zap us with your brilliance.

Patrick said...

In my view, Chip Ahoy is the best commenter on this blog, and I don't think it's really close.

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...


sakredkow said...
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ricpic said...

If you diss the Buddha by demoting Him to art
He's going to evaporate you,

If you elevate the Albers by worshipping it
It's going to zappity zap you,

Everything respected in its place
Neither gaining nor losing face

And *presto* a recaptured you!

traditionalguy said...

It's the attack of the Higgs boson Particles that are not actually particles but are a resistance force in space.

Apparently linear time is process of the vapor of neutrons and quarks somewhere in the protons that hold electrons to make Atoms to make molecules to make,etc., as they precess through space.

Believe me,only a Creator can graph that one.

And then God made Chip into a chip off the Ancient of Days.

ricpic said...

tradguy hits the sauce before the sun is over the yardarm.